How To American - Jimmy O. Yang's New Book
"How To American: An Immigrant's Guide to Disappointing Your Parents" - by Jimmy O. Yang
Hey guys, I wrote a book! Pre-order it today on Amazon or any major retailer:

  • xTazeblem

    :say how do you think about this book?:fathers says not funny :Jimmy’s head what the fuck

  • T Berg
    T Berg

    Can I get a copy signed by Richard?

  • Emmyalot Chang
    Emmyalot Chang

    Just bought it yesterday ✌🏼

  • Antônio Cantanhede
    Antônio Cantanhede

    Bad book

  • Trần Tuấn
    Trần Tuấn

    goddam JIAN YANG 😂😂😂

  • O. Reina
    O. Reina

    I’m an immigrant in Japan. Meanwhile you get mocked for your small eyes in the U.S, I get the “Your eyes are so big” Just learning how to laugh at it

  • TeezyRod1120

    I’m late but I loved the book.

  • Josh Kim
    Josh Kim

    you should keep posting on IRbin

  • 王嘉文

    would you mind transalating this book in chinese ?



  • Kevin Wong
    Kevin Wong

    What if I told you there is a book on the market... :)

  • Evan Tsou
    Evan Tsou

    nice book.

  • wloglobal

    Great book. I laughed so hard, and it had some great life lessons as well. Your dad is very cool.

  • Deeexplorers

    I already read that. Great book

  • jazztonish

    Hi. I've been listening to your audio book on my way to work. And I can't keep my face straight in public since it's so funny. I love how you narrate your book like it was a podcast or a radio show. It's authentic and refreshing. Glad that I decided to get the audio book version after seeing you on Fung Bros' channel a week ago.

  • calvin quan
    calvin quan

    Just bought the book on Amazon, can't wait to read it

  • / Wang
    / Wang

    omg, this is your dad. it is different than what I listened from the book. I bought the audiobook on Amazon by the way. I like it. better than i thought.

  • PhoneIsDying


  • SHARE H!S V!S!0N
    SHARE H!S V!S!0N

    lmao you are funny dude saw you on late night with steven colbert you should do comedy with brandon rodgers or other youtubers

  • SHARE H!S V!S!0N
    SHARE H!S V!S!0N

    Rumor has it, I was lucky enough to buy the last copy... So who has the other 6 books? Ba-dum Tcsssh!

  • Marlayne Melendez
    Marlayne Melendez

    BOIIII I can understand your struggle as not understanding the slang! I was the American kid thrown into Puerto Rico asking Donde está la biblioteca? 😂

  • Atsuko Tenshi
    Atsuko Tenshi

    More uploads dude :)

  • Vernon Granados
    Vernon Granados


  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    Alas, I didn't need a book to disappoint my parents.

  • Merry T.
    Merry T.

    Jimmy pls upload more!❤️

  • Minh Ha
    Minh Ha


  • BC XII
    BC XII

    I want to buy it cos jimmys dad said its not funny

  • Siddhant Bakshi
    Siddhant Bakshi

    Sweet man, you're back! Keep posting more cool shit!

  • SpLiitZ

    Man you always make me laugh, upload more videos please!

  • Doo Bee Doo
    Doo Bee Doo

    Will you be touring Australia? I was gonna go to your show in Sydney a while back but it got cancelled :(

  • Senpai

    I saw watching the Overwatch eSports !


    O. Yang! Long time no see man. I really like your channel. Can' t wait to see more bro

  • Lucia Ah-Sue
    Lucia Ah-Sue

    keep uploading!!!

  • Arnthor mittefternamnskadutaattgefani
    Arnthor mittefternamnskadutaattgefani

    when is season five coming? your awesome btw!

  • E8N

    Upload more

  • Jeff Rendered
    Jeff Rendered

    Not a doctor, not married yet, no kids...maybe I could give you a pointer or two lol

  • Shemsy

    your dad looks and talks like l hugo strange

  • i

    Jimmy is my favorite character on Silicon Valley, he is pretty funny...

  • Unknown Ding
    Unknown Ding

    Interesting that as a Chinese, you got a Korean-like face, and your father looks like a Japanese. Like your talk show so much.

    • Leon Kabo
      Leon Kabo

      Yeah, you see it sometimes, I’m Chinese, and at school a lot of kids assume I’m Japanese.

  • Falko Joseph
    Falko Joseph

    D*ck is up.

  • Aditya Aswal
    Aditya Aswal

    Did u smoke on this special occasion 😂

  • Luis Abreu
    Luis Abreu

    let's smoke a cigarette, special ocasion!

  • Frankie Lopez Zamudio
    Frankie Lopez Zamudio


  • ydnl


  • will well
    will well

    keep uploading plz

  • pdmmdk

    It looks like a pamphlet haha, but congrats still

  • MrUtuber2012

    Fck yes Ying Yang!

  • Bruno Tan
    Bruno Tan

    Jimmy might not be funny but JianYang is funny without a single doubt!

  • Ashutosh Raina
    Ashutosh Raina

    I eat da fish

  • Wei Wei
    Wei Wei

    Pre ordered kinda one month ago!! Can’t wait

  • David Shi
    David Shi


  • Tim Kwan
    Tim Kwan

    Will this book sell on china?

  • J J
    J J


  • black chibi
    black chibi

    Finally i been waiting on u

  • kuri kaiser
    kuri kaiser


  • Pionize

    Same I’m an immigrant too and I’m 12 year old when I came so now I’m 15 U r really a model for me cause as Asian I always feel shamed and embarrassed at school when surrounded by American born U made me know that there is nothing to be shamed of about who u are💕❤️ thank u so much 🙏

  • ソフィアSMPY

    Oh Jimmy you are the cutest thing ever!! I will definitely buy!! Good luck and please upload more videos!!!

  • Xiaofan J
    Xiaofan J

    holy fuck

  • Hackermann

    wtf ricegum ?!

  • ethan

    i wanna buy this book , come to hk pls

  • Gerald

    I though this was a Silicon Valley skit from the thumbnail


    do you know how to speak chinese i am come from Hong Kong

  • Senpai

    I'll buy it for u jimmy

  • Sophia Wang
    Sophia Wang

    I almost unsubscribe from your channel cus you haven't updated for sooooooo loooooong, but anyways glad you're back and I'm waiting for the "more stuff to come"!! (I've shown your videos to almost every friend of mine, they are sooo funny

  • Robinorz

    I like your dad

  • eye

    Your a disgrace to the Asian culture

  • Skater Saensathit
    Skater Saensathit

  • ahou

    你爸真棒 哈哈哈

  • FlyinHome

    LOOL! Can’t wait to get it.

  • Chris M.
    Chris M.

    the IRbin dry spell is over

  • Rob

    Congratulations, this calls for an indoor cigarette!

  • Wincent Fritz
    Wincent Fritz

    I need this bokk my chigga lmao. Do mpre vids or act in more films n shit love your shit bro

  • Bear

    It's been 2+ years... Glad to see you upload again!

  • R Age
    R Age

    Can we get the advanced copy too?

  • avalette paige
    avalette paige

    I'm so glad to see you back! And btw your dad is pretty great 😂

  • bleach lover
    bleach lover

    Boyce boro

  • reg cla
    reg cla

    An immigrant's guide to disappointing your parents....I've been doing very great in that till so far, I'm willing to take it to another level, maybe this book can help..

  • bigmarcus 04
    bigmarcus 04

    Where we get the signed copies at!?!?!

    • s27z

      @Jimmy O. Yang Would love to have a signed book. I'm from Sweden, is there a way to get that?

    • bigmarcus 04
      bigmarcus 04

      Jimmy O. Yang sounds good! Let me go turn on them twitter notifications

    • Jimmy O. Yang
      Jimmy O. Yang

      I'll be sending out some signed book plates online and doing some live signing, I'll announce those here and on twitter!

  • William

    Amazingly... Not Jk

  • Tying Earl
    Tying Earl

    Omg your alive on IRbin! Good ta see you

  • dist6rbed

    Bruh you dad is my dad

  • JRaySkillz

    Good to see u back man u better keep uploading

    • Honest Abe
      Honest Abe

      @Jimmy O. Yang thanks love you

    • JRaySkillz

      We have been waiting Can't wait to see more of u

    • Jimmy O. Yang
      Jimmy O. Yang

      i will! more stuff to come!

  • SOSIKSON 666
    SOSIKSON 666

    Hell yeah man!!! Getting this book!!

  • chatty spears
    chatty spears