Quarantine Enchiladas
Enchiladas! During this Corona outbreak, I can’t do standup and we have to feed ourselves, so why not make it delicious 🤤 When all the restaurants are closed, I had to take matters in my own hands. Red Chicken Enchiladas! Enjoy!
PS: I know this is a food vid and not a comedy clip. But don’t worry, my comedy special will be out soon on Amazon!
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  • aaronwaffles

    "I oiled the pan just a little bit" *Entire layer of oil in pan*

    • stefano song
      stefano song

      @Cody Noyes no doubt

    • Cody Noyes
      Cody Noyes

      @stefano song yes we do XD

    • Denuran The Gamer
      Denuran The Gamer

      @Jimmy O. Yang I always thought we got that aspect of measurements from our Indian, and Black Heritage... Didn't know it was also from the Asian Heritage. 😂😂😂

    • J Ng
      J Ng

      Gordon ramsay: Olive oil in

    • J Ng
      J Ng

      Gordon ramsay: Olive oil in

  • Hydration

    Somehow this is funny and I like it

  • xCozy__Weebx

    I forgot he was Chinese for second, I’m Mexican and was wondering why tf I was watching someone make enchiladas when I’ve been doing it my whole life XD

  • Rj Melton
    Rj Melton

    Why is it that when Asians cook, the food always looks amazing?

  • skyplayer 21
    skyplayer 21

    Pinche IRbin knows I'm mexican and fat Good job

  • Zed Z
    Zed Z


  • Yungi3ean

    My mom and grandma use pinto beans

  • Tashkit Soup
    Tashkit Soup

    i like the fact that hes not fucking it up :) im proud of you jimmy, guud rep for the hispanics g

  • James Lamb
    James Lamb

    You must be in California, dude because I don't know if it's legal to use chopsticks to make enchiladas in any other state.

  • Wild wild West
    Wild wild West

    My mouth is watering 🍺🍺🍺🍺

  • spicy chris
    spicy chris

    I'm MEXICAN so I'm very impressed with your plate, and looks so scrumptioussss.

  • spicy chris
    spicy chris

    His favorite tool in the kitchen is a bigger version of chopsticks


    Your actually supposed to take out the tortilla when it's done and then put the meat and the queso fresco cause you'll have trouble rolling the enchilada when it's in the pan ik cause I'm mexican and always have been eating this food for the rest of my life but do whatever you want I was just saying

  • Chilte Pin
    Chilte Pin

    That’s exactly how you eat queso fresco. This looks so delicious ❤️

    • Chilte Pin
      Chilte Pin

      Just shred it with your hands!

  • GAM

    Are we sure this man isn’t Mexican? Creo que es un mexicano

  • The Decryptor.
    The Decryptor.

    Yeah you cannot make mexican food with chopsticks 😅

  • JR Bees
    JR Bees

    I see that your High School Spanish class paid off! Dish looks phenomenal!

  • sisoypuerko

    What the actual fuck? the way he did is legit I didn’t expect that at all. Like I was expecting an Americanized version of it

  • Doug Reuter
    Doug Reuter

    What was the arcade thing mounted to the wall?

  • Sar G
    Sar G

    did I hear "lemme cum on it" after portrait mode ?

  • Dragon Zen
    Dragon Zen

    you need to ad sour cream

  • Ricardo Cuevas
    Ricardo Cuevas

    i actually wouldn't mind paying $25 dollar.

  • Shuhui li
    Shuhui li

    U nailed it ! Bro .

  • Woah its the illusion
    Woah its the illusion

    Ah yes. White people are the ones buying everything out. Not the Chinese buying out n95s and gloves to send back to China.

  • SmallContentCreator.K Wol TV
    SmallContentCreator.K Wol TV

    *Ooh yeah, ooh yeah.. Get that rice..!*

  • Amayiah Alese
    Amayiah Alese

    You snapped 🥳

  • Ber

    That oil is nothing, my aunt is chinese and the always complaining to me we don't have enough olive oil in the house. She'll use a bottle per evening

  • Witch Vulgar
    Witch Vulgar

    Is Jimmy from South Park? Let's look at the facts: 1. His name is Jimmy 2. He's a comedian 3. Frequently says, "I mean, come on" Your honor, I rest my case

  • sweet lullaby
    sweet lullaby

    I can smell it from the screen. smells delicious

  • Ghojirah Beats
    Ghojirah Beats

    oye si le salieron chido al pinche chinito, pero tenia que sacar la tortilla antes de ponerle todo adentro del sarten, lol

    • Ghojirah Beats
      Ghojirah Beats

      @Mr. Gengar xd burger, hotdog, pizza, what does it mean?

    • Mr. Gengar
      Mr. Gengar

      jaja tco taco burrito

  • Rachie Oakley
    Rachie Oakley

    Why am I watching this at 1am on a Tuesday?

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez

    he does a good job making this

  • Korey Tibbs
    Korey Tibbs

    a microplane is not for cheese lol

  • Marj Nussby
    Marj Nussby

    Wow. I'm impressed . You have inspired me to make my own sauce. Well done.

  • KFC Advocate
    KFC Advocate

    jesus just seeing them chilis get boiled is enough to make my mouth water

  • Sheep Sneeze
    Sheep Sneeze

    We diverse over here ✨😭👌

  • Carmelita Gonzalez
    Carmelita Gonzalez

    Holy shit jimmy yang . You want to be my baby daddy 😚❤️

  • Anony Page
    Anony Page


  • rightyourwrong

    bruh that shit look FIRE. hell yea jimmy boi

  • hondajacka2

    At this rate, you are going to become more known as a IRbin chef than a comedian.

  • epiccollision

    Dear people watching...theres no need to try and roll them WHILE frying them, let them cool a lil and use a cutting board

  • epiccollision

    I love it when @google advertises to me things I can’t possibly buy...because I’m not American! You know this, it’s really googles job to know my job(and everything else) and you can’t figure out which country I live in...

  • Frofro frofro
    Frofro frofro

    Please make pad thai and nasi goreng but vegetarian version 😍 Greetings from Tricity in Poland 😁

  • notvangogh

    Well plated!

  • Emzzz Dayanaaa
    Emzzz Dayanaaa

    Ladies and Gentlemen... He is invited to the Carne Asada!

  • Christopher Wallace
    Christopher Wallace

    Damn man you did that all the way right.

  • Bomb Chu
    Bomb Chu

    putting sliced cabbage and sour cream on top of the enchiladas is really good too, you should try it next time! very nice cooking!

  • Francis Sophia
    Francis Sophia

    I appreciate the acknowledgement to "home cooking" across all cultures. Hispanics and asians could hold a duo Ted Talk on chilies and spices. Drop knowledge!

  • Chanus

    my real Latinos would put cream cheese on that


    Bout to make some enchiladas homies

  • Eric Dumont
    Eric Dumont

    Jimmy is more American than Apple pie!!!!

  • Exzdee

    All he missed was some sour cream and a little lettuce

  • Ai Wa Kin
    Ai Wa Kin

    I love it when you say rice

  • EMMA Ramirez
    EMMA Ramirez

    Also they are very good for breakfast with a egg with itttt:)) also hi from Mexico (I apologize for my bad English)

  • y.

    Please start vlogging LOL you’re a natural

  • Yovany Rodriguez-Teodoro
    Yovany Rodriguez-Teodoro

    bruh you make them better than my mom and shes MEXICAN

  • 0jcooper0

    jimmy is legit!

  • Jackson Casper
    Jackson Casper

    “A Chinese brotha know”

  • Kool Burn
    Kool Burn

    Lmao just noticed Jimmy gets into the accent of whatever culture dish he's cooking.

  • Callmepasta Oo
    Callmepasta Oo

    Make tamales next

  • levi margera
    levi margera

    Hand has sauce all over it and you still use chop sticks for chicken.

  • BrokenGlassShimmerLikeStarDust

    When that plate didn't fit in the toaster oven I lost my sh*t hahaha

  • nobody

    Where's the chile de arbol?

  • panda2curious

    Video on Spanish rice plz

  • ignore

    this man is just having so much fun its so lovely to watch

  • Tiffany Ko
    Tiffany Ko

    Jimmy if you don’t drop your damn skin care routine 😤😤😤

  • Lions Light777
    Lions Light777

    My daughter is have Asian (Taiwanese/Mongolian) and Half Mexican.. Respect Jimmy

  • Lions Light777
    Lions Light777

    Love from this MEXICAN.. You da man.. Much Cali LUV

  • Drue Lewis
    Drue Lewis

    Definitely just crumble the cheese...I've never used a grater for queso fresco lol

  • Random Loser
    Random Loser

    Can I have some. Lol

  • チDandandanlion

    jimmy you're not chinese if you cross your chopsticks

  • チDandandanlion

    jimmy...why you cross your chopsticks...wrong way of using chopsticks ;-;

  • Darby Kelly
    Darby Kelly

    at 6:59 my mans sounds like he is tryna push out a shit

  • Daniil Ilchenko
    Daniil Ilchenko

    Suck it Jin yang

  • F L
    F L

    Jimmy don't listen to these a holios . I bet them ladies be dripping... Not talking bout they mouth .

  • James Holmes
    James Holmes

    There is a restaurant owner somewhere thinking "FUCK! He just gave away combo 12"

  • Sam Cooper-Drake
    Sam Cooper-Drake

    Fuck, its been 5 months??

  • LordZeus

    Thong, was the only thing he said that made sense.

  • That one Bad player
    That one Bad player

    No joke they look like some deformed egg rolls

  • Double H H
    Double H H

    How do you not get quarantine cooking pounds it’s all this great food you are cooking for yourself?

  • Bird

    The tong American chopsticks

  • Jeremy Silap
    Jeremy Silap

    Yea stick to "comedy"

  • Egurpleton

    My dude, you a disgrace to Asians lol Your chopstick NEEDS work!

  • Bronson Rodriguez
    Bronson Rodriguez

    You got your Mexican card

  • DeeDee Downs
    DeeDee Downs

    "Uh... now it doesn't close...shit!" LOL... best cooking show EVER

  • Morpheus Pubg
    Morpheus Pubg

    Dayum ma u can cook too!

  • Retard in your closet 2
    Retard in your closet 2


  • James Ethan Mullenix
    James Ethan Mullenix

    I’m not used to jimmy talking without a laugh track

  • JCPN

    Man, this guy makes way more legit Mexican food than more Mexicans in texas lol!!! And im mexican hahahah Good Job!!

  • Tiffany Williams
    Tiffany Williams

    I’m impressed

  • cascabeles1

    haha the toaster oven- that was funny

  • cascabeles1

    This looks awesome. My Mom always dips in oil first then sauce. Mexican here. But looks yummy

  • Sam Hear
    Sam Hear

    Mexican approved. 👍🏻

  • Kristian

    Him talking whilst blending had me thinking of a live weather report

  • lulu minator
    lulu minator

    Is the spanish rice gluten free?

  • Adriana

    Those looked bomb! In Michoacán we use cotija, shredded cabbage, and salsa Dulce instead of queso fresco & cilantro. I prefer it the Michoacán way but I’m biased. To make it more authentic you should have flipped the tortillas in oil with your bare hands lol.

  • nohope

    This is the most unasian thing ever

  • Jimmy D.
    Jimmy D.

    Nailed it.

  • Vishal Kamalaksha
    Vishal Kamalaksha

    Jet Li Making Enchiladas

  • Bean Toes
    Bean Toes

    You should try new mexican enchiladas next! :D