Oyakodon - Chicken Omlette Rice | Jimmy's Kitchen
This week we're making one of my all-time favorites, Oyakodon! Super simple Japanese chicken omelet rice bowl.
Be sure to comment on what other dishes I should make next.
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  • Vikram Dhillon
    Vikram Dhillon

    I actually learn so much from Jimmy's Kitchen. Culinary genius 🍴🔥

    • Robin

      He need to make a different channel for cooking

    • Inan Zhao
      Inan Zhao

      haha right?! I clicked expecting to see a disaster, weren't prepared for some good-looking food😂

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    • Martin

      Asians are good at everything

    • The KThree
      The KThree

      “Umami Je ne sais quoi” 😂

  • AyA. YOKOsawa
    AyA. YOKOsawa


  • Yukiko Kikuchi
    Yukiko Kikuchi

    Jimmy, you look like my nephew. Let me make Real Oyako Don and Gyu Don.

  • Zaegael Heartstar
    Zaegael Heartstar

    Jimmy: add bonito soup "we got five of that" Me: realizing Jimmy actually add six

  • die-hard hawks fan
    die-hard hawks fan

    whenever I make this, I like to add just a little bit of sesame oil :)

  • somedudeumet

    holy crap he beat those the eggs harder than a drunk stepdad beats his kids

  • トイレの花子

    Dude you fucking nailed the dish. The egg cooked perfectly .

  • Donald P
    Donald P

    "umami je ne sais quoi"????? It sounds pretentious when Julia Child says that. Sounds wrong when a stand up comedian says that. Nice try.

  • Stakhanovites

    What came first the chicken or the egg?

  • Meka-eel Pather
    Meka-eel Pather

    Oya- kadon. That was hilarious

  • William Pomeroy
    William Pomeroy

    Jenna said what?

  • Mr Buzz
    Mr Buzz

    I am still very curious about his grandmothers family octopus recipe, before she died... In a very horrible way. :)

  • Bihua Chen
    Bihua Chen

    I love these simple yet delicious recipes!

  • world_wide_wes

    Dirtybirds!? My favorite bar! Which one you get the shirt at? Pacific Beach was my spot.

  • Elizabeth Hughes
    Elizabeth Hughes

    I remember eating this with my ex

  • Alia Y
    Alia Y

    My fav food channel

    • Deus Fusion
      Deus Fusion


  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison

    dashi is key for Japanese cooking

  • jeremy ragil_24
    jeremy ragil_24

    Watching Gordon Ramsay cooking fancy food❌ Watching Jimmy making easy and simple dishes✅

  • Simón de Fonseca
    Simón de Fonseca

    lol to see a “I’m good at math” face talking about food

  • Hafiz Akbar
    Hafiz Akbar

    this guy is a comedian and a chef?

  • TheKorvorkian

    Come for the comedy, stay for the culinary

  • Ikue Muto
    Ikue Muto

    You're doing wayyy better than my mum does 😂

  • Qade

    His fork has 3 spikes

  • G N
    G N

    Marry me Jimmy

  • Manna ng
    Manna ng


  • superbarneil

    Just made this! Yummy!

  • AnAn7s29

    Who would like to see Jian Yang to cook meal?

  • Immanuel

    Don't flip it, don't f with it lmao

  • Tri Chiem
    Tri Chiem

    Ultimate IRbin mashup: Uncle Roger reviews Jimmy’s cooking!

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine

    Your fork only has 3 prongs

  • CAP10

    nice vid bud

  • Frofro frofro
    Frofro frofro

    Please make pad thai and nasi goreng but vegetarian version 😍 Greetings from Tricity in Poland 😁

  • Newtown College
    Newtown College

    I was so disappointed that he didn't have his accent from Sillicon Valley 😭😭

  • Frances S.
    Frances S.

    One of my favorites!! ♥️

  • Siti Hajar Madina
    Siti Hajar Madina

    What’s a good non-alcoholic substitute of mirin or sake?

  • Anna Blesilda
    Anna Blesilda

    Cooked this because of your video. Totally easy to make and yummy to boot. Keep on cooking! Cheers!

  • Miles Yum
    Miles Yum

    Just a question, do you use recipes or is this impromptu?

  • Desiree Sandoval Williams
    Desiree Sandoval Williams

    Yesss eggs and rice...omg yesss

  • Desiree Sandoval Williams
    Desiree Sandoval Williams

    I'd like to add mushrooms 🍄

  • Amigo Reyes
    Amigo Reyes


  • Peter

    damnn that loosss sooo bomb! LOL

  • Kunal Roy
    Kunal Roy

    Never expected that you have a youtube channel... BTW I was a big fan of "Silicon Valley"..

  • Soppiest Wang
    Soppiest Wang

    chicken looked raw bro

  • John Wick
    John Wick


  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen

    Man, the way he says we're gunna beat these eggs, makes me wanna get all da bois together to jump those mother fuckers

  • PandaBeatBox

    2:19 *CHROP STICKS*

  • Edward Wong
    Edward Wong

    This is awesome.

  • Bradly Martin
    Bradly Martin

    Jimmy. That chicken cooked like barely. Lmao

  • 貴様

    I know it doesnt matter but Oh ya co(co worker)dont(silent t) pronounced in japan (*´Д`)

  • 2or3 Ministry
    2or3 Ministry

    You've got such a caring heart Jimmy O. Yang. And you're absolutely hilarious. Stay amazing and God bless you and yours

  • D.J. Rinko
    D.J. Rinko

    Man you love salt!!! Haha

  • Rum Yukari
    Rum Yukari

    I would like you to cook okonomiyaki next time. Have you ever eaten it before? :)

  • Rick Chad
    Rick Chad

    Oh so that’s what that tag means

  • Dreaming Lotus
    Dreaming Lotus

    The commentary is so hot.....

  • Kyle Kavindra
    Kyle Kavindra

    Jimmy ah

  • Poke King
    Poke King

    To me he just made fajitas with rice 😂😂😂😂

  • YoCheese

    DAMN that looks GOOD!

  • Sheilz

    that porcelain bowl sjdfhskdfs

  • Arsomoru Maitoyame
    Arsomoru Maitoyame

    like beat three eggs in a bowl, and pour it into a bowl that contains ramen broth, oil, red pepper sauce and kimchi.........?

  • Arsomoru Maitoyame
    Arsomoru Maitoyame

    yeah, and imagine adding that yolk mixture to some feuticcinï or into a bowl of ramen broth that has a heavy fish flavor with garlic, red pepper sauce, crushed daikon, and some fish sauce?

  • Daisy Zhang
    Daisy Zhang

    Thanks Jimmy! I just made the dish with chicken stock, shaoxing wine, and honey, and it still tastes great! It’s one of my favourite comfort food before the pandemic hit and I’m really glad that I just learned how to make it at home.

  • Jason Reviews TECH
    Jason Reviews TECH

    just make canto food. you know that stuff is all noob shit.

  • arsalsedo53

    The eggs were Raw

  • Will Spendlove
    Will Spendlove

    Chopsticks, so much better for beating eggs!!!

  • Moethebartender88

    Dirty birds!!!!!!! Best wings in SD

  • Erin Nicole
    Erin Nicole

    You are really good at cooking. I love your cooking videos.

  • Kristina Jakakas
    Kristina Jakakas

    Lol none of my cooking lids match either! 😅 I'm so making this dish 👍

  • Pachinko

    damn that looks bomb

  • Golden King George
    Golden King George

    This is a good breakfast meal. BETTER THAN BBC COOK SHOW when they made egg fried rice.

  • Sin Kun
    Sin Kun

    Hi Jimmy. I don't know about US and I don't know if you can download it but link below is a Japanese recipe app you can download from the app store of you're using iPhone. It might help you with three cooking and some recipes are extremely easy to cook!! Looking forward for your new videos!! apps.apple.com/jp/app/%E3%82%AF%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF%E3%83%91%E3%83%83%E3%83%89-no-1%E6%96%99%E7%90%86%E3%83%AC%E3%82%B7%E3%83%94%E6%A4%9C%E7%B4%A2%E3%82%A2%E3%83%97%E3%83%AA/id340368403?l=en

  • C Song
    C Song

    Jimmy! You use metal spoon on non-stick saucepan! Hi-yah! Your parents disown you now.

  • Dylan Crane
    Dylan Crane

    That's not a hot dog

  • Hanif Noor Fauzan
    Hanif Noor Fauzan

    mother and son

  • トイレの花子

    Parent-child bowl. Not father son. Also its pronounced Oh-Yaw-koh-doan

  • Caleb Babcock
    Caleb Babcock

    *Gordan Ramsay has entered the chat*

  • cascabeles1

    I like your bowls

  • Luis Herrera
    Luis Herrera

    Just like in real life, you start by beating the shit out of the son. 🤷‍♂️

  • Xinni Zhang
    Xinni Zhang

    I cooked this last night, turned out pretty good. Thank you, Jimmy! Never thought I would learn cooking from your channel... LOL 多谢!

  • Sentuhan Bonda Glamor By Yatie Juffery
    Sentuhan Bonda Glamor By Yatie Juffery

    Oishiso. Done subscribe. If u want to try Malaysian food please watch my u tube channel” Sentuhan Bonda glamor” my be u can try for ur channel. Thanks in advance and don’t forget to subscribe

  • Coal247

    How does the father lay egg?

  • Karol Osuchowski
    Karol Osuchowski

    Awesome, Jimmy! I go onions, broth mix, then chicken, but that’s just a preference. I like that you also use cane sugar, makes all the difference!😊

  • Razor2112


  • Shakib Ahmed
    Shakib Ahmed

    All I keep thinking is, Erlich screaming "Jian YANG, clean this up"....

  • Krist Cookery
    Krist Cookery

    Brilliant! awesome cooking contents bro #SpaceForceFTW

  • irwin leonardo
    irwin leonardo

    I wish there was subtitles on this video lol

  • hiroki miyanaka
    hiroki miyanaka

    卵の半透明な黄金色の輝きが最高!ふんわり、トロリとした触感と出汁のしみ込んだ最高の味が伝わってくる! うちの母親より上手かもね。Lol

  • SpiderPig

    I eat the Fish!

  • Krishna Mullapudi
    Krishna Mullapudi

    Looking great

  • Krishna Mullapudi
    Krishna Mullapudi

    Wtf. It should be mother and son. Lol

  • Admiral Thrawn
    Admiral Thrawn

    OMG, Jìan-Yáng speaking proper English and cooking Japanese meals. Bam - subscribed. Now I have to watch all the videos in the channel.

  • Madhosh Yagnik
    Madhosh Yagnik

    I want those eight octopus recipies that his grandmother gave him, before she died in a horrible way.

  • Ray Bacz
    Ray Bacz

    WHAT U HAVE A IRbin CHANNEL?! are u filming it on erlich's incubator jianyang?!

  • Impossible -
    Impossible -

    Oyakadon is stand for mother and son just fyi

  • Mic H
    Mic H

    OMG...That looks so good....gonna try it!


    Omg its T

  • D Kam
    D Kam

    I like how he doesn’t bother unfolding that flap of egg in the rice bowl hahaha

  • Leng Thao
    Leng Thao

    This is actually delicious 😋...i made it in my old work place

  • LimitedWard

    Bruh is there anything you can't do?

  • Darryl K
    Darryl K

    I've been watching your standup videos, pretty funny. Then this cooking video shows up on my list. Not as funny.😁

  • 707 the mystic commenter
    707 the mystic commenter

    My man literally slaughtered the pronounciation of oyakodon

    • Amir Savage
      Amir Savage

      Man is Ching-chang not Doki-doki-san

POV Oyakodon