Phnom Penh Vancouver MUKBANG | Jimmy's Taste Test
This week I get to eat my favorite Cambodian/Vietnamese food from a place called Phnom Penh in Vancouver. I try their bouncy egg noodles, famous chicken wings and raw butter beef! This place is a must if you're in the area. Like this video for more Jimmy’s taste test.
Be sure to comment on what food I should review next!
Come back for more food reviews, cooking videos, and I guess sometimes I'll get back to my job as a standup comedian.
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  • Bea

    jealous! haven't eaten there in months

  • Shinegi Vietnam
    Shinegi Vietnam

    😍 Please taste Vietnamese food next time

  • Aaron Gonzales
    Aaron Gonzales

    Will Smith likes this!😆


    I thought you were talking about the capital of Cambodia... not a restaurant XD

  • Mindful Blessings
    Mindful Blessings

    I know Nina loves to eat would be awesome to see the both of you do a muckbang video together. Too bad for the Covid-19, maybe we could have seen the both of you. Idk maybe facetime, lol!! Keep up the great work you are doing Jimmy, lots of love bro!!

  • Alice Wilde
    Alice Wilde

    I'm fasting today why am I watching this

  • Filo Gomez
    Filo Gomez

    Them this chicken wings made me hungry!!

  • Renee In Light
    Renee In Light

    Jimmy 最大的本领就是把吃的弄的一点样儿都没有 Lol

  • Vietboy Gamer
    Vietboy Gamer

    i paid that much here for Chinese food with large fried rice and large chicken wings

  • ShoyoLevi

    Btw jimmy Phnom is pronounced with a Loud P.

  • Angie S
    Angie S

    Yes it’s the best in Vancouver! Sooo good I love their chicken wings

  • patricial1231

    Is Jimmy Korean? He eat a lot.

  • LeendaSundays

    gosh damn this is so satisfying to watch him eat and especially in Vancouver!

  • A Dong
    A Dong

    Bro don't talk about metrics. It's US against the world when it comes to that.

  • Aranu

    you were in Vancouver? This restaurant is damn good, one of my faves.

  • トマト変態

    Cambodians rise up 🇰🇭

  • Cole Washington
    Cole Washington

    Hows Canada? im very your shows btw!

  • Mark Holmes
    Mark Holmes

    Jimmy O “Is this fish sauce?” Yang

  • Taylor hutton-potts
    Taylor hutton-potts

    I would argue Asian people deal with Apps THE MOST!!

  • Nocturne22

    Glad you're supporting a local place: Phnom Penh is still only doing takeout since the seating isn't large enough to do dine-in. Also, the chicken comes with a lime-pepper dipping sauce; the chili condiment was for the noodles!!

  • Steph T
    Steph T

    But where is the lemon pepper sauce for the wings?? It matches so well

  • Tae Matcha
    Tae Matcha

    omg, i love this place

  • Yefan Ma
    Yefan Ma

    "Beef Carpaccio" maybe

  • Tina Hu
    Tina Hu

    Disco cheetah on Davies!

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh

    OMG yessss phnom penh is muah 👌 luk lak is another classic

  • Rosa Otterstetter
    Rosa Otterstetter

    I love watching your videos, Jimmy. You are so natural, I actually want to eat what you eat and make wat you make.

  • Alia Y
    Alia Y

    I like msg 🙈

  • James Ren
    James Ren

    Is the table extra tall?

  • Patty Buns
    Patty Buns

    the only tolerable mukbang cuz jimmy dont eat like a gargantuan beast

  • Krissy Biscocho
    Krissy Biscocho

    this is my favorite part when i watch mukbang

  • Adam Mark
    Adam Mark

    Check out DD Mau Chinatown while/next time you're in town!

  • Erin Pan
    Erin Pan

    Just had this last night it was bomb

  • james hart
    james hart

    Phnom Penh is amazing. I've been going there for years and I never get tired of the butter beef and those amazing wings.

  • Monte

    Oh it’s the funny Asian guy

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama

    WTF YOURE ASIANN???!?!???????😭😢😢

  • tmlguy604

    Hey Jimmy, you missed LukLak Beef + add an egg or two on top. Hot and Sour soup with prawns is also a must, basil clams are good, and the taro root veg dish with garlic is sooo good, different flavors than any asian veg dish. The chicken wings didn't come with the lemon pepper sauce as well! You need the lemon pepper sauce! Happy to show you around Vancouver next time!

  • Russel Mabalot
    Russel Mabalot


  • Kush Kunte
    Kush Kunte

    i didn't know their were cambodians in vancouver!!!

  • fla la
    fla la

    We call them Prawns 🍤 in the UK 🇬🇧 as well ✌️

  • noreworks

    I like how you're so excited yet still composed when eating and revieing it. Love your works m8

  • HaiOnGames

    Jimmy: "You gotta enjoy your life broooo!" *listens to jimmy and eats blue crab which I'm allegic too* ..... *pukes for the next 20 minutes* Best time of my life broooo

  • HaiOnGames

    He's right about Nobu. I saw a video on CNBC Make it about Nobu and if you check it out here he explains why he charges the prices he does for lobster nigiri. Go check it out and come back to comment if you liked his explanation. :oD

  • Vivian c
    Vivian c

    I wish they gave you the original sauce for the wings. It's supposed to come with a lemon pepper sauce!

  • TheDewaltBoy

    Listening to you rip on that pretentious ass restaurant nobu was hilarious. Popeyes popcorn shrimp n mayo fo lyfe

  • Atena Shad
    Atena Shad

    whoo going to go tomorrow!

  • Benjamin Blanchard-Saiger
    Benjamin Blanchard-Saiger

    Wings are some of the best I’ve ever had. Place is great

  • digitalfreq 2A
    digitalfreq 2A

    Bro, I've had that Butter beef tartare before. Home made from the family that owns that restaurant. Its so good! I've tried reproducing it with some success awhile ago. Need to try it again..

  • wilson fong
    wilson fong

    Watching this Jimmy O Yang Mukbang is making me want to drive down to chinatown and grab some Phnom Penh

  • Freeman C
    Freeman C

    You need to post some personal training ads before n after each video ...

  • ZU

    Love from Cambodia 🇰🇭❤️

  • Anthony T
    Anthony T

    Jimmy, let's hang while you're in Vancouver.....go get some XLBs.

  • GreenMonkeySam

    "You gotta just enjoy your life, bro" - Jimmy O. Yang on Food Intolerance


    I dig the comedy but I really enjoy the food videos.

  • Stevo Canuck
    Stevo Canuck

    Vancouver is not a big city. I can't believe i haven't ran into you or any other film actors in the city. You should try MeeT its a vegan restaurant with amazing burgers and comfortfood

  • Saiem Khan
    Saiem Khan

    its more like a carpacio, not tartare. anyways love the vids jimmy!

  • Eric karlong
    Eric karlong


  • Kevin Duong
    Kevin Duong

    thats weird, i always thought prawns were the smaller ones, and shrimps are the bigger ones.

  • dinogee

    Yo welcome to Vancouver! Never heard of Phnom Penh but I'm gonna try it out for sure now!

  • John Wolf
    John Wolf

    Allergies exist: Jimmy O. Yang Proceeds to dump lemon into the noodles: I'm no pussy! these are wise words XD

  • Timothy Lee
    Timothy Lee

    Ayeee Cambodian food... severely underrated bruv

  • natnotgnat

    Those chicken wings are actually indescribably good. I can't emphasize this enough!!!

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee

    If you’re in Vancouver for a while, and enjoy Vietnamese food, you need to try this restaurant on Victoria Drive called “Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen”. They have this amazing crab noodle soup called “Bun Rieu”.

  • Charlotte

    I can watch this man eat all day, everyday

  • Frank L.
    Frank L.

    He's so cute

  • Dave Soh
    Dave Soh

    Checkout Maenam in Kitsalano!!! Best Thai in BC!!!!

  • Jemako V
    Jemako V

    living in Germany in a small town and from Canada...u don't understand how much i miss all the food you have been eating. Thanks for this! When i get back to Vancouver I need to hit all the restaurants again! love the randomness! you are the best!

  • Yuka H
    Yuka H

    Jimmy!! Learn how to use chopsticks the proper way lol!!

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    I love the wings at this restaurant. Next time order the filet beef luc lac with rice and the hot & sour soup with fish. Also if you are into Viet subs, visit Bahn Mi Saigon and order the house special.

  • France Gall
    France Gall

    You do the best mukbangs

  • Lawrence Liang
    Lawrence Liang

    6:26 for the highlight

  • Lawrence Liang
    Lawrence Liang

    dang that's crazy, he's like my size telling me i could probably eat like him and still stay the same size. (i don't eat like him) good metabolism.

  • nomnomsammieboy

    I already wanted to move to vancouver and Jimmy posting all this delicious diversity of asian food available there is solidifying my desire. It all looks amazing. i need that beef in my life.

    • Renee In Light
      Renee In Light

      It all looks amazing - seriously?It all tastes amazing, may be. But, it all looks crazy. Under the hands of Jimmy. Lol

    • hsun79

      Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities to live in North America. Are you sure you want to live there?

  • CourtneyinSF

    It is killing me that I can't order from this restaurant immediately. I totally agree with your approach to food! We need more mukbangs!

  • Malcolm McLeod
    Malcolm McLeod

    Phnom Penh is legit. I'm from Vancouver and it's one of my go to places. Since you're in town, you should try Side Hustle Sandwiches (run by local stand up comedians, legit some of the best sandwiches in town and way better than the overrated Meat & Bread), and Downlow Chicken & Fries for the best fried chicken in town (they aren't on any food delivery apps so you know they're legit and there secret menu item Fries on the DownLow are great).

  • VanGrindz

    Chicken wings are bomb, bouncy noodles good, butter beef not bad but overrated (and I frickin' LOVE raw beef). When I lived in Vancouver, I would only order the butter beef if we had folks visiting.

  • Sansitny Ruth
    Sansitny Ruth

    Jimmy my man, this was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in Vancouver. YOU NEED TO EAT THE CHICKEN WINGS WITH THE LIME/SALT/PEPPER sauce. True Phnom Penh style. Please order it again!

  • Hao Duong
    Hao Duong

    Ali Wong Mukbang

  • 间时


  • Lonely Grandsouls
    Lonely Grandsouls

    just watched your movie it was fucking dope ! ! !

  • Buddha Drums
    Buddha Drums


  • Theo Kim
    Theo Kim

    Top 3 restaurants in Vancouver. This spot makes bank even during covid.

  • Jeremy Yip
    Jeremy Yip

    One of my faves, the wings are legendary!

  • Normalkidss

    This is a best fantasy 🤣

  • Midnight at Burnie's Drive-Up
    Midnight at Burnie's Drive-Up

    Are you interested in buying any jokes?

  • 大老表

    Jing Yang!!!

  • gary wu
    gary wu

    He didn’t eat the wings like an Asian person

  • trident maple
    trident maple

    Watch out Mikey Chen! This dude is keeping up :-)

  • Linda Maas
    Linda Maas

    where’s the luc lac beef with egg jimmy?!?

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim

    I love you jimmy yang

  • Timothy Lee
    Timothy Lee

    jimmy out here eating the best food me: eating a sandwich

  • Bao Tran
    Bao Tran

    Nice looking prawn there, Jimmy!

  • Adani Yang
    Adani Yang

    If you have someone to record you I think this video would be more fancy. Make that eye contact while the camera moves around

  • plee227

    It's true, I was allergic to apples, peaches and cherries growing up... I enjoy peaches and apples so kept eatign them regardless of my throat closing up a bit and itchy rashes. Now as an adult, I am no longer allergic to apples and peaches but I still can't eat cherries.

  • LifeByGloria

    Bro if you like the Cambodian food here, you gotta go to Long Beach and try it there. I'm from LB and when I tried this restaurant in Vancouver, it wasn't even close to what we have back home. Trust!! I vlogged at this restaurant in my channel too.

  • Kristina Tovar
    Kristina Tovar

    Jimmy, you need a food-related show on the food network. Combine food and comedy!!!

  • Pink Llama
    Pink Llama

    This is so cool! Jimmy Yang doing mukbangs now.

  • Chong Hao Johnny Wu
    Chong Hao Johnny Wu

    Jimmy ah... Jimmy... You hafto order the filet beef luc Lac fried egg! (#35 on the menu) Awesome video! Huge fan of yours from Vancouver. Keep representin bro!

  • Jia Yao
    Jia Yao

    Real asian when they see him using the chopsticks wrongly😡

  • Derek C
    Derek C

    yo welcome to Vancouver!

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres

    Thai food? Maybe Indian food is next?