can Asians say the N-word?
Jimmy O. Yang can Asians say the nWord.
Jimmy's Standup Tour:

  • Andre Luiz
    Andre Luiz

    Q: Can asians say the n-word? A: yes, but only if you are elite

  • Lorna's Life
    Lorna's Life

    "Yeah if you can find that in a song." 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Yeyeye Dj
    Yeyeye Dj

    Lmao well the thing is the black friend had already said it 😂😂😂 so doesnt that make him more racist?

  • Karthik Hari
    Karthik Hari

    guy doesn't even speak audience: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah omfg hahahahahaha

  • Kenshi

    as a black person I think saying it as long as it's in a song doesn't rlly matter go ahead

  • The Comment
    The Comment

    "shit", the sound of ultimate denial

  • That dude named Kevin
    That dude named Kevin

    I know Asians can say the N word, JoJo characters do “NIGERUNDAYO”

  • Allison Sharpe
    Allison Sharpe

    as Joseph Joestar said "NIGERUNDAYOOO SMOKEY!"

  • Someone

    The audience is laughing WAY to much, like sitcom level laughing. Best I can do is to blow air out of my nose

  • Abelard Loliconis
    Abelard Loliconis

    nigga are nigga !!!!!!

  • Slick Back
    Slick Back

    I found out that Hmong people can lol

  • A BloominBrit
    A BloominBrit

    The N word? Oh *Nagasaki*

  • Žiga pr
    Žiga pr

    If black people can say it but white people cant... isnt that racist?

  • K Asb
    K Asb

    Man politely described Lamar Davis

  • zr4K SaiCoPvP
    zr4K SaiCoPvP

    Nice Video

  • Small Asian Kid
    Small Asian Kid

    Lol if your singing NWA and your not black you can’t even sing any of there songs

  • wwwdots

    as asian my self i call everyone nigga

  • Diego Lima
    Diego Lima

    Sorry, can someone explain to me the last part?Im from Brasil , and I dont get it...but I think it was funny as hell!

    • Andre Luiz
      Andre Luiz

      -is it cool for me to say the n-word if it's just in a song? (Ta de boa eu dizer a palavra com N se ela tiver numa música?) -what do you think? Is it cool for me to call you a ching-chang rice-eating motherfucker? (O que tu acha? Ta de boa se eu te chama de um ching ling comedor de arroz?) -yeah, if you can find that in a song (claro, se tu achar isso numa música)

  • scoopneck 13
    scoopneck 13

    Your luck It ain’t Latrell Sprewell.

  • Just Cakes
    Just Cakes

    I found the song its called Chin Chen Hanji

  • xifly

    not funny didn't laugh

  • Bale Garrett
    Bale Garrett

    yeah asians can say the n word

  • Bas van der Graaff
    Bas van der Graaff

    Ron Jans didn't watch this

  • gamercoolpt channel canal
    gamercoolpt channel canal

    wait a minute he as on morangos com açúcar (portugesse novel)

  • Midnight Plasma
    Midnight Plasma

    Im somehow crying, pissing, and laughing at the same time. Thanks Jimmy 😂

  • ツzICrasher

    it isnt even funny tho

  • Fuego Snipes
    Fuego Snipes

    I didn’t know he was a comedian 💀

  • Mike Ceebo
    Mike Ceebo

    Honestly it should be OK to just fucking say it, it's in a goddamn SONG lol

  • Neve Reddington
    Neve Reddington

    Luckily thanks to woah vickey made that last part possible

  • Mazia Johar
    Mazia Johar

    But seriously tho can asian and brown people say the n-word if there’s a black person around?😅

    • moonlitee

      if they ain't around, it's free game

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet


  • Toxin

    1:17 lil ricefield

  • Kemala Aulia 9B
    Kemala Aulia 9B

    Well i don't have any difficulty in saying n word😂 bcs my tongue kinda flexible

  • peter sadovy
    peter sadovy

    This guy: inhales* The entire crowd:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I LOVE you
    I LOVE you


  • Dennis Kondilas
    Dennis Kondilas

    Can Indians say the n word Edit: I've come into some info on the fact that indians Mexicans etc can say the N word

    • Happy_As _Content
      Happy_As _Content

      @Dennis Kondilas I don't mean to be offensive. tbh it does depend on the meaning on how you put it but I'm just trying to say that maybe some people would get offended by the word.

    • Dennis Kondilas
      Dennis Kondilas

      @Happy_As _Content I personally believe it's about the meaning and how you say it if you mean it to be offensive your a racist and price of shit if you don't mean it that way its fine

    • Happy_As _Content
      Happy_As _Content

      @Dennis KondilasOkay. But you really shouldn't say it. If you know it's a racist slur for black people, why are you asking a stupid question?

    • Dennis Kondilas
      Dennis Kondilas

      @Happy_As _Content Cus that's what the vids about I rarely say it

    • Happy_As _Content
      Happy_As _Content

      You can't say the n word if your Indian. why Tf is everybody so eager just to say a word?

  • Charles S. Martagon
    Charles S. Martagon

    i really love reccomended videos

  • Charles S. Martagon
    Charles S. Martagon

    i really love reccomended videos

  • boneslash

    aint this the guy from the walking dead

  • Destiny Reversed
    Destiny Reversed

    It’s like the scene in space force but if it was K Pop and the roles were reversed

  • JCSam

    Jimmy asking the important question

  • AleX3derS

    nigga, can I say nigga?

    • Kristal GF
      Kristal GF

      @Happy_As _Content Oke(

    • Happy_As _Content
      Happy_As _Content

      @Kristal GF no

    • Kristal GF
      Kristal GF

      @Happy_As _Content Why?

    • Happy_As _Content
      Happy_As _Content


  • Yoshew YT
    Yoshew YT

    Fun fact : the 8k dislikes are from traiyel and his alt accounts

  • Anuyan puva
    Anuyan puva

    My question is why did this come up in my recommendation?

  • ola ola
    ola ola


  • MinerDudeMan

    Is the audience drunk?

  • dead citizen 22
    dead citizen 22

    Nowadays everybody got the N word pass except for white people

    • Ethan Cate
      Ethan Cate


  • Itzhammy313

    Bro this guys when he voice acts his black friend it’s sounds like snoop dog

  • goku

    I've heard racist people call them rice n words so I'd have to say yes.. yes they can

    • Broken French
      Broken French

      ok but not all people do that sooo...... dnno wt ur point here is buddy

  • jrx Kenshin
    jrx Kenshin

    Ay he can have the n-word pass

  • Outrunning Karma
    Outrunning Karma

    Black people: says n word in their songs A non-black person: sings the song without realizing the lyrics Black people: 😮*surprized pikachu face*

  • Mark Chapman
    Mark Chapman

    No its not okay. Why would it be? Because Asians didnt enslave Black ppl?? So its okay for white ppl in parts of Europe to say the word too? because Poles and Latvians never owned slaves? Its a word nobody should use, but black ppl do it anyway...

  • MrJomharp

    *If it was I would have been screaming the n-word while walking down the street.* *jk im not racist. But if it is doe*

  • diehan

    i don't find anything funny

    • Ethan Cate
      Ethan Cate

      That's ok, as long as you find something that makes you happy, you don't need to laugh at anything. Hope you're doing well.

  • cool 123
    cool 123

    Dude: *breaths* Audience: *uncontrollable* *laughter*

  • Conzy

    black people laugh at anything

  • reid ob
    reid ob

    how un funny ......

  • the banana beast
    the banana beast

    "yeah if you can find that In a song"

  • ψwraps on yt ψ
    ψwraps on yt ψ

    bro wtf


    I say that all the time whenever my kids arrive after our unification wars

  • Justin Winchester
    Justin Winchester


  • Tristan Thor
    Tristan Thor

    I’ve always had the same question can asian say the n word?

    • Tristan Thor
      Tristan Thor

      @Broken French but what if it’s in a song?

    • Broken French
      Broken French

      no since they're not black

  • Amiya

    Damn he got the whole squad laughing

  • Ratlas
    Ratlas - Love Me Long time

  • Mariama Diallo
    Mariama Diallo

    The niggas in the crowd dying

  • Ethen Bibslo
    Ethen Bibslo

    Asian people look the same

    • Ethan Cate
      Ethan Cate

      @Ethen Bibslo Yeah so keep insulting me and liking your own comment, sounds about right ;) black people can be racist too y'know

    • Ethen Bibslo
      Ethen Bibslo

      @Ethan Cate I'm black but alrighty n I g g a

    • Ethan Cate
      Ethan Cate

      @Ethen Bibslo woah I really hit a nerve there, sorry but only racist idiots comment what you just commented

    • Ethen Bibslo
      Ethen Bibslo

      @Ethan Cate n i g g a

    • Ethen Bibslo
      Ethen Bibslo

      @Ethan Cate Idiot

  • dialp4


  • tacos gaming
    tacos gaming

    if those bitches wouldnt be laughing mabye i would have a good time watching this video too

  • Mob

    my dude looks like rodrick from Diary of a wimpy kid: the long haul

    • F1re Pow3r
      F1re Pow3r

      But this time, hes actually funny

  • bambara samsara
    bambara samsara

    the fact that they showed black person laughing at the end was funnier than the whole joke itself lmao.

  • Rank Adventures
    Rank Adventures

    Day 1 of trying to be famous by commenting

  • PHEO

    people saying n-word black people: 🤭😮😯😲 white people: 😡🤬😡🤬😡

    • Ethan Cate
      Ethan Cate

      BLM be like

  • yash da parmar
    yash da parmar

    he sounds more black then nigerian refugees could ever

  • T

    I’m Asian and have the experience of driving a small 90’s Mazda car full of black friends, white people in SUVs were scared of us.

  • ᴍ ᴀ ɴ ɢ ᴏ ᴄ ʜ ɪ ʟ ᴅ
    ᴍ ᴀ ɴ ɢ ᴏ ᴄ ʜ ɪ ʟ ᴅ

    Thats like a gay person being racist so I mean..?

  • Hago Tage
    Hago Tage

    Fantasy Island was lit !!!

  • Pascaline Kelechi
    Pascaline Kelechi

    nigga nei nei nigga nigga nei nei

  • Learn more
    Learn more

    It's fucking means black in Latino, just like Sudan means black in Arabic...don't know why people made it as an insult phrase??! if a white man said to you Negro, then simply reply to him Blanco!.....We used to do this stuff in school, when it's a normal name but a guy get over sensitive with it,,, then it stuck with him and became and insult...

  • Ambo Rambo
    Ambo Rambo

    "People call you Chang Chang Chong Rice eating Mf" Being asian is also hard after this

  • Lora Bowers
    Lora Bowers

    Beautiful love u.

  • Proobplays Gt
    Proobplays Gt

    *Accidentally says the N word* Black people: Oh its fine dont worry about it 14 year old's: NO ITS NOT FINE. WHAT THE F**K

    • Broken French
      Broken French

      that just shows how some of us are uneducated-

  • Timur K.
    Timur K.

    I was scared you are actually gonna say it

  • Hakken NR
    Hakken NR

    GTFO with this shits,you can call what you want like you these racist bullshit

  • No Net
    No Net

    nǐ shì nèi nèi gè nèi nèi nèi gè nèi gè nèi nèi nǐ shì nèi nèi gè nèi nèi nèi gè nèi gè nèi nèi

  • random26

    Why did that guy yell at the skinny tall remark at 0:19?

  • M4TR!X-Brawl Stars
    M4TR!X-Brawl Stars

    After 5 years there’s a Chinese guy talking about nae ni**a nae ni**a

  • Renjolo Bagunu
    Renjolo Bagunu


  • ꧁Anime111꧂

    "if you can find that in a song" im dead son

  • Nayyer Khan
    Nayyer Khan

    I dont understand why ya'll act so much its just a word and if others can say you can say to a friend if u want why tf everyone acts up on it XD

  • I just want to read comments on youtube
    I just want to read comments on youtube

    Thanks youtube for this wonderful recommendation😊

  • akaszaj clips
    akaszaj clips

    imagine if no one laughed at this

  • Kuli Does Things
    Kuli Does Things

    Love how people of all races are laughing, intellectuals

  • uhhangel

    Sadly, comedians will slowly start to die off due to people not being able to take a mf joke

    • F1re Pow3r
      F1re Pow3r

      Frfr, it's like they say one joke, and now people in the crowd are fainting because they got "offended."

    • hello there
      hello there

      I think people are cool with it. Its just some get offended but most of them are cool

    • Zaynab Beecher
      Zaynab Beecher

      Only the problematic ones for being disgusting

  • AirFox YT
    AirFox YT

    If you think this is racist you stupid

  • Abigaeil Liberal
    Abigaeil Liberal

    jimmy aint funny making fun of your race isnt funny no more lets leave her in 2020

    • Ethan Cate
      Ethan Cate

      Bro he is not making fun of race, that is a fact. He is not hurting anyone, that's another fact. You can have your own opinion though even though it's stupid.

    • Abigaeil Liberal
      Abigaeil Liberal

      @Killed_By_The_Architect - why? because I have an opinion? his stuff isn't funny to me I said lets leave him but if you don't want to be my guest

    • Killed_By_The_Architect -
      Killed_By_The_Architect -

      Lets leave snowflakes like you there.

  • Remus Pierre
    Remus Pierre


  • Noah Dubbeld
    Noah Dubbeld

    why are they always laughing I'm sorry but Jesus this crowd is annoying AF. They laugh at literally anything.

  • Werox204

    IDK if it was the point of the title, but they use “nei-ge” or “ni-ga” all the time

    • Werox204

      @Mya Walker is that sarcasm?, no clue (I’m mexican btw)

    • Mya Walker
      Mya Walker

      why can I hear the Asian pronunciation of how you spelt them😭😭🤚

  • Daysha Official
    Daysha Official

    Unless their Blasian, yes! Lmaoooo 🤧👍🏽

  • xXxPrO_VapEr_KiNG69xXx

    зачем у негра спрашивать?

    • Donni the turt
      Donni the turt

      Я думал что не найду русского