How To Do Tai Chi - Jimmy O. Yang
Who has else has seen old Asian people stretching in the park? Also, you're welcome for the tai chi lesson!
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  • affi.

    I would be down to take a tai chi class as long as Jimmy O. Yang taught it

    • kookie 6383
      kookie 6383

      Yes YES

    • Chris Wasonoredjo
      Chris Wasonoredjo

      Are you old ?

    • Sharon Mott
      Sharon Mott

      You would probably die from laughing before the 1st five minutes.

    • Daelin Calahaisn
      Daelin Calahaisn


    • Mud Kip
      Mud Kip


  • ambran J
    ambran J

    This guy sum up tai chi flawlessly

  • ՞r o s é՞
    ՞r o s é՞

    As a Hong Konger I am actually really proud of myself for being born in hong kong after I found these videos-

  • Amaiya Kavachery
    Amaiya Kavachery


  • Damian Setunge
    Damian Setunge

    Terrible sense of humour

  • Renabelle Arts
    Renabelle Arts

    I’m not even a grown adult and i learned tai chi so does that mean I’m old ╭(°A°`)╮ 😂

  • Peter Liu
    Peter Liu

    Omg asain comedians r literally the best comedians i swear to god bcs they're asian they have a lot more jokes to crack and. they're always so relatable

  • Vicky Paswan
    Vicky Paswan

    I know its too late, but i gotta tell you lool like my girlfriend.

  • yuky chan kouran
    yuky chan kouran

    He is so handsome

  • Isabela Figueroa-Vega
    Isabela Figueroa-Vega

    i would wake up to those people doing it every early morning and im just like .................... WTF

  • 蔡佩岑

    why does he always look like he just ate hot pot

  • Animation Park
    Animation Park

    I thought tai chi was a form of ancient Martial arts that goku used to defeat freiza

  • Mon Key29
    Mon Key29

    He is copying Hannibal’s style

  • Griffin MacPherson
    Griffin MacPherson

    My cousins grandpa does tai chi and they find it hilarious

  • chopsticks and knives
    chopsticks and knives

    Somewhat he reminds me of chris rock

  • TryingAesthetic

    I can never see tai chi in the same way again 🤣


    When he said he will demonstrate, i thought he would call somebody in the audience 😂

  • Katy Lei
    Katy Lei

    I can never do or look at tai chi the same again 💀

  • Mr.Baconie

    So I’ve been doing tai chi wrong..

  • Charlotte YUAN
    Charlotte YUAN

    Well this is stereotype😐

  • Chris George
    Chris George

    The overrated lotion basally use because comb radiologically connect amongst a dreary park. needy, dependent ambulance

  • Jerimiah Henley
    Jerimiah Henley

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  • Yuke Baba
    Yuke Baba

    Tai chi masters: ( ̄へ ̄) hmmmm.. ~Entresting.~

  • Sebastian Jackson
    Sebastian Jackson

    Bro there was one guy every day at my school in my park

  • j u u l
    j u u l

    I live in leidsche rijn, no one here has fk heard of it, and even here old asian people are doing their yoga in the park

  • JelloJacks


  • Tsukki

    It got 69k lol

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    you have forever ruined my image of tai chi

  • ꧁ ˇال̝ــﻣَ͠چـﯾـد ꧂
    ꧁ ˇال̝ــﻣَ͠چـﯾـد ꧂

    It's called exercise and it's what makes the body fit and healthy

  • Jerry Suarez
    Jerry Suarez

    Funnily enough what he did is actually a move (source: I studied Tai Chi & thats part of the set I learnt,which is coincidentally enough is a in the school of teaching of yang-style 😂)

  • Datrix Hunter
    Datrix Hunter

    My mum was going to make me do tai chi lmao. That may have been 2 years ago but she making me do yoga when I was in quarantine.

  • BLZH rider
    BLZH rider

    0:20 That's an Asian accent came out from him

  • Grandma Lucy
    Grandma Lucy

    Grandma approved

  • Sasik14

    It would be perfect, if after the "allow me to demonstrate" he'd said "I need a volunteer from the audience, preferably a girl"

  • Muhammad Faris bin Mohd Haris
    Muhammad Faris bin Mohd Haris

    I live in Malaysia which is in Asia and wherever park I went to there are old chinese doing tai chi 😂

  • Sad Gilmore
    Sad Gilmore

    Jimmy is a legend

  • Lalah R.A.F.
    Lalah R.A.F.

    Omg u are a genius man 😂

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G

    Just discovered Jimmy. Subscribed 😉👍

  • Karthik TS
    Karthik TS

    This guy is a genius!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • El Chaparro
    El Chaparro

    I cant stop laughing lol

  • solidwaterslayer

    My dad made mee do dis.

  • A P
    A P

    Was laughing too loud

  • theoneandonlyspacemn

    How did I get here from curb memes? IRbin never disappoints at 3 am

  • TMNT

    A bloody legend

  • Nskawtea1

    “Lift the head up because you are a gentlemen” xD hahahahahahha

  • Rohan preet
    Rohan preet

    IP man want to know your location NOW 😂

  • Haretz tj
    Haretz tj

    Jimmy O Yang, the only comedian where I don't have to google new words every 1 minute... Just plain simple comedy that I can relate cuz im asian ayyy

  • David

    Her head? :(

  • Michael Huo
    Michael Huo

    He is nothing more than a moron. Don’t use it if you don’t even know the culture. It’s not funny at all. I feel offensive cause tai chi has been exist for over thousands years. How long have this little kid been immigrating. Lmao

  • Sensasi Game
    Sensasi Game

    Asians ??? You mean chinese, Japanese, and korean ?...bcz asia is arabians, indians, south east asian, melanesian.

  • Sam Rayne
    Sam Rayne

    I love tai chi and now its ruined🤣🤣

  • Cher321 Connor
    Cher321 Connor

    So what my grandpa was doing uh

  • 以晴

    Is anyone also thinking his skin so smooth?

  • eph elle
    eph elle

    You gonna be one of those old asians doing yoga

  • Shubhankar

    Dammit Jin Yang!

  • blue sky
    blue sky

    in a nut shell

  • leakgasbyaccident


  • Skerdi Skuka
    Skerdi Skuka

    Now it looks simple. Thank you for the demo

  • Jaiden Arias
    Jaiden Arias

    Read Ephesians 4:29, Saturday is the Lord’s day, follow the Ten Commandments

  • YatzyPimentinha Nordlander
    YatzyPimentinha Nordlander

    His explanation is so accurate

  • vantage dream
    vantage dream

    Bro I love his face when he pushes her head back down

  • N04h _002
    N04h _002

    This is my work out for my abs bruh I’m hurting LMAO 😂

  • Bryant Montgomery
    Bryant Montgomery

    Funny 😆

  • Jax Diana
    Jax Diana

    comment number 1000

  • nazri bahnan
    nazri bahnan

    He condemned his own culture.. stupid

  • Nathaniel Robinson
    Nathaniel Robinson

    You guys seem sceptical let me demonstrate hilarious

  • TheNormalOne

    The asian Pete Davidson


    Lmao I have done tai chi and I can say, that is 100% accurate lmao

  • Ella. w
    Ella. w


  • Cộng Đảng Bán Nước Giết Dân
    Cộng Đảng Bán Nước Giết Dân

    "That's Taichi". Should have added " a nutshell".

  • Code Monkey King
    Code Monkey King

    Man, it seems like I respect your culture more than you do. It wasn't funny. I can understand when non Asians joke about taiji, but when you do it - it's like American would be laughing at American dream considering it to be a crap or German would be laughing at beer. Your humor is nice but their should be limits and respect to your own culture.


    So, this guy is one of the major sources of Asian stereotypes

  • hi

    I thought it was so common that I don't even notice this is an Asian thing- Now that he is saying this on the comedian show, I'm speechless

  • Gian Aristo Lim
    Gian Aristo Lim

    Happy xu xiao dong noise😂

  • dannnjakp

    never heard of tai chi just tai kek

  • Waan

    Tai chi is the foundation of Kung Fu

  • 20 21
    20 21


  • Redoy Armana
    Redoy Armana

    There are different styles of taichi and most of older people practice the same style because it was design for health without injuring oneself. Other taichi styles (for younger ones and more dynamically ) are less well known because of this kind of stereotypes. Sad but the truth.

  • Hitori06

    my man got me when he said "you seem skeptical. allow me to demonstrate" LMAO

  • Super 8234
    Super 8234

    u didnt show me kungfu tai chi

  • Xs HuskyBoiii
    Xs HuskyBoiii

    ...I'm a 14 year old doing it.... (For self defense btw)

  • A Hope For The Last!
    A Hope For The Last!

    Some people say that Tai Chi is the reason as to why Asian people have such long life spans, so keep in mind when you're in your twilight years just do the Chinese equivalent of Yoga and it'll increase your life expectancy in seconds.

  • Kilo

    No, tai chi is just an exercise for people who are too old to exercise.

  • Darius Sarrafi
    Darius Sarrafi

    Your style of Tai Chi sounds a lot more fulfilling!

  • Wr Im
    Wr Im

    Not all asians but only chineses i havent seen anyone doing tai chi among koreans or japaneses

  • Five Fins
    Five Fins

    What I love about Jimmy is he can be racist to Chinese without offending anyone

  • Lefkas


  • Yi Qiao
    Yi Qiao

    Jimmy is way underrated

  • Mary Jimenez
    Mary Jimenez

    I thought that it had to do with facial expressions... My mind is in the gutter... hahahahaha

  • Rin Nahiro
    Rin Nahiro

    My man got my same Surname, so proud

  • Lillian Yu
    Lillian Yu

    Lmao so accurate

  • Bitte gib einen Namen ein
    Bitte gib einen Namen ein

    no one gonna tell amazon prime that the „only on prime video“ didnt realy work

  • Everyone

    yes, Always see them in every Kungfu Movie

  • Char_ 208
    Char_ 208

    This is very true there’s a park right by my school and every time I walk by I see a old Asian person stretching I walk back home and see diff old Asian people they really do love their tai chi

  • CNDerpzzz

    As a Korean I was like “That’s racist!” Then I looked outside the window and was like “Yea that’s true.”

  • Cheese Cake
    Cheese Cake

    We learned Tai Chi in elementary school. I was pretty good and I was young so I liked it a lot.

  • Mandi 1981
    Mandi 1981

    Im Chinese and never knew there a Asian Comedies until now. Your funny as hell. 😂

  • Sir Reginald
    Sir Reginald

    That WAS funny about Tai Chi. But for those who don't know what real Tai Chi is, most Tai Chi classes and performances are just the exercise version. But Tai Chi was originally developed for defense and combat. And it's actually "Tai Chi Chuan". Most people just say "Tai Chi" for short. But "Tai Chi" without the "Chuan" is actually just referring to the Chinese philosophy called "Tai Chi". The word "Chuan" means "fist", and means fighting. So technically, the words "Tai Chi" itself refers to a philosophy and has nothing to do with Kung Fu or fighting. It's the "Chuan" that makes it into a combat system. The combat style of "Tai Chi Chuan" was based on the Chinese philosophy of "Tai Chi", and that's why it's called "Tai Chi Chuan". And it means "Supreme Ultimate Fist". The slow meditative movements are for practice and exercise, but you also practice fast. And there's a lot of chi exercises involved to develop chi. The chi exercises, also called "Chi Kung", look like Tai Chi Chuan, but there's a difference. And almost all styels of Kung Fu have Chi Kung (chi exercises), but they are custom made for that style. Also, the word "chi" means "energy". The term "Chi Kung" means "energy work". So can be interpreted as "chi exercise". As I mentioned before, Tai Chi Chuan was originally made for defense and combat. But most modern versions of it took out the combat part and made a strictly exercise form of it. But ironically, when you only practice the exercise form of it without the combat practice, you actually limit it and don't get the full benefits. Because when you practice the combat part of it, you practice releasing chi through your body, so you get more benefits from it. When you only practice it as an exercise without the combat practice, you don't release it out through you and let it flow through you, and the chi just remains in you and circualting in you, remaining in your body. You get some benefits, but it's limited. To get the full benefits, you need to practice the combat version. The two best combat versions of Tai Chi Chuan is Chen style and Wudang style.

  • ace smith
    ace smith

    Not gonna lie he kinda sounds like Chris rock

  • James

    In Taipei they do the half squat thigh slap to warm up. 6am you get serenaded to the beautiful sound of old Taiwanese grandparents meat slapping in unison.