We're doing a food review this week in Vancouver! But it's not from a restaurant, it's my Aunt/Uncle's home cooked Shanghainese food! It doesn't get more authentic than that. Starting with my favorite red braised pork and egg and a traditional noodle with shrimp oil. I can eat this all day, and I did. Like this video for more Jimmy’s taste test.
Be sure to comment on what food I should review next in Vancouver!
Come back for more food reviews, cooking videos, and I guess sometimes I'll get back to my job as a standup comedian.
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  • Mo Piko
    Mo Piko

    The only thing he can do is faking his uncle's food during the 14 days quarantine.

  • Nick Jordan
    Nick Jordan

    It would be amaingz if you r on bilibili also

  • Olala Vie
    Olala Vie


  • EM LLL
    EM LLL

    Is there a way to order your uncle’s food? Haha

  • Roland Phapha
    Roland Phapha

    What's with the briefcase!!!????

  • Glizzy Gobbler
    Glizzy Gobbler

    0:22 WAIT WTF??? I’m moving bruh

  • Arya Shinde
    Arya Shinde

    Wait am i supposed to watch a Chinese eating food during Corona virus pandemic DO I SOUND RACIST

  • Zhechuan Shao
    Zhechuan Shao

    OMG you were Shanghainese!!!! 虾油&葱油棒呆!!!!

  • Aaron Gonzales
    Aaron Gonzales

    Old boy laughing

  • Aaron Gonzales
    Aaron Gonzales

    Hey guys!😉

  • kymberley dymond
    kymberley dymond

    There is an ongoing argument over which aunt makes the best red braised pork in my family...on the plus side all family gatherings have a good supply of red pork.😁

  • Zodiac

    Did I just watch Yang eating food for 10 mins?

  • Mia Zhang
    Mia Zhang

    I love Shanghainese food 👍

  • Mindful Blessings
    Mindful Blessings

    I can't wait to see your movie "Love Hard", I am a big fan of yours and Nina Dobreva's.

  • Alice Wilde
    Alice Wilde

    if he said he was 18 I would believe him

  • Diana Rios
    Diana Rios

    Jimmy we loved your recipes more cooking please

  • Why'd of Vir
    Why'd of Vir

    I’m in Vancouver. Could you please let us know how to order it from your uncle?

  • Paul Nguyen
    Paul Nguyen

    he uses the back of the chopsticks but still touches the noodles :(

  • Ms. Philosophy
    Ms. Philosophy

    can you try Filipino food.

  • Thomas Ho
    Thomas Ho

    I’m so sad a banana still a banana you probably don’t even know what I mean by banana go figure out yourself

  • CardboardMarzipan

    I love how Jimmy breaks down stuff about cuisine in a way that you can easily understand, and he doesn't make you feel dumb or uncultured for not already knowing about it. Also, he doesn't just *recommend* food, he raves about it while explaining how the dish is made in detail. I've got to look for a local place with these kind of dishes, because I'm so curious now! I mean, dude, he enjoyed the SHIT out of this. xD it's got to be top notch nosh.

  • H C
    H C

    Although as a Shanghainese, I haven't had shrimp oil. But when you pronounce it In Shanghai dialect, I knew the fault is mine.

  • Freeman C
    Freeman C

    What’s the name of the restaurant?

  • Freeman C
    Freeman C

    上次侬模仿你爸说英文 就晓得侬上海人

  • Elena Yuan
    Elena Yuan

    看着这个红烧肉我要哭了。。。drop the name of your uncles food catering plz.....

  • Donaldson Tan
    Donaldson Tan

    You look like the Chinese Scientist in Netflix's Space Force.

    • Frank Jin
      Frank Jin

      Nailed it

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    How do you spell the noodle dish?

  • Saralauuuuu

    I need the name of this catering place I’ve been every shanghainese resto in van! Like if you’re Shanghainese!

  • 吳擎

    depending on what you eat, I think we are brothers. just imagining the dumplings and wontons makes me drooling !!

  • Dragon Sage
    Dragon Sage

    It’s sad that the U.S. government doesn’t give a shit about quarantine while Canada is actually really smart about it

  • 有酒窝de猪排小姐

    Shocked when he burst out Shanghai dialect. Feel so close to home:))))))))))

  • Hedya惠

    I shouldn’t open this at the midnight...I am a Chinese student in the UK currently and you make me hungry QAQ。 I miss Chinese cuisines,,,okay I gonna go out to store more food before the national lockdown in the UK.

  • Delice de Luna
    Delice de Luna

    I'm so jealous! I know that egg/pork belly dish as a Vietnamese one my mom cooked as I was growing up. I see where it got it's roots!

  • 杨同学


  • 余先生的小世界


  • Di Tang
    Di Tang

    wow hao chi

  • Willie Yang
    Willie Yang

    why you eat so much, and not fat at all?

  • Descartes Y
    Descartes Y

    I think what’s important in the noodles is the lard

  • Eric Zhang
    Eric Zhang


  • 無知,無聊,無空


  • sam wong
    sam wong


  • Vero Wang
    Vero Wang

    上海出名的应该是葱油拌面,不过再加点虾和笋丝应该更棒. 以为JIMMY不会说中文,上海话广东话都不错啊,红烧肉卖相一般般啦

  • andyv123

    Can you do a vid with Nina dobrev 😍

  • Paul HA
    Paul HA

    I thought you are HongKonger

  • anthony lo
    anthony lo


  • Kimax Young
    Kimax Young


  • Typical Cookhouse
    Typical Cookhouse

    My man said no MSG, uncle roger be mad asf

  • Crew Denim
    Crew Denim

    is tat re braised pork HALAL?

  • Jianping Wang
    Jianping Wang


  • Jianping Wang
    Jianping Wang

    哇 都不知道jimmy是上海人

  • 米耿

    Jian-Yang, what have you done to Eric? Ha ha~

  • john1023va

    I didn't know you are Shanghai ning. Lao ling e.

  • Tyler Shen
    Tyler Shen

    Stay safe dude. From one Shanghainese guy in Edmonton

  • ZiLong Wang
    ZiLong Wang

    plz collab with uncle roger lol itd be lit

  • World Peace
    World Peace

    Love your attitude to both the food and quarantine. Made me miss the Shanghainess food back home 😋 good luck with your shooting and stay safe

  • Yi Guo
    Yi Guo


  • Lynni L
    Lynni L

    not "huyou", "congyou"葱油. thank you

  • Yuzhou Chu
    Yuzhou Chu


  • Yuhao Zheng
    Yuhao Zheng

    Wow it's amazing you speak Shanghainese! I love the "hu yo" 虾油 too xD

  • AL

    I think your uncle lives in Surrey

  • Cong Wang
    Cong Wang

    Jimmy speaks Mandarin ?!

  • Crystal Chen
    Crystal Chen

    Why you look so familiar to me? Did you play Crazy Rich Asians?

    • Crystal Chen
      Crystal Chen

      Oh, I realized that you played Jian-Yang in Silicon Valley. I am currently living in Silicon Valley and my previous boss compared me with Jian-Yang, said I look like Jian-Yang, and I speak broken English, and she asked me to watch Silicon Valley. I fired her anyway.

  • Nl nlnlomo
    Nl nlnlomo

    Jin yang

  • Lukas XD
    Lukas XD


  • Lukas XD
    Lukas XD


  • james liu
    james liu


  • Jerry Feng
    Jerry Feng

    man, ur pronunciation of shrimp oil in Shanghainese makes me homesick!

  • yi chen
    yi chen

    靖 杨,,,,你变了。。。哈哈。

  • 刚混到副局


  • Landy Li
    Landy Li


  • Zhi Hong Yang
    Zhi Hong Yang

    册那,侬是上海宁吗?!:) Love your standing comedy.

  • quinton tian
    quinton tian


  • Chen Chen
    Chen Chen


  • Cheung Chau
    Cheung Chau

    Not hot dog!

  • Mark G
    Mark G

    How can you eat that much and keep fit...

  • xiaolong lu
    xiaolong lu

    Omg I really don‘t know you are Shanghainese!

  • delay moon
    delay moon

    I have already known Jimmy family’s immigration history , first generation lived in Shanghai and then moved to Hong Kong,finally his family came to American

  • Will Will
    Will Will

    what is shanhanese? sounds asian

    • Will Will
      Will Will

      @hua sing just as in Los angelesnese?

    • hua sing
      hua sing

      shanghai - nese

  • Cheng


  • ManDian Studio
    ManDian Studio

    Yeaaaaahhhh!!! Chinese food is best ever


    is that 红烧肉?why are your ordered the pork are not to red colour.........hahahahahaha thats fake bro~~~~

  • 你完了共产党


  • ardee Wong
    ardee Wong

    dude, basically red braised pork and rice is super match

  • Tjjuntim

    r u Canadian? Why can u travel to Canada now.

  • Andrew Lydick
    Andrew Lydick

    Yo this made me so hungry and I literally just ate

  • 番茄超人Allen


  • Clrizy



    Proud of you my Chinese brother

  • Chao Huang
    Chao Huang

    TBH, 葱油拌面 does not look that authentic lol.

  • 王王仁安


  • Yu Z
    Yu Z

    先放微波炉里转一圈吧, 红烧肉凉了就不好吃了哦……

  • Lian Yu
    Lian Yu


  • Z

    You are so shanghainese. Funny to see you pull the trick of using the backend of the chopstick to take out the sauce. Something only Shanghainese do.

  • xiatian80

    How can I buy your anut uncle's food... i am in Van... they look great 👍

  • 周Sean

    Dude, you just made a down-to-the-earth food review look like a luxury cuisine tour. Good job.

  • Shum Will
    Shum Will


  • xiang li
    xiang li

    What is the biggest lie about food in the world? SMG can make you sick

  • Meng Li
    Meng Li

    3:06 No MSG? I could already hear Uncle Roger yelling.

  • Liao William Yixin
    Liao William Yixin

    you speak both Chinese languages, respect man !

  • Alpha_Stream

    Welcome to Vancouver 🇨🇦🇨🇦