Golden Shrimp Fried Rice
I made a Golden Fried Rice from my friend Chef Lucas Sin’s technique. Super easy delicious legit shrimp fried rice that’ll impress the most critical Asian parents.
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  • Jimmy O. Yang
    Jimmy O. Yang

    I realized I didn't show the part where I seasoned the dish. Use salt, soy sauce, or fish sauce, whatever your sauce of choice. Don't blame me if your fried rice comes out bland like Boston Market chicken

    • QMO Lee
      QMO Lee

      How about MSG

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      Miguel Ramirez

      You tricked us! 🐼

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      joeking rodriguez

      Cayenne pepper just a lil bit!

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      Sherri Chapin

      Love a man that knows how to cook. You can cook for me anything.

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      Tony Sanchevez

      Onion isn't an aromatic i dont think. Not to be a stickler. Other than that absolutely sexy!

  • Dorothy Kendall-Priest
    Dorothy Kendall-Priest

    Are you single? Lol 😆

  • Xiao Wen
    Xiao Wen

    In fact, chopped shallots should be oiled for a few seconds, so that the fragrance can evaporate. Shrimp, however, is mainly to enhance the taste, so it should be slightly chopped, which can deepen the salt and balance the taste level.

  • Troy Vang
    Troy Vang

    I just found out your in boston's bombing movie

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    Why saucepan? So white

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    Screm Doggo

    I clicked off of doom ost 22 for this

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    Nharancia Ghirga

    Are you telling me these Golden Shrimp fried rice?

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    Aaron Gonzales

    Red can shine , man hang out , out there next too a cave!😉

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      Aaron Gonzales


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    Maple Stuff

    Uncle Roger : *Where your Wok??*

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    Remember when he was teaching people tai chee

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    Raspberry Biscuit

    1 hundred thousand shrimp and 10 prawns for good measure then 🙃😋🤪 #hungry

  • xyd

    you know you real asian when you eat rice with SPOON.....NOT level up if you use chop sticks

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    Alice Wilde

    no veggies

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    Be De

    Don’t you dare forget us when you’re super famousss 😭 you stay with us 😭

  • Kyrell Fly
    Kyrell Fly

    Nothing is perfect until you eat it. - Jimmy O. Yang (2020)

  • Shannon Ferguson
    Shannon Ferguson

    For the love of God, Jimmy, please keep making and posting these cooking videos. They are the only thing keeping me sane during the pandemic. :)

  • IanRob2011

    OMG what is the Pug’s name? So cute!! My daughter has one named Napoleon !! He is 14 years old. Love the fried rice.!!!

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    Salahuddin Perdana

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    You can roast with uncle roger. See who make the best rice.

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    Mo A

    LMAO you have a IRbin channel?

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    Natsu Dragneel

    How many eggs did you use?

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    Wendy Chong Top

    I hope your video will be reviewed by Uncle Roger.

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    Brody St Amant

    Asmr lol

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    Finally a celebrity I respect who can actually cook as a chef myself I appreciate the proper cooking technique

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    Sherri H.

    Clean your stovetop.

  • Diana Rios
    Diana Rios

    Jimmy we need more recipes

  • Carla Emmanuel
    Carla Emmanuel

    I just made this (with a little added ginger and fish sauce).... INCREDIBLE!!

  • nathan vu
    nathan vu

    if you wan't a little crusty/crunchy and salty rice texture, you can add some chicken powder and apply pressure down to the rice for 2 min and 30 sec (medium heat) then you will get a perfect crunchy rice texture

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    Don Robert Salazar

    Where you WOK?! ---- Uncle Roger

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    lahel light

    jimmy needs a gf...

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    Euenlee Tan

    I'm waiting for Uncle Roger

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    Amanda Archer

    Is that shrimp cooked enough?

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    Frofro frofro

    Please make pad thai and nasi goreng but vegetarian version 😍 Greetings from Tricity in Poland 😁

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    here comes nieces and nephews

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    the heavenly Buddha

    Me siting here with a egg alergy: I'm just glad he's having fun

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    Grange TV

    Enjoying your cooking series. This one looks delicious

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    Your honor, there is no way a shrimp fried that rice

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    irwin leonardo

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    Rexii Oper

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    Marcus Tsang

    Golden Shrimp Fried Rice was yummy!!

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    I wander haw he spek engris so gud.

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    dragon ass

    Real Chinese people don't need two pan too cook

    • Huy Đỗ
      Huy Đỗ

      But rich chinese do !!

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    Dawn kh

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    Tim L

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      Uncle Roger sobbing on side

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      Yeah, Hahahaha XDDDDDDDDDD

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      Anu Hope

      You hear sizzling, I hear Jimmy's ancestors crying. Just kiddin'. Glad to see Jimmy doing these YT videos.

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      Irmgard Rottmann

      Why u eat with spoon, where your chopstick?

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      GX Skull

      most of the furikake contain msg

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    Hands down best cooking channel on youtube right now

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  • A dog whos eyeballing you
    A dog whos eyeballing you

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    Max Baldwin

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    Chris Miller

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    Game warriors

    Dude even if your rich have some decency to put all the rice in the pan and all the onions into the other pan.. tf Man I swear some people are literally looking for these little quantities

    • Gaweon No
      Gaweon No

      He ate them all... he used a spoon to spoon up the remaining rice and he used both pans anyways so the onions weren't wasted

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    Love your hair dude! you got a stylist or you do it yourself? if you do please do a tutorial

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    Jennifer Louie

    This looks great! Thanks so much for this, Jimmy!! 😊😊🙌🏻

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    DeeDee Downs

    wow... you're like a serious chef! Have you made a video that explains how you came to be a culinary magician? I'm so impressed... but your Dad must be bummed you just give away all your recipes for free....

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    Avrige Nab Gisner

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  • Ahmad Afiz Zubairee
    Ahmad Afiz Zubairee

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    I don't respect you cos you are fat and poor😂😂 Only OGs remember this line from one of Jimmy's line in a movie😂

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    Sv Harken

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