How to start beef with Lil Wayne - Jimmy O. Yang (standup)
Lil Wayne might be upset about this. Jimmy O. Yang
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  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato


  • In The Bucket Outdoors
    In The Bucket Outdoors

    Bro I just lol by myself wtf

  • kebony Banks
    kebony Banks

    Lmaoo please don’t do him, i actually use to like him😂😂

  • B T
    B T

    comedians are funnier when they became famous

  • Kyo 2004
    Kyo 2004

    I like lil wayne but this just straight up killed me 😂😂😂

  • maliya young
    maliya young

    I love jimmy o yang he funny asf!

  • H I ,.,
    H I ,.,

    Hel o

  • Faze_shadow wolf666
    Faze_shadow wolf666

    I couldnt hear him over laughing

  • Deke King
    Deke King

    Even I said it Lil' Wayne ugly af

  • Abrams Donald
    Abrams Donald

    The workable bobcat hypothetically subtract because ticket experimentally trust along a quirky shirt. unused, mighty meeting

  • S!NNER

    This dude ain’t funny

    • S!NNER

      @Juniper stfu. Ur not funny

    • Juniper

      Bro stfu no one wants to hear you if you don’t like it don’t say shit

  • Pablo Rivera
    Pablo Rivera

    Lol till this day 😂😂


    Be choking real hard

  • Ron_Black

    😐 wasn’t funny in the least bit

    • Juniper

      I’ll put that in my savings account to see if it generates me any interests


    Pure facts😂

  • Bala Ramanan
    Bala Ramanan

    Now we have lil durk lol

  • Psyfer Ain't a rapper
    Psyfer Ain't a rapper

    This man spittin

  • Lord Fallen
    Lord Fallen

    The O in Jimmy O. Yang stands for Oracle. He foretold us about all the ugly rappers named Lil'.

  • Carlens Sr
    Carlens Sr

    Lil Wayne got a lot of other likes him all related to him 🐐😈

  • Shubhankar Ghoshal Roy
    Shubhankar Ghoshal Roy

    I really miss your stand ups. They are awesome.

    • Zuaxn

      Did he stop?

  • bobby Seasons
    bobby Seasons

    I don't know.. if this man understood what he just said about whom. dumb guy.

  • Toran Joslin
    Toran Joslin

    Love it cracked the biggest smile wean he said 5 years lol that’s how long ago this was posted hahah

  • AMV Hub
    AMV Hub

    We got Mario juda now

  • anton anton
    anton anton

    You could never be more right

  • Marwan

    Hmmm who else here because of tiktok

  • Irfan Uyghur
    Irfan Uyghur

    Lil wayne aint the goat. He is a goat hahaha



  • XRavor_GodX

    lil wyane came out and we hit upgrade then all the lil muble rappers came and now we like fuck go back

  • Jyvyn2847 Shpdinterlude
    Jyvyn2847 Shpdinterlude

    5 years later this was on the recommended

  • lorgariiix

    Wayne is pickled in leen lol

  • Yes Sir
    Yes Sir

    I mean.... He's not wrong 🤷‍♂️

  • Jaiden Arias
    Jaiden Arias

    Read Ephesians 4:29, follow the Ten Commandments, Saturday is the Lord’s day

  • Cornflower 92
    Cornflower 92

    speaking of rappers he looks like Tablo from Epik High ;)

  • Social Justice
    Social Justice

    You’re either very brave or suicidal 🤣

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy

    Mannn omg he warned out asses , nowadays we got lil”so everywhere fucking where!! Someone gotta save hip hop!!

  • Esteban Hernandez
    Esteban Hernandez

    And 69 and lil pump and a bunch of other idiots

  • Jonay Keller
    Jonay Keller

    I’m supposed to be on zoom classes but yet I’m here🔮👄🔮

  • G. R
    G. R

    Finally Seems they found The one comic in oh 3 ? You wouldn't have to paye to laugh at

  • CorkscreWave

    0:20 he said it himself he's not going he a goblin.

  • john andy
    john andy

    Don't give em water they'll just multiply

  • fooloof

    Funny, but I think he shouldn't have used the Gremlin joke twice. I think if he had only said the second one about giving him water, the joke would have had way more bite to it. It's a funny concept; but he had just used it, so it didn't hit nearly as hard.

  • Bam Janssen
    Bam Janssen

    Wait till he sees 69

  • 'afif Salim
    'afif Salim

    His skits are fresh!!! sooo underrated!

  • Luke Oehley
    Luke Oehley

    Damn, I remember when this guy actually made funny jokes.

  • Dude #2740
    Dude #2740

    Lil Wayne doesn’t even look bad compared the jokers we got now a days

    • Dude #2740
      Dude #2740

      @Hood Vines is there an issue?

    • Hood Vines
      Hood Vines

      There’s is no way you typed that out with sense.

  • AdonisCTW

    Funny because lil Wayne was around long before Tupac

  • Lucas Rollan
    Lucas Rollan

    Kodak black

  • Dennis Galatas
    Dennis Galatas

    Im sorry but this guy not funny at all for me. Maybe everyone there is simply fucked up by weed ? =-)

  • Runem Back
    Runem Back

    Dude demolished lil wayne in 53 second 😅

  • qica7p

    That was good XD


    I love Wayne but he low key be spitting facts

  • Eliseo Ramirez
    Eliseo Ramirez


  • J Vill
    J Vill

    Now it's trash with all the lil rappers multiplying like crazy and people are listening

  • TheNIX001

    sympathy level 100

  • Abhi jeet
    Abhi jeet

    yeah but wayne's old raps > tupac

  • 内田ガネシュ

    That is what happens who you do not hydrate, you start mumbling nonsense.

  • VR legend
    VR legend

    me looking up xxx on youtube WTF i just wanted to hear xxx music

  • TGor2340

    Real Hip Hop is very rare. Rappers are punk ass primadonna/bilzniches these dayz. Its a effin circus now . Forgot to realise that todays youth look up to them. Wait till you see in 5-10 years what we have.

  • Chemist

    so true

  • Ponch555

    It's been 5 years and lil Wayne is still thirsty

  • wink west
    wink west

    If miss swan had a son. (The shirt reminded me of her)

  • Sonam Tenzin
    Sonam Tenzin

    N lil Wayne walks in what the fuck though ....

  • Carolina Osborne
    Carolina Osborne

    Jimmy should honestly do the Comedy Central roasts

  • Shadowlense

    Somebody gave little Wayne chlymidia, and now we have 6ix9ine

  • Anthony Merritt
    Anthony Merritt


  • L33Kx

    Its just a bunch of desks in Elementary detention

  • jussayin mipeece
    jussayin mipeece

    LOL, says the ASIAN 5 ft nothing guy.

  • Nick van de Peppel
    Nick van de Peppel

    Some say he's now thirstycfor 10 years

  • Ice SM
    Ice SM

    Oh no....someone gave Lil Wayne water and he multiple.

  • Jay_nataj

    So you just took an old running joke And made it even less funnier! 🤷🏽‍♂️. You can do better

    • Love it Hate it
      Love it Hate it


  • Mr Lama
    Mr Lama

    Now we have sixnine

  • Scar

    Thank god for Lil Wayne!

  • Hey KP!
    Hey KP!

    Lol nice gremlins joke

  • MrJR Olmeda2nd
    MrJR Olmeda2nd

    GOT-DAMN!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!!! 😲 It's a good thing I'm on the toilet because I just shat the bowl up!

  • Jared Poncho
    Jared Poncho


  • SH Siam
    SH Siam

    Wayne is goat

  • Yung Midoriya
    Yung Midoriya

    Now we got Trippie Red, Tekashi Snitch-9, aaaand every other souncloud rapper tryna look lik em...rapping about the same shit..just staying on beat, other then that..nothing original or clever except the way the way they say a line here & there.........

  • Akr K
    Akr K

    This honestly isn’t funny. Like fr. This is pretty fucken lame.

  • Yudi

    This guy : what happened to hip hop men? Audience : WOOOOOO

  • Paul Gabrielle Candor
    Paul Gabrielle Candor

    You don't know what hiphop is.. Lil Wayne is an OG. Unfortunately, mumble rappers was inspired by Lil Wayne. They got the same style. But Lil Wayne, is different.

  • Gabreil Freeman
    Gabreil Freeman

    Love it

  • Shirley_Solano

    and i bearly see this 5 years later

  • Monet

    Back in the day we had good comedians like you (and still do) but now We have lele pons 🤢

  • Osama Zaid Salim Tawfek
    Osama Zaid Salim Tawfek

    Legends say Lil Wayne hasn’t drank water to this day

  • Syncubus

    "Used to have good-looking rappers". Ever caught a glimpse of Flava Flav‽ He's 0ld-sk00l fugly! Funny as hell, but...

  • FirstGradeDropOut

    I mean he did say his favorite movie was the grimlings when he was 5

  • Bilagaana2727 Achak
    Bilagaana2727 Achak

    hello everyone i cant believe this morning i got credited by a hacker i met online who i thought was a scammer cause it was too good to be true .....i woke up to a mail on my phone notifying me that the sum of $15000 was sent to my cashapp account and i got to pay bill with some of it anonymous on that site

  • LS 29
    LS 29

    We got 6ix9ine

  • Fear Marchimcx
    Fear Marchimcx

    Thirst for 5yrs... Hey I commented 5yrs later

  • BlackBoy 27
    BlackBoy 27

    These are too short ☹️

  • Reuben Stern
    Reuben Stern

    I get where you're coming from but Lil wayne gets too much hate. He's actually really deep. Listen to his tune Prom Queen it's about being in the friend zone, and having the woman cry on your shoulder... we all been there. What other rapper is gonna talk about that? His lyrics are great too. More complex word play than anyone even MF DOOM.

  • N义K

    lol but now with all the lil rappers they is multiplying

  • Zack W
    Zack W

    We got trippie red and 69 and lil pump

  • kalash jain
    kalash jain

    Jian Yaaaaaaannnnng !!!!!!

  • Jacked Up
    Jacked Up

    Now we got 69 🌈🌈🌈🌈

  • Paul Woods
    Paul Woods

    The internet had pics of Lil' Wayne and Beetlejuice next to each other. Both characters did looked related. Many people were calling Wayne Beetlejuice.

  • DamascusRaven

    This gets more funny as time goes on and he becomes even more correct.

  • Be Gone
    Be Gone

    The dislikes are from lil Wayne and his gremlin duplacates

  • Sanjeep Gupta
    Sanjeep Gupta

    Started will all reppers and just lil Wayne bashing. This bitch has the audacity to generalise and audience clapping are lil Wayne haters.

    • MasterOfSpies 2.0
      MasterOfSpies 2.0

      It’s a comedian show bruh Can’t just be dry audience

  • TD Outdoors
    TD Outdoors

    lil Wayne is one of the best lil rappers tho