Big Meat Pasta Bolognese | Jimmy's Kitchen
This week we're making a 2-hour pasta bolognese! We got nothing but time during this pandemic anyways!
Be sure to comment on what other dishes I should make next.
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  • BeBe G.
    BeBe G.

    “You get the real beefy-ness of the- beef.” culinary renaissance man of our generation 😄

    • Donn Aquino
      Donn Aquino

      Be Asian. Cooking is easy for us

    • Hi, Neighbor!
      Hi, Neighbor!

      The cheese also adds a real cheesiness

    • the cloud
      the cloud

      he plays the master beef collection

    • Liliiiipie

      Gordon Ramsey could never give this real type of advice 😂

    • JIANNI

      Ikr? i died lmao


    I love pasta bologanesh

  • Dabomb

    Jimmy: let’s put a healthy amount of salt... Me: bc that exist...

  • notfromhawaii

    Jimmy - wear hair net for cook?

  • jojo fan
    jojo fan

    i dont remember when i found one of your videos but I'm glad I did

  • idol hands
    idol hands

    I eat da fish !! 🐠

  • Ms Bo
    Ms Bo

    Hell's Bells with the salt and chilli flakes - BUT looks great and I will try and make it without so much fire!

  • m a n g 0
    m a n g 0

    U should try to make japanese pork cutlets

  • IanRob2011


  • acabea

    Jimmy-aaa! We just bought the same pot, so it's gonna be amazing we think.

  • Andrew Lydick
    Andrew Lydick

    I’m vegetarian but all these videos are 🔥

  • That’s What I said
    That’s What I said

    Thick and saucy was my nickname in HS. (Rhett)😱😱😱😱

  • xman777b

    I bet Erlich would've loved this. Maybe even received it as a last meal. Awesome work, Jimmy. I love your takes on food.

  • I am a Tarot Card
    I am a Tarot Card

    Jim: Just a pinch of salt... *Pours all the salt of pacific ocean*

  • I am a Tarot Card
    I am a Tarot Card

    9gagers: Why is this in funny section? Me: Laughs in Chinese

  • Frofro frofro
    Frofro frofro

    Please make pad thai and nasi goreng but vegetarian version 😍 Greetings from Tricity in Poland 😁

  • Zazaproductions G
    Zazaproductions G

    I am on a diet rn but this looks so fucking good 😩 Also Jimmy is so entertaining I could watch him do pretty much anything and not get bored lol

  • JoyZoneYT

    Now I am happy that he named the celery, that is some neat bolognese sauce.

  • Kevin

    You had me until you started putting the cheese, it looks great tho and that camera placement, good stuff

  • V4BE_shinobi

    no one: my recommended: BIG MEAT PASTA

  • notfromhawaii

    Stove and cookware need to be revealed. OK - it's not watchu got, but how you cook with it.

  • Kool Burn
    Kool Burn

    Lol "Thank you Alexa!" "Alexa STOP!!"

  • ch3xmix


    • Applesauce

      I do this as a fail safe. Some seasonings fly out of the container and I've fucked up too many times... By pouring into my hand I know that I have one opportunity to fuck up before it ruins my meal I've spent a couple of hours on 😭

  • Modest Mind25
    Modest Mind25

    The autobasting lid had dimples in it. I'm assuming it's for the moisture to drip back down from the lid as the condensation accumulates?

  • Monj oo
    Monj oo

    Proud asian: we can turn any dishes into asian style. Nobody: How?? Jimmy: just add chilli. Me: 👏 👏 👏

    • Alice Wilde
      Alice Wilde

      chilli is from Mexico

  • Aiden Fung
    Aiden Fung

    Looks fire

  • A. Dell
    A. Dell

    Your videos are so delightful, I love your narration as you're cooking!

    • A. Dell
      A. Dell

      Also, pan frying the pasta with garlic is such a great idea

  • Chris Han
    Chris Han

    Everything Jimmy cooks. I want to make myself and eat.

  • alissandra333

    You know dude is serious about his home cooking when he mentions Le Creuset, lol.

  • Jaden Styl
    Jaden Styl

    "holy trinity" indeed haha


    This guy is legit in the kitchen

  • AMDFusionX8

    still waiting for octopus recipe tho

  • Louis Miller
    Louis Miller Are you trying to make real Italian food or Italian American food? How much time have you spent in Italy?

  • Yatharth Sharma
    Yatharth Sharma

    2:38 "THICC"

  • mc dust
    mc dust

    a big meat people next please

  • Adrian Flo
    Adrian Flo

    quite close to my moms recipe. which is half meat, and the other half consisting of turnip. carrots and celeriac. so much better than a traditional bolognese.

  • no cham champagne
    no cham champagne

    Jimmy used a slotted ladle to scoop pasta water into the pan. HOW

  • sup it's alex
    sup it's alex

    Why yall put carrot into any dish that's not soup?

  • DaBo Ren
    DaBo Ren

    Jimmy I love your talk show, but I love your dishes more lol

  • Jim Cunningham
    Jim Cunningham

    Jimmy is a natural at this cooking show gig 👨‍🍳

  • Tasneem Kaisar
    Tasneem Kaisar

    Make Bangladeshi food

  • Mic H
    Mic H

    This was great! I just discovered "Jimmy's Kitchen" I hope you continue more of these. Learning a lot, this coming from a woman that doesn't cook (could explain my lack of, Jimmy come cook for me, let's have a date. ;)

  • newtonmetres

    Love your hair Jimmy! you got a stylist or do you style yourself? If so give us a tutorial-lot of straight-haired Asian dudes could do with your input

  • Mitchell Otto
    Mitchell Otto

    Ahhhh nooo! No carrots!!

  • misteshorti games
    misteshorti games

    You deserve more subs dude

  • saucy nonchalance
    saucy nonchalance

    hotdog not hotdog

  • Calvin Chu
    Calvin Chu

    5:28 "This is where the magic happens guys. Check this out! Bang! Bang!" Is he talking about cooking pasta?

  • Calvin Chu
    Calvin Chu

    Jimmy get another camera, I want to see your handsome face

  • Calvin Chu
    Calvin Chu

    Thank you Jimmy for showing us how to cook these delicious simple dishes~

  • Greg B
    Greg B

    Looks not bad. Leaving out the celery in the soffrito is a bit of an error. It brings a lot of savory flavor, and let's be honest, nitrates, to the dish. If you leave that jack cheese in the fridge for a couple + months in a paper bag, you'll get dry jack. That was mostly what we used instead of parmesan when I was growing up. Pretty similar taste, lower cost. No choice back then. I'm Italian American, BTW

  • ChrisCross

    I like the fact that I’ve learned more from this man than I have in my whole life.

  • Tiller Kun
    Tiller Kun

    4:57 This man is saying "Thank You Alexa" the respect of not saying "Shut the hell up" to Alexa. Epic Jimmy!

  • Dan Lokemoen
    Dan Lokemoen

    "Auto-basting" just means there are little knobs that stick down, regularly-spaced inside the lid. The idea is that when fluids drip back into the pot from the lid, they drip from all over, not just from the edges, so if you have a big cut or a chicken in the pot, the liquid will drip on it, not just around it. It actually seems to work pretty well in the pot that I own.

  • C

    I made some decent pasta. Not gona lie

  • Viet Duc Nguyen
    Viet Duc Nguyen

    It‘s 3 am over here, I‘m tired af and now I‘m hungry...thank you.

  • uwu

    Fuck now I’m hungry...

  • redlinezo613

    Not hotdog.

  • redlinezo613

    Production quality is skyrocketing with each new cooking video. I'm lovin it.

  • S Le
    S Le

    jimmy, i see what you're doing. getting that big Alexa and Le cruset money!

  • Winnipeg Jets20
    Winnipeg Jets20

    My guy that pasta looks deadly good.

  • Bobby Driscol
    Bobby Driscol

    Great Job Jimmy!

  • David Yu
    David Yu

    This hot chick can cook!

  • GlitchLife


  • Cube Stop
    Cube Stop

    An Asian using a fork, Haiiiiyaaaaaaaaa

  • João Gomes
    João Gomes

    Remember fellas, if she ain't as thicc and saucy as Jimmy's bolognese meat sauce, then she ain't worth it

  • Ke Song
    Ke Song


  • kush 250
    kush 250

    Not bad for a non italian. But chunky carrots= a rez sauce.

  • Ijie Tolentino
    Ijie Tolentino

    the last clip got me fuuucked up

  • Always Glackin
    Always Glackin

    Asian man

  • Retlaw Duran
    Retlaw Duran

    Im a vegan, and you got me watching all these delicious meals lol....thanks man

  • James H
    James H

    Just a tip. Don't pour your seasonings directly above the pot. The steam will spoil your spices or make them clump.

  • ALT Brandini
    ALT Brandini

    i like how he got mad at gordon for making asian food but somehow him as an asian is allowed to make italian food. which shouldnt be wrong but if u apply the same standard he puts on white people, it its

  • Andrew Shin
    Andrew Shin

    he has a nice house

  • Samuel Hamilton
    Samuel Hamilton

    So this is almost exactly the recipe I use, the only thing thats different is I toss in a little soy sauce and oyster sauce when I'm sweating the veggies so that it really boosts up that umami, and then I finish it off with some MSG.

  • VinsG1379ITtronics

    Big meet people

  • thenotreallyfunnyguy

    You were just complaining about Gordon Ramsay using olive oil in a thai dish, and now you put chili flakes in an "italian dish"?

  • gnvw

    I need to find myself someone as supportive as Jimmy is to his own cooking lol

  • Chrome317 _
    Chrome317 _

    Home made beffaroni

  • Aquesance Averun
    Aquesance Averun

    Jimmy said, Alexa stop, and she stopped... Im shook. Why my Alexa dont listen like Jimmys does!? food looks great btw.


    he has chosen a fine name for his bolognese, Big Meat.

  • Xiaoyi Zhang
    Xiaoyi Zhang

    Jimmy , lets admit it, you don’t know how to cook 🤨

  • azn north
    azn north

    Midget is cookin like a white boy...

  • jenny08le

    fork stabbing form pasta

  • opiatepix

    I have the same Staub pot.: this is how I know Jimmy is to be trusted in the kitchen...

  • GIR

    That one noddle tried to run away but Yang is a master in the kitchen so the noodle failed lol

  • kaikaichen

    Is this the same kind of sauce you find in a "Baked Spaghetti Bolognese" dish from typical Hong Kong-style café (cha chaan teng)?

  • Jesse Logan
    Jesse Logan

    That Monterrey Cheese look good on it, better than Parm.

  • Laura Vichroski-Weber
    Laura Vichroski-Weber

    This would make my Italian Grandma proud!!! These videos are Awesome!!! Keep’em coming!!!🥰

  • Charles Williams Jr
    Charles Williams Jr

    Walk With Yang🤩 Cooking Show yesssss. Brings back memories of Walk With Yan “Over Wok, Under Pay.”..”Wok Goes In Must Come Out.”.. and “All Wokked Up.” etc. I wanted to be Stephen Yan growing up. A funny Asian comedian and an entertaining cook at the same damn time👏🏽👹

  • Jorma Comedy Show
    Jorma Comedy Show

    Jimmy O. Yang is the best stand up comedian. I actually created my own stand up comedy channel "Jorma Comedy Show" for more comedy entertainment please come check it out. I will always follow back.

  • Joshua Mendoza
    Joshua Mendoza

    Make the best chinese dish in history la zi ji!!

  • Joe Tran
    Joe Tran

    f**k celery

  • Rick van Amsterdam
    Rick van Amsterdam

    This dude is a fucking chameleon he is an actor a comic and now he does his own cooking show whats next a music album ?!

  • Sazono

    Yes sir I will stay home😇

  • edith pdlp
    edith pdlp

    I am going to do this with soy texturized protein because I am vegetarian but it looks delicious. Actually Cotija cheese is similar to parmesan.

  • Bizybee

    Keep em coming I love these videos !

  • Etoile Bleue
    Etoile Bleue

    Not Hotdog

  • Etoile Bleue
    Etoile Bleue

    So Jian yang is really serious about grandma's recipes. Where is the Seeeeeeeea fooooood xD

  • Cris Bravo
    Cris Bravo

    man, this dude has been on an original series, written his own book, and has his own amazon special. but hes still throwing it back and cooking noodles for dinner. shows how hard it is to make it in hollywood and how hard hes working to mark his spot. you got my like jimmy yang :)

  • Cris Bravo
    Cris Bravo

    i love you jimmy