Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine | Jimmy's Kitchen
Today we're making a super simple and delicious creamy cheesy mushroom fettuccine. Only a few ingredients and perfect for any date night... or a lonely dinner if you're single like me. AND it's vegetarian!
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    Custom Coin Rings USA

    Try using crimini mushrooms instead of white or button mushrooms. They aren't that much more expensive but they have significantly more flavor, I mean like 2x the flavor. Button mushrooms are $3.99/lb and crimini mushrooms are $4.99/lb so, for me, its worth paying 25% more for 100% more flavor.

    • Dyanosis

      @Jeff Phoon Portabella mushrooms are the super flat mushrooms with hardly any stem (usually). Porcini are the super long stem but small tipped mushrooms.

    • smutz

      ayyy just here to say that cremini and white button mushrooms are exactly the same type of mushroom, agaricus bisphorus. the white mushroom came about as a sorta-albino mutation when someone was cultivating brown mushrooms, and they spread like wildfire from there bc pretty.

    • Sunliner Vet
      Sunliner Vet

      Crimini (also called "baby 'bellas) are the same as "regular" white button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) except they have developed some color. Portobellas are just caps which have been given time to grow larger. No farmed mushrooms taste as good or as intense as wild mushrooms nor do they have the variety of flavors. If you want a taste experience you didn't know existed take a course in mushroom identification and learn to identify edible wild mushrooms. You'll never go back to the bland one dimensional taste of grocery store mushrooms.

    • solstice

      They are the same mushroom.

    • Alia Y
      Alia Y

      Thank you for this tip. I’m going to try this!

  • Alia Y
    Alia Y

    :) Made this a few times, it was easy enough for me and tasted good. Also not too expensive. Can't wait for more videos!

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    This guy COOKS

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    Eddie Chen

    thanks Jimmy for sharing! 多謝晒!

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    bigboysalmon 55

    Seen this guy on netflix and he makes an entertaining cook too, keep going jimmy

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    I'm learning how to cook with Jimmy as a 21 year old

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    Xiaoming Liu

    When Jimmy was just say the "M" of mushroom, I actually thought he was going to say "Motherf**kers"... Sorry guys....

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    Sandra In

    I’m definitely going to try this recipe

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    Fecchi the illustrator

    I love how he points out that he is bachelor in this video to promote himself kjadskjadsjkadsok lololo XD XD XD

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    Fecchi the illustrator

    that's not black and white that's black n yellow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    I tried this and it was amazing! Not too complicated, no exact measurements. Keep these videos coming ❤️

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    Jimmy is making a move from comedy to cooking

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    Katherine Morton

    I have to make this! Im vegetarian and hope you show more recipes that have a vegetarian option. I like to cook too and cant wait to try this! Im hungry.

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    Ann Zhong

    Jimmy I think you really like noodles, any kind. :)

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    Diana Rios

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    Julie Sierra

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    Abby Harrison

    Wait...he’s single?! How??? He’s super hot and he’s hilarious! I don’t even understand that. I’ve been watching his stand up comedy for the past hour and laughed till I had tears rolling down my face. Then I found this channel on IRbin, and he cooks?! He’s amazing.

  • Mary Valentine
    Mary Valentine

    Good on you for using Tillamook cheese. Check out TDF honest farming videos to see where that cheese comes from, The gorgeous Tillamook County of the great state of

  • Davy Rodelo Sandoval
    Davy Rodelo Sandoval

    Single!? I DMed you that we are married :c

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    Catch This Fishkeeper

    Twist the noodles on the plate👍 it makes a big difference in presentation! Good stuff! Keep it up!

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    LOL, cheese and cream is not vegeterian but it's all good.

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    I put u in a playlist for my uncle to cook this

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    Best cooking show on IRbin. His cooking methods and ingredients are super relatable. Nothing fancy but always good!

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    FYI, as someone from Oregon, where Tillamook comes from - we pronounce it "TILL-ah-muck"! ❤❤❤

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    Albert Einstein

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    Julie McGann

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    Wang Chang

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    Christopher Brown

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    Thanks Jimmy for these quick simple recipes. Great way to whip up meals quickly and easily without spending a lot

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    Karl Merecido

    Jimmy!! I made this and it was great! I used baby Bella but I could of done better and gotten the fresh fettuccine. Hey man, don’t worry about the being lonely shit, you will be a great catch for some lucky lady. You got the cooking hobby down and that, that’ll win over hearts. You got a fan for life here!

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    badout reviews

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  • Dyanosis

    Next time, salt your mushrooms as soon as they go in the pan - helps them release their excess moisture and cook better. Then let them cook down longer before adding the cream. You want your mushrooms to be fully developed, not partially reduced.

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    jhim dotnet

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    Matilda Bovo

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    Next time, cut the mushrooms very thin small pieces. Cook them with little of olive oil. Add butter. And continue cooking... Then drop of milk, continue cooking them add the cooking cream and whatever cheese you want. Mushrooms cut small will bring out the best mushroom flavor into the sauce. Since it sucks not to have big pieces of mushrooms, you can also add some bigger pieces while cooking the sauce.

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