Asian Dads - Jimmy O. Yang
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  • June Liu
    June Liu

    he sounds like me grandfather

  • TheTechCguy

    Hey, Asian dads are proud folk! My Filipino dad can attest to that!

  • Moody Burgerson
    Moody Burgerson

    Bro he's not really interested in what the rap video has, he's just trying to connect with his son somehow and best he can think of is asking about stuff that you look like you might be interested in.

  • JOW XIN RU Student
    JOW XIN RU Student

    oh no, thats me when i watch korean drama. "Why they bully him? huh? Ma, reply eh.‘ “Why they doing that? Huh- OH ME GOD-”

  • W Monte
    W Monte

    I do the same thing with random noises. Like instead of burping, I intentionally make random noise. I usually do it at home, and one time I forgot I'm with my friends and did it. My friends were confused who did it.😂😂

  • Leonel Jimenez
    Leonel Jimenez

    The same goes for mexicans dads to there kids

  • N O
    N O

    Jimmy's dad: "I'm Tirsty too ok?" me: ohhhhh no no no-

  • mishra suvigya
    mishra suvigya

    although we asians are hell diverse! but dads are same everywhere!! -from India!

  • Kale Kale
    Kale Kale

    Easy game

  • C Lalthantluangi
    C Lalthantluangi

    This is fuckin true and i hate it😂

  • fearless07

    That really touched my heart since my grandmother did

  • 就是妙妙


  • Prashalan Jamenson
    Prashalan Jamenson

    My dad is South Asian and he does all this too! 😂😂😂

  • Tristan Oh
    Tristan Oh


  • chicono17

    Bruh this is how old Mexicans act like😂😂😂😂

  • Канат Шах
    Канат Шах

    У нас также

  • Juliana Yordanova
    Juliana Yordanova

    dont forget the sounds they make when they spit, or eat 面 i am half chinese tho no one asked

  • Skippy 4077
    Skippy 4077

    Damn Liu kang is funny as shit in real life

  • David Ooi
    David Ooi

    Asian parents only know about BMW or Mercedes. They have no idea wtf is a Ferrari, Maserati, Lambogini, Bugatti or whatsoever and neither do they know that these sort of cars are more expensive and classy than BMW or Mercedes

  • Malachi Yang
    Malachi Yang

    This is my dad when I have to explain to him even he don’t understand

  • John Bayani
    John Bayani

    This is me with my afghan dad. He isn't as good at english as me and my siblings. I'm practically google for him


    every time my dad sneezes, i think that the north koreans finally launched the nukes

  • Nai

    Hey that’s my Asian dad. Except my war veteran dad’s hearing is not so good and he refuses to wear a hearing aid, so he’ll ask us to explain several times and then get mad at us for shouting at him. 😂 I can hear it now “(clears throat loudly) yes yes... (mumbles to himself) rude kids can’t even answer a simple question... aye, what is blow job mean?” 😂💀

  • william Rosa
    william Rosa


  • George Mx
    George Mx

    yimmy o jang

  • Sandzi Ndzabandzaba
    Sandzi Ndzabandzaba

    *"Your chickuh she so sirsty"*

  • Sandzi Ndzabandzaba
    Sandzi Ndzabandzaba


  • Gaming With Nickk
    Gaming With Nickk


  • maliya young
    maliya young


  • Yeetus Foetus
    Yeetus Foetus


  • the ultimate 01
    the ultimate 01


  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    This is the only actually hilarious commedian i've seen in the past 10 years

  • denki kaminari
    denki kaminari

    2:27 lmao

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    I can relate with this

  • Jvo Jim
    Jvo Jim

    Guys I’m thirsty pls help

  • Duyen Do
    Duyen Do

    I love him so much

  • Lai Sze Yap
    Lai Sze Yap

    omg remind me of some old men in my family..they do sound that way ~~ from Asian girl haha

  • unapologetically canadian
    unapologetically canadian

    “I’m thirsty too” OML NO

  • Samiveamatahau Latu
    Samiveamatahau Latu

    Google how do you say seal in French Google fuck aka phuque this is a cute baby phuque with his ugly mother phuquer

  • Vanisher

    Not many videos make me laugh, easy subscribe from me

  • your Mate Jester
    your Mate Jester


  • Craxkhead

    "they dont watch the TV they judge the TV" so true

  • Secret star
    Secret star


  • Abrams Donald
    Abrams Donald

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  • Kung Shih
    Kung Shih


  • 2019 Honda Civic Sport
    2019 Honda Civic Sport

    I’m not Asian, but my Phillipino great uncle was ALWAYS doing that exact judgemental stare and grunting at the tv lmao so perfect

    • My baby Pluto
      My baby Pluto

      Technically Phillipino is Asian since the phillphines are part of southeast asia

  • Virtual Otaku
    Virtual Otaku

    Found my new fav comedian. Jesus

  • TheFallenLoveR7515

    Bruh you get millions of views but only have 500k subs, you are too funny you deserve more 🤣 keep making everyone laugh 👍

  • The Duck
    The Duck


  • alavi makatia
    alavi makatia

    This just makes me wants to meet his dad he found funny as

  • Eric Choi
    Eric Choi

    hes hilarious i stg

  • Kevin Kassoka
    Kevin Kassoka

    I just found him. The man is amazing

  • ljs hzjs
    ljs hzjs

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  • James Brown
    James Brown

    This guy has watched a lot of Bill Burr.

  • ꧁NicoNico Kneecaps꧂
    ꧁NicoNico Kneecaps꧂

    This is so relatable as a mixed asian lmaoo 😭

  • Koody

    tha best

  • Rosemarys Nightmare
    Rosemarys Nightmare

    Lol 😂

  • Junchao Zhu
    Junchao Zhu

    Jimmy a,Jimmy a : )

  • Michael Wu
    Michael Wu

    As a fellow Asian, I have to say this is 100% true

  • LoudPotion 80
    LoudPotion 80

    I can relate...

  • parmida roodbary
    parmida roodbary

    Wtf i thought my dad was the only one who did these things 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣omgg

  • Anjali Chaturvedi
    Anjali Chaturvedi

    i love him soooooooooooo much

  • TGPot

    Jimmy, u can act your dad so good, u could get Senior discount anywhere :D u always bring my mood up :D

  • Imani Islander
    Imani Islander

    My worst nightmare

  • Albert C
    Albert C

    Me Watching the Video: *lauging my ass off* My Dad next to me: What is he saying?


    And that isn’t a lie

  • Lone

    My dad sneezes feel like hiroshima Bomb.

  • EDZE music
    EDZE music

    Well, making fun of your dad ain't great.

  • roachdogg jr.
    roachdogg jr.

    Your impression of your dad makes me think of mrs swan from madtv and it's making me cough I'm trying so hard not to laugh

  • roachdogg jr.
    roachdogg jr.

    You're ridiculous man, so funny

  • Sabrina Jones
    Sabrina Jones

    my roommate sneezes like she's trying to sing an opera


    stop calling yourself chinese! be a proud hong konger!

  • Harly Catalla
    Harly Catalla

    that I will be confused

  • Harly Catalla
    Harly Catalla

    hi what do you really jimi Chinese 🇨🇳 Japanese 🇯🇵 koreanese 🇰🇷


    As an Asian, he is correct

  • Jean de La Fontaine
    Jean de La Fontaine

    His dad pronounces Jimmy like Timmy from South Park.

  • Ricky Pham
    Ricky Pham

    I relate to this.

  • The Cloaker
    The Cloaker

    0:37 to 0:57 just sounds like any dad. Mine left, but at any friends' houses all their dads make the same noises. You can *literally* tell if someone's a dad or not by how they sneeze lmao.

  • Riku Väyrynen
    Riku Väyrynen

    1:24 Jimmy from South Park every 2 seconds:

  • K K
    K K

    eric bock min lmaooo

  • Lilou

    I love how easily he embodies his dad

  • Abdessamad Badredine
    Abdessamad Badredine

    Can anyone tell what in the fuck's name is a wifebeater

    • Rod Dapper
      Rod Dapper

      @Abdessamad Badredine What a pleasurable encounter this has been, thanks to Jimmy. He's hilarious.

    • Abdessamad Badredine
      Abdessamad Badredine

      @Rod Dapper merci, i also had to Google A-shirt 😂

    • Rod Dapper
      Rod Dapper

      @Abdessamad Badredine I had to google maillot for clarification. An A-shirt only covers the top though and is also known as a tank top. It's mostly worn as an undershirt. So we're educating each other today. The internet is an awesome tool. Vive la France. I made a correction for viva.

    • Abdessamad Badredine
      Abdessamad Badredine

      @Rod Dapper Oh! I think here we use the French word Maillot which to u it means suim suit i guess

    • Rod Dapper
      Rod Dapper

      Name given to the shirt worn by men when the police show up at homes of domestic violence. Commonly known as an A-shirt.

  • Unknown Dwt2.0
    Unknown Dwt2.0

    He’s talking about East Asians west Asians are different like Arab countries and middle east

  • FlowOne

    My Dad doesn’t mind as long as I have a C+ or better and he’s Filipino, but we do like Basketball.

  • dung nguyenhoang
    dung nguyenhoang

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    America f********************************k youuuuuuuuuuuuu and i want to see America eating the dest look if you not stop hating Asian or African and orphan I will faring and destroy the freedom status it over you really x 5 need need the red eyes


    F***k you jimmy O and let America that she protect you and if you like the Asian don’t talk about it at all America hahaha f***ck America that is eating your mind and big donkey and why you look Asian if you hate Asian haaaaaaa yes talk trash

  • David

    Jimmy's father sounds like Mrs. Swan from MADtv.

  • Ed Sanjenis
    Ed Sanjenis

    So hilarious 😆

  • Judgement of God
    Judgement of God

    Omg, why in russia there are no comedians like this guy?? 😂😂😂

  • Xau Thu
    Xau Thu

    Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

  • Vinnie gku
    Vinnie gku

    Your fucking awesome bro

  • Iagan Foss
    Iagan Foss

    This dude isn’t even that funny, overrated and bad comedy.

  • Janli Gwo
    Janli Gwo

    My mom has never said anything that wasn't a judgement, it's just how she communicates with people smh

  • Toxic_Sniper

    not to be racist but he look like han from tokyo drift

  • Matthew Ma
    Matthew Ma

    I am thirsty too

  • Ba Thu
    Ba Thu

    Love you.

  • Yomgam Marde
    Yomgam Marde

    0:44 he sneezes..i am dead😂

  • Cucumber Cow
    Cucumber Cow

    That is literally the most accurate steryotype ever. the "aoh shee" was perfect

  • CashMoney Animates
    CashMoney Animates

    This guys funny he should be a comedian

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