Jimmy O. Yang - Fans Don't Want to be Racist
Here's a clip from my new hour standup comedy special "Good Deal", now out on Amazon Prime Video! Thank you to all my subscribers, I'm excited for you guys to check out the special. See the full hour now on Prime!

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  • LaJardin

    In all honesty I couldn’t recognise my sisters face when she came out of a McDonald’s and brought the food to the car so I ain’t risking it

  • soo miew leng
    soo miew leng

    its applied both ways

  • Caleb Tiotanada
    Caleb Tiotanada

    imagine if he pretended to not be himself

  • A plus Gaming
    A plus Gaming

    His initials are j.o.y

  • Kaan Çakır
    Kaan Çakır

    İ didnt think you speak english in real life...... Some things you cant make up lololol

  • mskellyn07

    Standup comedy is boring as fuck but this guy is a whole different level of talent.

  • H I ,.,
    H I ,.,

    He lo

  • Preetham Hegde
    Preetham Hegde

    I did get cash from my relatives when I met them, but they were just taken away by my parents whenever they wanted.

  • Jankan

    so not funny

  • Hamsters arent harmlesss s
    Hamsters arent harmlesss s

    My friend saw another Asian person near our school and asked if he was my brother. I couldn’t be mad because she guessed correctly.

    • Jessica Xu
      Jessica Xu

      I'm an only child and that happens to me so often

  • Gabriel Solis
    Gabriel Solis

    She is very beautiful

  • Imani Islander
    Imani Islander

    So such for not being racist

  • Radhwa Ashraf
    Radhwa Ashraf

    i love how he just throws a curse word in his sentences at random times. makes the whole thing 10x funnier than it already is. 🤣🤣

  • Xan Fem
    Xan Fem


  • Spartan

    This dude looks like an Asian version of the Villian from Raider of the Lost Ark

  • Dinh Nha
    Dinh Nha


  • M O O N E E D O O
    M O O N E E D O O

    What's his shoes? Can someone find out?

  • djsonicc

    is JIan Yang pretending to be Jimmy or the other way around?

  • Chris

    Aren't you Richard's son? I love his movies.

  • Jaiden Arias
    Jaiden Arias

    Follow the Ten Commandments, read Ephesians 4:29, Saturday is the Lord’s day

  • 赫連擁


  • Dragon DGB Wiki
    Dragon DGB Wiki

    This guys funny

  • Happy Landfill
    Happy Landfill

    Mfw this happened to me 5 mins ago when I got recommended a video from this channel and i mean I wasn't sure lmao

  • Elliott Shaw
    Elliott Shaw

    I'm almost positive this ain't prime video

  • sam smith
    sam smith

    I'm glad that in Space Force they didn't force him to use his fake accent like in Silicon Valley. Allowed him to present a different side of his acting arsonal instead of a one trick pony.

  • sam smith
    sam smith

    When I was in Japan my dad got asked by a Japanese person on almost every block saying “Brad Pitt” asking for pictures.

  • lnterestingg

    I have a hard time getting my white friends to appreciate this shit without feeling guilty

  • Arron Haines
    Arron Haines


  • Kiddobyte

    I'd have been like, "Yo guys, man's so good at acting he can pretend to speak English!"

  • Shroudysquid

    Imagine he said in Chinese I only speak English for the cameras

  • Ethan Supnet
    Ethan Supnet

    haha, funny dude

  • Chee Yang
    Chee Yang

    They didn’t want to sound racist yet at the end they still end up racist 🤦‍♀️... epic fail lol

    • Chee Yang
      Chee Yang

      Preston Hong yes I know what you mean there are so many actors and actresses who speak english but are actually British or have an accent like you said is very surprising

    • Preston Hong
      Preston Hong

      Is it racist though? A huge part of the character is that he can’t read American social cues and that his English is pretty mediocre. If you only watched Christian Bale in American movies, you’d be shocked when you hear his real accent. That wouldn’t be racist.

  • garling chosef
    garling chosef

    might even be the wrong person standing up there

  • tes the mess
    tes the mess

    if i were him i'd pretend to be someone else every once in a while just to fuck with people.

  • Lazarus aap
    Lazarus aap

    Leho ma Jimmy

  • Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez

    “So are you Chinese or Japanese?”

  • Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez


  • Fishy Bubles
    Fishy Bubles

    He’s funny

  • Harrison's Truth Media
    Harrison's Truth Media

    Man you need a gig playing the young version of Mr Miyagi! In Cobra Kei season 3!

  • Anamika bharali
    Anamika bharali


  • Cp Sharma
    Cp Sharma

    i think i will recognise u 😂u r sk good

  • Kavon

    He's here mocking on a quite old joke "all Asians look the same" (in case some people don't know, cuz it's not commonly seen these days)

  • Jason Gregoire
    Jason Gregoire

    “Looks kinda like Ali Wong” OMFG

  • Reynold Poernomo
    Reynold Poernomo

    this is too good

    • rorchach kovacs
      rorchach kovacs

      Nice Desert lord Master is here in the comments. Nice seeing you here.

  • Coco


  • kim jong un
    kim jong un

    Come home son

  • Ana Medina
    Ana Medina

    Very good

  • LDS ramon
    LDS ramon

    All Asian look the same

  • Tr4shcan 1901
    Tr4shcan 1901

    He’s my favorite comedian 😭😭

  • Artistic Gamer14
    Artistic Gamer14

    I laugh at this but it's kinda sad cause I'm the same way. I have a fear of fat asian women because my ex cheated on me with one and i can barely remember what she looked like ^^" i feel a little bit racist..

  • Snow Helation
    Snow Helation

    The last part had me dying😂

  • 매디슨

    Ironically this is one of my biggest fears. Seeing an some rando asian and thinking its like Kim Jung Un or something.

  • Neel L. Lumi
    Neel L. Lumi

    Haha, this ProZD guy is hilarious

  • The Major
    The Major

    Hello, you've reached the Wong residency, ... I'm so sorry but I cannot take your call right now, please do leave a message after the beep. What people calling hear. You've reached the Wrong *click*

  • Yifang Zhang
    Yifang Zhang

    Not sure how many people know his last name is actually "O. Yang" together!

  • akmalas46

    Sometimes i think myself Is it racist if i h8 everyone equaly? i mean wut?

  • Michael Rojas
    Michael Rojas

    We need a Netflix special!

  • Konan Amegakure
    Konan Amegakure

    I googled Ali Wong and omg the resemblance is there.

    • YourFriendlyNeighborhoodPal

      *I guess a bit*

  • net flix
    net flix

    now days people be getting the kung flu

  • Tex

    That annoying American audience

  • Snoop_dono

    jimmy low key just throwing the whole special up

  • Chode Chums
    Chode Chums

    Great guy lmao

  • Ethan

    Hey man arent you that guy from Space Force?

  • Some Girl Laly
    Some Girl Laly

    "are u sure thats not jacky chan?" lmao

  • Bilagaana2727 Achak
    Bilagaana2727 Achak

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  • adam bu
    adam bu

    well i dont know you from that show i know you from comdey

  • Rio Flash Streamek Official
    Rio Flash Streamek Official

    I like him. He kinda sounds like Pete Davidson tho :D

  • ogj13

    🤣 i've never heard of or watched silicone valley but will have to now because this guy is funny.

  • Leon A
    Leon A

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  • alyoshkatheketyah

    had to look up the credits on Netflix in Space Force, my bad...

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia

    he looks like he could be an asain chicken little ( not to be rude btw)

  • Aaron Gonzales
    Aaron Gonzales

    This was only the 2nd generic Space Marine codex, although it focused much more strongly on the Ultramarines Chapter than its predecessor. It covered the largest number of units for the Space Marines thus far, as it attempted to collate a number of units that had become more spread out as numbers of Space Marine sub-codexes had been released. It also attempted to tap into the Space Marines' imagery as 'warrior monks'. Overall the book made the Space Marines feel more ancient and elite than previous incarnations had.

  • TheLogicJunkie

    H-he looks so soft and cuddly, like a plush toy

  • leave me alone
    leave me alone

    some k pop music video came before this

  • JD Tella
    JD Tella

    Dude, you talk like Pete Davidson.

  • RagingAsianGuy

    If you can’t differentiate people from different race , you’re not alone. When I was an exchange student in the states I felt the same thing. I just couldn’t tell the difference but after a month or so it became much easier.

  • Josh_Kem

    Jimmy I really enjoy ur comedy they always make me laught :)

  • jenny love
    jenny love


  • Richard Bright
    Richard Bright

    Ain't you that Asian guy from 13 reasons why ?

  • Sebastian 2
    Sebastian 2

    this guy is so funny, i think he should be a comedian

  • ryall

    I’m half Hawaiian half white but live on the mainland my whole life. I admit I look like I could be from any of 5-6 different ethic groups. Sometimes people even assume I’m white with the best tan ever! But when ever I work with Mexicans or other South Americans it hilarious when a customer or client comes up to me and assumes I’m not from here born and raised. They do that talking loudly and slowly in English like that’s the actual difference in language. Then the look on their face when my English is perfect with a southern accent. Always worth it 😂🤣.

  • Parkour Yan
    Parkour Yan

    Actually my name is jin yan and I'm Chinese lol

  • Max Melnyk
    Max Melnyk

    Man, you are the funniest guy

  • Jude Adler
    Jude Adler

    *JIN YANG!!!*

  • schattentaenzerin

    I've first seen you on the Daily Show, promoting Crazy Rich Asians and finally got around to watching it last week. If the sequel is not solely centered around you, Ken and Ronny, I'm going to be extremely disappointed! You guys were great. Also, fun fact, it was just called "Crazy Rich" in my country. To avoid being racist.

  • NICK

    Be interesting to see Jin Yang character without the accent.

  • stebopign

    i do believe that jin yang and erlich deserved a better ending on silicon valley. but whatever. its done.

  • stebopign

    This guy's gonna be a comedy great in the future!!!!

  • max and.
    max and.

    so, this guy is not Jimmy Wang Yang?

  • sangtea fanai
    sangtea fanai


  • Bare Vetle
    Bare Vetle

    Its so funny. Love ur content bro

  • mrrandomness

    I thought it was gonna be about not wanting to laugh at racey jokes

  • YBS


  • Billie ML
    Billie ML

    a 57sec video gets over 600K+ views

  • Glenn Davey
    Glenn Davey

    I thought the joke would be that they straight away disbelieve that it's Jimmy from his American accent and tell him off for trying to trick them

  • Peter Lisk
    Peter Lisk

    This man funny as helll

  • bin4ry_d3struct0r

    I go smoke in my room. Special occasion!

  • Warren Liu
    Warren Liu

    Not Hot Dog

  • Anastasia Walker
    Anastasia Walker

    i legit thought the same thing when i saw your cooking video come across my timeline, and i was so excited to know you have a youtube channel. you're hilarious! Loved you in SpaceForce too. Thanks for being awesome

  • M W
    M W

    Loved this. Major thumbs up. For those who don't get the point on how this is actually a tear on racists, jokes actually on you. This was an excellent segment for those who are like.. OH WOW he speaks english? AMAZING! Yup. It is acting mofo. Just like he chose not to go into accounting or some other "hard" career path because he was a smart effin asian. That's one stereotype that's true.