How To American signing - Jimmy O. Yang
Jimmy O. Yang Q&A with Remy Hii and book signing for his book "How To American"
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  • justin ching
    justin ching

    0:40 they banged after. jimmy you sly dog

  • Sasu Attiogbe Redlich
    Sasu Attiogbe Redlich

    Look man, I thought you where from the US 😓🤣 . Also : Let's appreciate that bubble tea cinematic still frame

  • Dino Spumoni
    Dino Spumoni

    2:11 Did she say "Your success is my success too."? What an incredibly sweet thing to say. In any case, I was shocked when I found out he WASN'T born in the U.S. Never seen someone who immigrated so old have such an indistinguishably native accent.

  • Balkaran Singh
    Balkaran Singh

    I thought it was 'singing'

  • Albert Pak
    Albert Pak

    Ricecel Inspiration

  • Lena PMHNP 미국 전문 간호사
    Lena PMHNP 미국 전문 간호사

    I came to the states when I was 18! Totally want to buy his book! :)

    • Dupont Xavier
      Dupont Xavier

      저분 감사합니다 발음 진짜 한국인같음 ㅋㅋ

  • Aisha

    So proud of my Asian Bois!!

    • ComradeConstantine

      Thats me

    • Marcos Rivera
      Marcos Rivera

      You’re right

  • hulk fan
    hulk fan

    The guy who interview Jimmy was featured in far from home

  • NathanHam16

    I saw you in Crazy rich Asians!!!

  • Tero Heikkinen
    Tero Heikkinen

    I saw a clip from Silicon Valley and I was sure that I had seen you somewhere. And then I realised it was the Patriot's Day in which you stole the scenes in limited screentime. I see now that you've done stand up etc... Keep up the good work and hopefully you'll do more dramatic roles too.

  • stacyl118

    You east Asians don't have it that bad. Try being a South Asian. I'm Sri Lankan. People in america look at me and classify me as an arab. I've had guys come up to me to tell me "I've never fucked an arab girl before"... It's dehumanizing. My religion is also buddhist. I've had white people tell me I don't look like a buddhist, but I look like an arab Muslim. It's quite obvious the thoughts they have about me after I hear that. Anyhow, I will buy this book. I think many of us immigrants go through similar things when it come to identity. Cheers.

  • Cam Duong
    Cam Duong

    I will be getting this book soon. I definitely get what you say about how ppl think first hand that an Asian person is simply just Asian rather than American. I went to Greece last summer and this guy asked where was I from. I said the U.S and he just looked at me weirdly and proceeded to ask where am I really from 🙄 Btw, you were great in Crazy Rich Asians. I have watched it twice already! #goldopen

  • Joseph Yi
    Joseph Yi

    ah shit, I missed the book signing by a month...didn't know there was one

  • Tony Mancini
    Tony Mancini

    Not now Jian-Yang! Go back into your room!

  • Codes Vanished
    Codes Vanished

    You never said you would be in life of the party

  • Mario Santi
    Mario Santi


  • Edward nunez
    Edward nunez

    Hey jimmy you look American to me ? Don’t know what other people are talking about

  • China Epic
    China Epic

    kick Gavin Belson's ass plz.

  • Trash Of The internet
    Trash Of The internet

    When he said I'm still Asian I said oof

  • LieLuo

    whats the name of the soundtrack? Nice chilled tune

  • eye

    I fucking idol you Jimmy

  • Amit Dalmia
    Amit Dalmia

    I eat da fish

    • TheOddStranger

      Do you UNDERSTAND?!

  • simon42o

    if u ever come to D.C my friends and I will be there

  • JD Williams
    JD Williams

    2:10 yes please

  • whogin

    Keep posting 👍

  • Anita C
    Anita C

    Jimmy, you are AWESOME! Keep up the great work representing us Asians!

  • Duke Togo
    Duke Togo

    Dress like on the cover and people in Italy will see you as American first.

  • Michael Wazowski
    Michael Wazowski

    I was here.

  • S1mthi

    Jimmy if you don't mind me asking, what languages do you speak?

    • wcnmvp

      he speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Shanghainese

    • YoureInMySpotFBPAGE

      Jimmy O. Yang do your parents speak shanghainese to you? Mine do

    • Joshua Amberson
      Joshua Amberson

      +Jimmy O. Yang Can you roast a fellow asian like yourself?

    • Osborne

      Jimmy O. Yang Oh My 😆

    • Jimmy O. Yang
      Jimmy O. Yang

      I can speak cantonese, mandarin, Shanghai-nese and you know, a little bit of English :)

  • Haocheng He
    Haocheng He

    Being Asian is hard especially being Asian Americans in an white person’s eyes. Too many stereotypes due to the embarrassing things Asians have done or have shown. This is still happening.

    • Fiona O'Keefe
      Fiona O'Keefe

      Kristin Smith but you probably think they all know Kung Fu🥋right😏or that all Asian men have big bananas🍌😏

    • Kristin Smith
      Kristin Smith

      Yu Tu Huh, as a white person, I'm pretty sure I'm not afraid of nor do I hate Asian people?

    • Haocheng He
      Haocheng He

      Yu Tu LOL

  • Chubbymcgee JR
    Chubbymcgee JR