Jimmy O. Yang

Jimmy O. Yang
Jimmy O. Yang

Comedian Jimmy O. Yang\nGet my book “How To American” now: amzn.to/2FfnM7J\nTour schedule: www.JimmyComedy.com\n\n"Jimmy O. Yang is a standup comedian, actor, Funny Asian Dude. He currently stars as Jian-Yang, the Asian guy on HBO’s Silicon Valley. As a standup, he performed on The Arsenio Hall Show and received a rare standing ovation. Jimmy can also be seen on season 9 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as Charlie’s dear friend Tang-See. As a more Serious Asian Dude, he guest starred on Criminal Minds as a psychotic college student. Jimmy is fluent in three Chinese dialects, but never likes to brag about it. He likes Pugs on Instagram"

  • Yeyeye Dj
    Yeyeye Dj

    Lmao well the thing is the black friend had already said it 😂😂😂 so doesnt that make him more racist?

  • Karthik Hari
    Karthik Hari

    guy doesn't even speak audience: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah omfg hahahahahaha

  • [DotNERFzero]

    I'm Asian and I hate math

  • LaJardin

    In all honesty I couldn’t recognise my sisters face when she came out of a McDonald’s and brought the food to the car so I ain’t risking it

  • Twin Animations
    Twin Animations

    Jdogkrosogendkto LMAO

  • Hydration

    Somehow this is funny and I like it

  • DK devilplayground
    DK devilplayground

    I was thinking to myself isn't this guy from Fantasy Island, and I'm like I had to go back to double check and I was right lol.

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin

    And good at piano wait no there the best at piano because you got rookie,semi pro, pro,insanely good,asian

  • Kenshi

    as a black person I think saying it as long as it's in a song doesn't rlly matter go ahead

  • The Comment
    The Comment

    "shit", the sound of ultimate denial

  • That dude named Kevin
    That dude named Kevin

    I know Asians can say the N word, JoJo characters do “NIGERUNDAYO”

  • Triple T
    Triple T

    i want to order this for delivery so bad, i went here a few times years ago, i just always want a bahn mi with my order and they do not have, I reccomend you to try Pho.Mr.Do in Burnaby

  • bts defines music
    bts defines music

    Man It was awesome😂

  • Allison Sharpe
    Allison Sharpe

    as Joseph Joestar said "NIGERUNDAYOOO SMOKEY!"

  • Someone

    The audience is laughing WAY to much, like sitcom level laughing. Best I can do is to blow air out of my nose

  • Hanadi Sufyan AbuHarbeed
    Hanadi Sufyan AbuHarbeed

    new new math🤣🤣🤣

  • Abelard Loliconis
    Abelard Loliconis

    nigga are nigga !!!!!!

  • Bea

    jealous! haven't eaten there in months

  • Slick Back
    Slick Back

    I found out that Hmong people can lol

  • A BloominBrit
    A BloominBrit

    The N word? Oh *Nagasaki*

  • Žiga pr
    Žiga pr

    If black people can say it but white people cant... isnt that racist?

  • W.W

    I don’t know that’s the fact or his joke

  • K Asb
    K Asb

    Man politely described Lamar Davis

  • FlamingBlizzard

    im asian but eeh my country we say good food habibbii lmao tips????

  • ambran J
    ambran J

    This guy sum up tai chi flawlessly


    He lowkey look like Henry lau

  • Mark Rhee
    Mark Rhee

    If you think Kumon is bad you should see the cram schools i Korea lol

  • June Liu
    June Liu

    he sounds like me grandfather

  • TheTechCguy

    Hey, Asian dads are proud folk! My Filipino dad can attest to that!

  • Lunadrella

    Omg you are hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Nav Sketch
    Nav Sketch

    Me, an asian who just failed at math:

  • zr4K SaiCoPvP
    zr4K SaiCoPvP

    Nice Video

  • 4hxrs

    i still go to kumoon lol

  • Small Asian Kid
    Small Asian Kid

    Lol if your singing NWA and your not black you can’t even sing any of there songs

  • wwwdots

    as asian my self i call everyone nigga

  • Diego Lima
    Diego Lima

    Sorry, can someone explain to me the last part?Im from Brasil , and I dont get it...but I think it was funny as hell!

  • xCozy__Weebx

    I forgot he was Chinese for second, I’m Mexican and was wondering why tf I was watching someone make enchiladas when I’ve been doing it my whole life XD

  • yogesh asangi
    yogesh asangi

    I hate IRbin algorithms for recommending you so late.

  • shrina patel
    shrina patel


  • scoopneck 13
    scoopneck 13

    Your luck It ain’t Latrell Sprewell.

  • Maria D.J
    Maria D.J

    OMG i suffered in Kumon for so many years and my parents only let me quit when I went to a private school ---

  • Just Cakes
    Just Cakes

    I found the song its called Chin Chen Hanji

  • Shinegi Vietnam
    Shinegi Vietnam

    😍 Please taste Vietnamese food next time

  • Lui

    Kumon...the dark place that i spent 7 years of my life

  • xifly

    not funny didn't laugh

  • Howlina the wolf
    Howlina the wolf

    “I was rebelling, I was doing math homework.”

  • Bale Garrett
    Bale Garrett

    yeah asians can say the n word

  • John Mahugu
    John Mahugu

    Big Up Bruv. ❤

  • Bas van der Graaff
    Bas van der Graaff

    Ron Jans didn't watch this

  • Capybara Chan
    Capybara Chan

    To this day i still find calculators cool k i’m to much of an asian kid

  • gamercoolpt channel canal
    gamercoolpt channel canal

    wait a minute he as on morangos com açúcar (portugesse novel)

  • Midnight Plasma
    Midnight Plasma

    Im somehow crying, pissing, and laughing at the same time. Thanks Jimmy 😂

  • ツzICrasher

    it isnt even funny tho

  • GenericAnimeFan

    "what do u want a fortune cookie?"

  • Naren Drago
    Naren Drago

    me as an indian watching this video in studying in college without calculator :(

  • Ticxs 796
    Ticxs 796

    Question wtf is yoshinoya

  • rounak dhami
    rounak dhami

    Asian or india ?😁 I know india is in Asia But not all Asian country khi khi all 6m watched wrong or right may be khi khi laughing 😁khi khi huva huva huva lol

  • Michael

    Oh Shit! He said Nigerians

  • Fuego Snipes
    Fuego Snipes

    I didn’t know he was a comedian 💀

  • Mike Ceebo
    Mike Ceebo

    Honestly it should be OK to just fucking say it, it's in a goddamn SONG lol

  • A Person You Should Listen To
    A Person You Should Listen To

    Hmmmmm Asians and Mexicans are very similar in ways

  • Neve Reddington
    Neve Reddington

    Luckily thanks to woah vickey made that last part possible

  • Star Free
    Star Free


  • Lucille Freeman
    Lucille Freeman

    Yang milih Allah SWT like.

  • Tanishka Chaudhary
    Tanishka Chaudhary

    In India we never use a calculator till we turn 18 probably Because you go to college

  • Mazia Johar
    Mazia Johar

    But seriously tho can asian and brown people say the n-word if there’s a black person around?😅

    • moonlitee

      if they ain't around, it's free game

  • Khang Minh Nguyễn
    Khang Minh Nguyễn

    this guy is like keanu of asia but he is waay darker

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet


  • Toxin

    1:17 lil ricefield

  • Kemala Aulia 9B
    Kemala Aulia 9B

    Well i don't have any difficulty in saying n word😂 bcs my tongue kinda flexible

  • Moody Burgerson
    Moody Burgerson

    Bro he's not really interested in what the rap video has, he's just trying to connect with his son somehow and best he can think of is asking about stuff that you look like you might be interested in.

  • ՞r o s é՞
    ՞r o s é՞

    As a Hong Konger I am actually really proud of myself for being born in hong kong after I found these videos-

  • peter sadovy
    peter sadovy

    This guy: inhales* The entire crowd:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • hello I am under the water
    hello I am under the water

    Kumon ah yes, i remember

  • default pfp with a fly
    default pfp with a fly

    "why Asians are good at math" Me looking up the answer of 194 + 357 ; *•_•*

    • Capybara Chan
      Capybara Chan

      lol 194 357 -- 451

  • I LOVE you
    I LOVE you


  • JOW XIN RU Student
    JOW XIN RU Student

    oh no, thats me when i watch korean drama. "Why they bully him? huh? Ma, reply eh.‘ “Why they doing that? Huh- OH ME GOD-”

  • TheBlackCrater

    Your so funny, it’s almost like your a comidian

  • The Fox
    The Fox

    Its true. I am not allowed to use a calculator for math problems and its illegal to use a math guide book in my school.

  • Dennis Kondilas
    Dennis Kondilas

    Can Indians say the n word Edit: I've come into some info on the fact that indians Mexicans etc can say the N word

    • Happy_As _Content
      Happy_As _Content

      @Dennis Kondilas I don't mean to be offensive. tbh it does depend on the meaning on how you put it but I'm just trying to say that maybe some people would get offended by the word.

    • Dennis Kondilas
      Dennis Kondilas

      @Happy_As _Content I personally believe it's about the meaning and how you say it if you mean it to be offensive your a racist and price of shit if you don't mean it that way its fine

    • Happy_As _Content
      Happy_As _Content

      @Dennis KondilasOkay. But you really shouldn't say it. If you know it's a racist slur for black people, why are you asking a stupid question?

    • Dennis Kondilas
      Dennis Kondilas

      @Happy_As _Content Cus that's what the vids about I rarely say it

    • Happy_As _Content
      Happy_As _Content

      You can't say the n word if your Indian. why Tf is everybody so eager just to say a word?