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  • Leyi Zhang
    Leyi Zhang

    My current partner is from HK and his dad was born in the US, moved back to HK(his parents are from HK), met his mom then settled down. His mom was educated in Canada and UK. So overalls his family is pretty western in HK. He and his mom have pretty unique not so common names but his dad's name is Johnny(not even John, legally, Johnny)and his brother's name is Jason(we all know 20 Asian Jasons just admit that). At first I thought his grandparents were not good at English so they named all their children basic names, then I found out that all his uncles and aunts have fairly unique names. His father is the outlier in the family.

  • Jessica Wanyan
    Jessica Wanyan

    My english name is Jessica, which is what I picked for myself when I was in grade one. I'll admit I regretted it slightly when I reached middle school age and my class had four different Jessicas in it XDDD. Our teacher attempting to call one of us was always hilarious.

  • Chxco Cookies
    Chxco Cookies

    I have a chinese name and a english name. My english name means happiness and Joy. My chinese name unlike other people who has 3 words i have two. Yue Yue. Yes thats it. Thats my chinese name. What does it mean? Happy Happy. Literally. In conclusion, my full name is Happy Happiness Happy. *A great name dont you agree?*

  • Mad Hat
    Mad Hat

    萬成 你其實都幾成喎😂

  • Lindsey Yang
    Lindsey Yang


  • Bleeding Masque.
    Bleeding Masque.

    Imma be honest, I've never fuckin heard of a white guy named Roy other than Roy Disney

  • •Lemøndrøps•

    Me who is an asian female and is named cody 👁👄👁💧

  • Kaan Çakır
    Kaan Çakır


  • Jesus Carl Sancheja
    Jesus Carl Sancheja

    I guess my name is unique

  • 福瑞


  • Gabriel Solis
    Gabriel Solis

    Wow, she is very beautiful 😍😍

  • Bookworm Axel
    Bookworm Axel

    *When your Chinese name has literally no meaning at all-*

  • Aiden Nelson
    Aiden Nelson

    why are all of the jokes I ever hear from this guy about being asian

  • Cham

    Brock O. Lee would've been a better name.

  • Adityauniverse

    wait did he just said maan singh......that's an Indian name XD

  • Kung Shih
    Kung Shih


  • Holden McGroin
    Holden McGroin

    He has saved his father's name as BITCHARD! Just trust me on this ;)

  • Ankur MahaRaj
    Ankur MahaRaj

    This woman is on Test Pills.

  • SuperT

    I have a friend from China and his dad is named Maiker, despite his Chinese name being Jie, so his name could’ve been Jay and it would’ve been great

  • Am. B.
    Am. B.

    Dad: wants a mansion *names* *his* *son* *Mason*

  • Imani Islander
    Imani Islander

    thought he would be talking about how there English in Chinese lately or is that just anime

  • luv_ jj
    luv_ jj

    i hope this makes your day better . jesus christ loves you all so much . repent for your sins and accept jesus in your heart. i pray many blessings come your way. i pray you stay safe and healthy . you are loved and cared for so much . god bless❤️

  • Antonio koo
    Antonio koo

    And it makes sense!

  • Toshani Ghosh
    Toshani Ghosh

    When u heard "Man Singh", indians be like ye hamara launda hai re 😂😂

  • Micah Kauffman
    Micah Kauffman

    Over 9000 sucsess

  • kcwflare

    The oldest white guy to ever white

  • bobby Seasons
    bobby Seasons

    Ya he is killing it now!

  • Bellatrix Lestrange
    Bellatrix Lestrange

    My family friend's names are Amy, Kevin, Alan, Emily, Helena, and Joshua. YOU KNOW- I'M JUST DONE WITH THI-

  • nowherefly Zhang
    nowherefly Zhang

    杨万胜 LoL

    • Leyi Zhang
      Leyi Zhang

      欧阳万成。O不是他middle initial, 他family name is O'yang.

  • Sixkicks Fightertricks
    Sixkicks Fightertricks

    Just like Bruce is Lee Jun Fan's white name. What's up with that?

  • Jane L
    Jane L

    My classmate named himself rock. Other than him, I have noticed a pattern with people "english" names sounding like older white people names lol

  • Cheese Mama
    Cheese Mama

    "The oldest white guy to ever white."

  • Roger Meidinger
    Roger Meidinger

    Yo wtf

  • Jaiden Arias
    Jaiden Arias

    Follow the Ten Commandments, read Ephesians 4:29, Saturday is the Lord’s day

  • Shebat Mohamed
    Shebat Mohamed

    You know how Chinese name their children? Throw some pots and pans downstairs and listen carefully.

  • Roger Vang
    Roger Vang

    Me Asian and name is roger Brother Asian and name Richard HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH!

  • lol gamer 521
    lol gamer 521

    My name is literally Luc Lmaooo

  • Có ý thức đi
    Có ý thức đi


  • Andy Lin
    Andy Lin

    Dear fellow Asian friends reading this comment, I hope your English name doesn't end with a "y".

  • hi

    I'm from Hong Kong and I can relate so badly

  • Zaca Tecas
    Zaca Tecas

    As a Romanian immigrant I can relate. I got my English name and my real ethnic name 😂🤙🏻

  • Thomas Ho
    Thomas Ho

    I’m sorry I can barely watch this guy talk he call himself a comedian by trash his family and his race you ought to be kidding he is disgraceful

  • mochike

    the way asian immigrants (in any english-speaking environment) give themselves western names will always be hilarious to me. our asian names are so meaningful, like we go to people whose literal job is to name other people's children to ask what we should name our future children (at least in korea) and there's like a million factors that go into each name and then we grow up and we're all either named after a famous white person, a character we like, after someone from a religious text, or chosen randomly from like nameberry LMAO like my first english name was an english royal's name, then my next english name as i transferred schools was some dude's screen name from a game i used to play, then i named myself after a singer from a band i liked

  • DIRTYDAN 1500
    DIRTYDAN 1500

    My name being Richard

  • xxgachagirlxx YT
    xxgachagirlxx YT

    Omg☠️ my dad’s name is Roger

  • soham das
    soham das

    his chinese name sounds like a indian name lmao

  • Liz

    oh yeah, so richard

  • María Andrea
    María Andrea

    ¡ i really like this, he's so funny !

  • Kang's Saying
    Kang's Saying

    LOL You have a crazy sense of humor damn i lost my mind

  • speicaldark

    I was in a class where the teacher announced the winner of a little competition. He said a Chinese name. We seven Chinese students looked at each other; despite how different our Chinese names are, the teacher's pronunciation could potentially fit any of them. But I know how much he tried and appreciated it nonetheless

  • William Zulkarnain
    William Zulkarnain

    Where do i can find full version of this vid ?

  • MBE

    I had a classmate named Christiana because her parents were christians. It’s like all the parental effort goes into picking a beautiful, poetic Chinese name and for English names parents just kinda go “meh. Who really gives a shit.”

  • veyselyazici

    Kevin is a standard Asian Australian name.

  • James

    My grandma wanted my brother and I to have Mandarin names but my mom said "I don't want their names to stand out on a resume". So we got the most generic white kid names she could think of, Michael and James.

  • no body
    no body

    Im glad this guy got into my recommendations😂

  • Lucy

    My sister's bf is named Kar because that sounded like his Chinese name

  • Sarah

    I went for fourteen years without realizing my aunts white friends knew them by a completely different names. "Oh, so you're Martha's niece?" "Who the fuck is Martha." Yeah

  • Mia LoGiudice
    Mia LoGiudice

    Why does this guy remind me of a kid I went to grade school with

  • Max Kim
    Max Kim

    My name is max but in korea it's gim(kim) gwang jik. Means "gold, light, straight" It can be interpreted as golden beam of light, golden light of righteousness or golden lit path. I prefer the first one since I like gundam and star wars. The second one makes me sound too Asian(lol) and the last one is pretty weak

  • LR64

    My parents big-brained and gave me a name that works in both English and Chinese loool

  • Christopher Fan
    Christopher Fan

    I was waiting for him to say "my name stands for Man City"...

  • Sudhandira P
    Sudhandira P


  • Kip Brown
    Kip Brown

    This comment section had 666 comments so I commented just to make it have 667 comments... you’re welcome

  • faifto

    as a hongkonger this made me cry omg

  • weldebrhan menaswo
    weldebrhan menaswo

    graveyard girl

  • Ed C
    Ed C

    It is so nice to hear Cantonese from you

  • Jennie

    I'm white, but my auntie was adopted from Hong Kong. Her original name sounded like "Ma Mun Tong" - or at least to my grandmother's ears. However, someone in Hong Kong changed it to Man-Ching when my auntie came to America at 7 years old. But of course, with English pronunciation, it sounded like everyone was calling her a man. When she finally went for her citizenship, she changed it to Mai-Ching to sound more feminine.

  • 陳星儒


  • Key Snow
    Key Snow

    omg the richard thing makes so much sense that explains so many of my friends names

  • modupe femi-ogundele
    modupe femi-ogundele


  • •Blueberry_ Gxcha•
    •Blueberry_ Gxcha•

    Hi from Hong Kong✋✋

  • Pascal Tan
    Pascal Tan

    Richard sounds like “ Richer”. Yeah.

  • Jaeil Flute
    Jaeil Flute

    My chinese name is Jiexi and my parenst wanted to name me Jessi but it ended up being Lucy haha, curious how every chinese got their foreign name

  • Alex Man
    Alex Man

    You are also Manchester…

  • p三三p da SLANG
    p三三p da SLANG

    Asian dude funny fasho....Vegas in the building

  • bread spoon
    bread spoon

    I’m in tears this is so accurate

  • Bestusername 290
    Bestusername 290

    Dude XD my dad named himself Richard for the exact same reason

  • yves roi caliboso
    yves roi caliboso

    hi I'm roi

  • Ильяс Жанкашев
    Ильяс Жанкашев

    I think Robert is the name for whitest old guy because short version of the name is Bob. When you call your kid as Robert you increase his age in 25 years.

  • Hayden Wong
    Hayden Wong

    Bruhh 50 percent of them Asian Americans named after an actor aka meee

  • forrest225

    The best part is how true it is. I went to college with a dude who named him self Joe because it was the easiest name he could think of.

  • 加没仁

    in my chinese school they gave us our chinese name my chinese name is 加令仁 its been 3 years since i left that school and i still dont know what it means and i live in Phil.

  • Insanerayofsunshine

    Roy Roger, lol🤭, now he's a white cowboy. 🤭😆😁😂🤣

  • Tianjiao Wang
    Tianjiao Wang

    My first-grade after school teacher just shortened my name to TJ when she forgot how to pronounce it for the fifteenth time in a row XD

  • Liz Fung
    Liz Fung

    HongKongers be proud like 'Yeah hes speaking Cantonese'

  • Sapt Sagn
    Sapt Sagn

    Why do they give themselves english names?

  • Luka R.
    Luka R.

    This guys name is menecing

  • Adrian Art3
    Adrian Art3

    This asian woman is really funny

  • K O
    K O

    when you're brother's name is Jimmy, and your dad's name is Roy, this really hits home

  • kronos

    I couldn't decide on an English name when I was young until now (14yrs) so I'm just... ...Chinese

  • Arden Aster
    Arden Aster

    my chinese name means difficult 😌 no seriously, my parents used the proverb 先易后难 to name my brother and I (i means first easy, after difficult) and my brother got first easy and i got after difficult

  • kevin wangsa
    kevin wangsa

    my English name is Kevin Wangsa but my Chinese name is 王子建. I'll let someone else translate this :3

  • Sean


  • OZCH


  • Pablo Calderon
    Pablo Calderon

    my asian friends dad is also named richard I guess he had the same mentality as his

  • Toản Trần
    Toản Trần

    He would be “Vạn Phát” in VietNam :v

  • Roy Barron
    Roy Barron

    Really what's wrong with roy? I was born in 81!

    • LyricalDJ

      Nothing, just.. you know how there are some names which have to be given to children but sound only fitting for older people? *shrugs* It's just what people associate a certain name with.

  • zauwolf

    there‘s two siblings named kevin and kenny on my mom’s side. there’s another kevin and kenny on my dad’s side. their parents didn’t know about each other until a few years ago

  • 子丸

    support from HK!! Great Jokes!!

  • 曾柏瑋