Jimmy O. Yang New Standup Special - "Good Deal" Trailer
My new hour comedy special will be out on Amazon Prime Video on May 8th! Asian jokes, Fleabag and Instant Pots will finally all be in one place! GOOD DEAL.
I want to thank to all of you who have supported me over the years. I haven't uploaded a lot of new standup material because I've been working on this special, it's a full hour of good stuff. I promise you this is going to be a great one. Thanks for subscribing, we're over 100k! Love you all - Jimmy
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  • Moses

    This is a good deal

  • Nharancia Ghirga
    Nharancia Ghirga

    you know this is one of the only Comedy specials that are probably worth watching for me

  • Alice Wilde
    Alice Wilde

    his comic timing is amoungst the best I've seen

  • Red buttocks
    Red buttocks

    It feels like I should eat popcorn while watching

    • Dragger 122
      Dragger 122


  • Sapphire Andrews
    Sapphire Andrews

    Where can we see the full episodes

    • Mirza Ahmed
      Mirza Ahmed

      Amazon Prime

  • Tutansetamon

    i love you

  • Nunya Biznuz
    Nunya Biznuz

    Why the fuck is that tip thing true?! Sauce: am asian

  • Marvin Lu
    Marvin Lu

    I love this show on amazon. This dude is smart and talented.

  • 7banner

    The trailer doesn't do justice to the actual Special!!

  • First Step
    First Step

    Was he in the silicon valley?

  • BaoHuan Tran
    BaoHuan Tran

    Congrats bro

  • JT Campbell
    JT Campbell

    Aren’t you also from Space Force

    • PsyQoBoy

      He's funnier in Silicon Valley though.

  • Chrisa Thian
    Chrisa Thian

    I want to watch more!!!! Give us more!!!!!!!!!!!

  • S Y
    S Y

    I watched the whole show on amazon prime. It’s so good! Laugh to tears. I watched it again and again

  • Mythonite

    How have I just FOUND this.

  • Dan Harold
    Dan Harold

    Damn i just subed cause i wanna see this

  • Cole Bucknell
    Cole Bucknell

    Is this only on Prime video, or is it on netflix too....hopefully

  • The Harlequin
    The Harlequin

    Fuck you Jian-Yang!

  • Greg Battles
    Greg Battles

    I stop watching this bullshit he can get that shit the press duck out my face

  • Jeff J
    Jeff J

    Hell yes -- comedy gold, can't wait.

  • Joshua

    congrats on getting on the Space Force

  • Richard Chassler
    Richard Chassler

    Hey pal, I hope you are well and safe. Trailer is great! You me and Dave Wright when this all over. Got my new youtube all clean and fancy. Check it out! irbin.info

  • Jeremy Lee Acunin
    Jeremy Lee Acunin

    hey jimmy, its been a while

  • arisa saito
    arisa saito

    OMG can't wait!!

  • Jennifer Yu
    Jennifer Yu

    YAAAAAS OMG I love this guy! can't wait to see him on amazon prime!

    • The Gee Lifestyle
      The Gee Lifestyle

      I saw him live in NYC. The special is great.

  • Juan Carlos Martínez Nuño
    Juan Carlos Martínez Nuño

    I attended this special recording. Hope to make it on the final cut! It was hilarious

  • M E L 415
    M E L 415

    Yes! This is going to be funny as hell I know it! 😆👍🏾

    • The Gee Lifestyle
      The Gee Lifestyle

      Yes it is. Saw him live in NYC when he did the tour

  • Altin Ademi
    Altin Ademi

    :D hi

  • Andrei Calinog
    Andrei Calinog


  • nelsonthekinger

    good luck man!

  • Kevin Zhang
    Kevin Zhang


  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh


  • Michael Ma
    Michael Ma

    hell yea jimmy I am also a chinese immigrant with glasses. I can relate lmao

  • Chubby Bunny 123
    Chubby Bunny 123

    I just ran out of anime to watch this is gonna be GOOD


    Very excited, saw you at improv it was hilarious

  • KyungSookC

    Congrats! can’t wait 😊

  • yllwguy

    you are my favorite Asian guy no joke

  • Wyatt Easterly
    Wyatt Easterly


  • The Fluffy T Rex
    The Fluffy T Rex

    Good to see him back out there!

  • simon42o


  • Bigtime Sucks
    Bigtime Sucks

    Can't wait for this!