Boy with Dragon Tattoo Penis gets Permanent Erection
This idiot Hong Kong teen gets dragon tattoo on penis and gets permanent erection disease. An exclusive one on one interview.

  • Tommy Chen
    Tommy Chen

    You fucking crazy bro

  • fresh lemon
    fresh lemon

    he looks like keshi

  • Zachary Cheng
    Zachary Cheng

    Scrolling through people's videos be like:

  • ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    When you understand Cantonese and find that the original sound is much more hilarious 😂

  • stinky noob
    stinky noob

    a dragon with snow breath and uranium breath

  • Odbarc

    1:47 - Hmm?

  • Ichi Capeta
    Ichi Capeta

    OMG L O L

  • Nozomi Paula Chinn
    Nozomi Paula Chinn

    Love all of Jimmy O Yang's work. I can't say I'm not crushing on him because I'm almost 64 years old, but I wish he was my son!

  • Johnny

    It must have been painful? When will Mommy have the opportunity to see it when he's at this age, a grown ass man.

  • Kwan Ho Lai
    Kwan Ho Lai

    Lol I'm dying for a Cantonese version without the english dub! 跪求冇英文配音嘅廣東話版!

  • Fish Fish
    Fish Fish

    i want to listen u speak cantonese~~

  • gameing time
    gameing time

    Is this really real?😅

  • Jenny Sunjoto
    Jenny Sunjoto

    Why don’t you just put subs i.o dub it :(

  • Pascal

    Why is IRbin recommending this to me XD

  • Jeremy Lam
    Jeremy Lam

    This is too good

  • Solkels _Z
    Solkels _Z


  • K C
    K C

    重點係個訪問係點樣黎架?! TVB無啦啦會知你Jer Jer有紋?!😂

    • W Leung
      W Leung


  • U HU
    U HU

    Why was this on a "News" channel, if the logo at the top-right-hand corner means what it says?

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach

      That's the news broadcasting for hong Kong. I think they did this as a joke or something

  • Anthony Ricardo
    Anthony Ricardo

    Is this true?

  • Spp SS
    Spp SS

    Jimmy: it doesn’t affect my dating life cuz I ain’t have no girlfriend. Jk

  • YaoLi Jiang
    YaoLi Jiang

    I like it when he speaks Cantonese haha

  • Benry

    who else here speaks Cantonese?

  • Daniel Ku - 顧仲文
    Daniel Ku - 顧仲文

    dub is sin sub is life

  • Atouchofrosyclouds

    Is there a canto only version? RFLMAO the canto version is even better 😂😂

  • Jet Yin
    Jet Yin

    comeon man ....ur Cantonese is godlike

  • Kscott McCauslin
    Kscott McCauslin

    i don't want to look at it... I don't know what to do. hahahahahahahahaha

  • Yifan Zheng
    Yifan Zheng

    Omg I’m dying at the Cantonese it’s way funnier than the English dub

    • T. C
      T. C

      what does the Candonese say, can someone translate it in to mandarin?

  • SAMURAI weekly
    SAMURAI weekly

    Is This Jimmy?

  • HanX - Music Channel
    HanX - Music Channel

    Link to the original Cantonese video plssss

  • Ice Blaster
    Ice Blaster

    Is there a Cantonese version only? I feel like it might be funnier for me

  • Jeff Kho
    Jeff Kho

    I wish there's no English dub

  • Billy Man Wai Lei
    Billy Man Wai Lei

    And dick ...... is up

  • Billy Man Wai Lei
    Billy Man Wai Lei

    我聽到 紋係啫啫上面,即刻笑L左

  • Kamille Wong
    Kamille Wong


  • LofiOtaku Edits
    LofiOtaku Edits

    It’s a “Wild” thing now so girls be careful

  • xyz

    Cantonese is more slangy and colloquial while English, albeit the most powerful language, is a bit boring.

  • max9tt5w

    We want Cantonese version!!!!

  • NiNjuTSU

    Welcome to youtube recommended !!!!

  • no name
    no name

    Jimmy went all out,lmao

  • William Zhang
    William Zhang

    Where can i get the non english version

  • porridge yo
    porridge yo

    Oh yeah wtf

  • Chris Delagarza
    Chris Delagarza


  • Just C
    Just C


  • Aotula Pongen
    Aotula Pongen

    Now I gotta learn Cantonese

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez

    Wonder if ot is real

  • 習禁評


    • Эйвейл Александр
      Эйвейл Александр


  • nokrono

    *I T A T T O O E D I T O N M Y D I C K*

    • James Paul Clifford Williams
      James Paul Clifford Williams

      What the hell is "I tat too edit on my dick"?

  • Зимин Чжан
    Зимин Чжан


  • Зимин Чжан
    Зимин Чжан


  • D7eem .O
    D7eem .O

    God damit yian yaaaaaang

  • iMakeBad Content
    iMakeBad Content

    How to Genji that ass Step 1.

  • O. Reina
    O. Reina

    I wish I understand Cantonese now!!

  • Fressh


  • mr. Jaquez
    mr. Jaquez

    Mom aw i knew i shouldnt tell him he just like hes father 😂

  • mr. Jaquez
    mr. Jaquez

    Reporter what your parents think long paused there okay there shown mom says wait dont wait to forget to blur my face my son is such a idiot! 😂😂

  • Angus Lo
    Angus Lo

    surprised he is fluent

  • Ariana L
    Ariana L

    With the TVB logo in the corner, I can't tell if this is real or not. Anyways, does anybody have the link to the original video? The English audio is in the way, haha.

  • Hans Galaxy
    Hans Galaxy


  • So Ni
    So Ni this for real??? 😘

  • itamasa ono
    itamasa ono


  • Yao Chen
    Yao Chen

    The lady at the end is Jimmy’s GF?

  • Shaved Heaven
    Shaved Heaven


  • Andy Tyler
    Andy Tyler

    As a guy from Hong Kong the Cantonese is fkin hilarious lol. Btw this can’t be real tho lmao

  • Philip Lau
    Philip Lau

    No offence, but this guy's Cantonese has a thick layer of mainland Chinese accent. A Hongkonger doesn't speak like that

    • Zayda

      Yup! Racist KID..

    • IN TJ
      IN TJ

      Philip Lau dude. He was born in Hongkong. Racist much???

  • Robin Maibals
    Robin Maibals

    Welcome to Jamaica Have a Nice Day

  • Egg

    Duck, I'm fujinese

  • eye

    i understand everything they say...i dont know if im blessed

  • iluv chicken
    iluv chicken

    is that jimmy.o yang

    • Aleesha

      iluv chicken yes it is.

  • Hong Kong Jimmy's Photography Studio
    Hong Kong Jimmy's Photography Studio

    笑左, 仲畀tvb播埋出黎 Laugh ,Also broadcasted by TVB 真心,Jimmy你唔覺得痛既咩?

    • Sohai Gary
      Sohai Gary


  • xopt Oo
    xopt Oo

    I would like to hear the Cantonese version!!!!!

  • TonyWang

    可以不要配音嗎? 或分左右聲道嗎?

  • Archibloodful

    the chick is hot

  • Evelyn Paulose
    Evelyn Paulose

    Sounds like Sansa

  • Akari Catto
    Akari Catto

    where can I find the original one without the English dubs?

  • 高登·屁孩 Pboy_gordon
    高登·屁孩 Pboy_gordon

    Jur-jur = dick , funniest word in Cantonese lol.

    • afj9966

      jer jer

  • sstz

    Translating mistake: "Hongkongnese" instead of "Chinese". Check out the Oxford dictionary.

    • sahye

      There is no such thing as hongkongnese

    • Ces Y
      Ces Y

      Stupid ass mother Fer learned everything about Asia from his Oxford dictionary and act like an expert on IRbin great move

    • Ken Silva
      Ken Silva

      It's a dialect of Chinese.

    • Tabassco Productions
      Tabassco Productions

      its cantonese

    • mengxuan wang
      mengxuan wang

      sstz Cantonese is Chinese I think what you were referring was Mandarin

  • Karl Banana
    Karl Banana

    Is the guy jimmy o yang?

    • Jasian884


  • Lego Lee
    Lego Lee

    Oh, Jimmy speaks Cantonese!! Love your performance in Silicon Valley !

  • curry ahmed Channel
    curry ahmed Channel

    heehee heehee.... can't wait for your own movie!. please let me audition!?🙏🙏

  • Altered Dogma
    Altered Dogma

    Hahaha! Well done!

  • Mak

    like the moms blurred up face actually blurs shit

  • Daniel Ku - 顧仲文
    Daniel Ku - 顧仲文

    is this real or a parody? lol

    • Kit Kat
      Kit Kat

      Dan K if that your picture your cute,!

  • Ching Leung
    Ching Leung


  • Alexander Vlasopoulos
    Alexander Vlasopoulos

    Jin yiang

  • June Leung
    June Leung


  • Dee


  • fergotmeno

    糟糕 疊音後不太聽得清

  • Simon Chik
    Simon Chik

    Is there a version without the voice over?

  • Lisa Young
    Lisa Young

    JIMMY THIS IS NUTS!!! I Love Your Personality And Energy, Your Videos Really Lifted Up My Day (Especially The One About Chinese Parents Choosing To Live Miserably Ever After And Killing Our Self-Esteem With Their Casually Fucked-Up Ways) Thanks For Helping Us Make Light Of The Situation, And Your Accent Impersonations Are DEAD ON Hahahah. Keep On Performing, Your Talent Is Beast Level And I'd Love To See You Live One Day!!

  • MIchael Harrington
    MIchael Harrington

    This is an outlier. Penis tats are pretty low risk. I'd say that infection is the main enemy. But to combat this all you need is an antibacterial penis health creme. I recommend Man1 Man Oil.. all natural ingredients and made specifically for the penis skin. Good stuff.

  • Oscar Ng
    Oscar Ng

  • LegendaryOn99

    is there the original cantonese version as well? funny stuff jimmy

    • kassi420

      You just got to power through it unfortunately. I really wish Jimmy can do a special entirely in Cantonese

    • Andissue Garfield
      Andissue Garfield

      Yea we need the original

  • tuan nang dang
    tuan nang dang

    tatolly fake

  • Charlene Chan
    Charlene Chan


  • KaLun Ng
    KaLun Ng


    • L C
      L C


    • L C
      L C


  • Rebecca Johnson
    Rebecca Johnson

    I wanna see it now, I'm curious.

    • 초승달

      still wanna see it? lmao

  • Nelmistro

    "Did you know that there's a similar case in Iran that's almost identical where the person, after getting tattoo have this private erection disease?" 1:28 - He looks concerned.

  • kassi420

    The Cantonese is even better than the english dubs.

    • M C
      M C


  • Straddllw

    Wait wait ... is this real? Because the guy is a standup comedian in the US and he's on HBO's Silicon Valley show. So this could be a parody or something. You guys should check him out, he's hilarious.

  • KY L
    KY L

    I like that they're actually saying the dialogue in Cantonese. It's a lot funnier in Hong Kong slang.

    • Fallout Radio
      Fallout Radio

      I'm so lost at those comments.

    • Lurxaray SKTRG
      Lurxaray SKTRG


    • nigel nuj
      nigel nuj

      Hai yah hai yah Ho zheng ah

    • Lurxaray SKTRG
      Lurxaray SKTRG

      Jer jer

    • Jim Moriarty
      Jim Moriarty

      KY L it sucks when stuff is lost in translation