Spaghetti Con Vongole - Clam Pasta | Jimmy's Kitchen
Today we're making a super simple and delicious clam pasta that'll impress your most critical Asian parents.
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  • C_haotic

    next level gordon ramsay cooking.

  • J T
    J T

    I like how he’s “leave no man behind” when it comes to that clam, but that “casualty” of a pasta strand? Screw him...

  • Simon LuVan
    Simon LuVan

    here we are guys, Jinyang creating the Seefood

  • Cyphox

    I eat the fish

  • MrJinkax

    dude i love you, even tho your pasta is garbage (from naples with ❤️)

  • Joe L
    Joe L

    Can I substitute with Mussels instead of clams

  • T W
    T W

    Jimmy has a bright future in being a food critic.

  • rrrrrrtt1

    Spaghetti Con Vongole - Say it again Jimmy... Best clam you ever had, I don't believe it... an TV star like you? You probably get tons of bearded clam.

  • f

    I like where this is going.

  • Sandra Lee
    Sandra Lee

    Anyone notice how Jimmy talks like a boy from the hood?

  • E C
    E C

    Jian Yang! It's called linguine alle vongole or linguine with clams.

  • Jonathan Alessandro
    Jonathan Alessandro

    Pied Piperrr!!!$

  • Zyan Loh
    Zyan Loh

    The word Spaghetti Con Von~~~gole is in my mind whenever I'm cooking.


    5:29 a noise of tsunami, like he had an organism

  • Steven IA
    Steven IA

    Just curious, how many Asians do we have here?

  • Forgetmenot2016

    Tried this tonight super simple and delicious 😋 Thx Jimmy ❤️

  • Loredana Colucci
    Loredana Colucci

    I'm italian. I'm so happy to see my favorite dish made by an amazing comedian. Well done....the steps are good but there's too much garlic and pasta is overcooked. (Sorry for my English)

  • Mr House
    Mr House

    Always fresh👌 looks good

  • Hongsing Kaing
    Hongsing Kaing

    “ all these clams juices are seeping out” -Jimmy 2020

  • Takinbaksunday33

    I had no idea how much I needed this in my life. Netflix has gotta give Jimmy his own show “One handed cooking with Jimmy O. Yang”

  • ashdall

    "a little flame goes up, no big deal"

  • Rocio Rivas
    Rocio Rivas

    get Jimmy his own food-related show. His catch phrase could be "No big deal!"

  • Namjoo Park
    Namjoo Park

    Jimmy is a real husband material, he’s funny and good at cooking

  • Eranda Perera
    Eranda Perera

    This guy is so easy to hate. Everything about this guy.

    • foodsnooogaming

      This guy is awesome idk what you're talking about he's incredible! ✨

  • HyperTalks

    When the Alexa sound sounded i thought it was mine 🤣

  • the skrtz
    the skrtz


  • hoseta_hoseta

    As an Italian, I approve. Marry me.

  • Shinka

    The Next Gordan Ramsey

  • zhoufeng ye
    zhoufeng ye

    seems like you have the same reaction to each first taste, en, en…

  • boombangpow889

    This is my favorite cooking show

  • Witch Vulgar
    Witch Vulgar

    Let's see Jimmy's dad do this!

  • Ricky Chau
    Ricky Chau

    Your missing onions in the sauce base which you drain out, lemon juice, lemon zest and finished with some grated Parmesan

  • Jarren Z
    Jarren Z

    pai paipa

  • Chris Sun
    Chris Sun

    Might be better to take vongole out when reducing the sauce 🤔then mix back in

  • Grange TV
    Grange TV

    I love cooking shows and this guy can cook too

  • Kevin Baker
    Kevin Baker

    I cook the fish

  • ᴡᴀʀᴘʀᴏᴍᴏ / E D I T S
    ᴡᴀʀᴘʀᴏᴍᴏ / E D I T S

    Uh huh, totally at restaurants

  • Sno Bear
    Sno Bear

    Jimmy: "We leave no man standing" Also Jimmy: 2:35

  • Hendrik Heering
    Hendrik Heering

    Hey Jimmy! Nice execution there! Just a couple of suggestions: some clams (at least here in italy) still have sand so you need to clean them by letting them open in salty water. Good quality pasta might be slightly more expensive but it will change completely the result. It's more starchy and will hold up the cooking better. At the end the difference might be one euro for half a kg of pasta, enough to feed 4-5 people.

  • TheM0joDoj0

    "Leave no man standing" lol.

  • Narathip Assavadejmetakul
    Narathip Assavadejmetakul

    That a lot of wine u put in there mate

  • H Jones
    H Jones

    Damn, it looks great. Good job.

  • sunnyboy8644


  • maddie5851

    Alexa STOP!

  • Calvin C
    Calvin C

    You def have seen the k-drama pasta. lol

  • greenrolaids

    pro tip.. pull the clams out of the sauce.. reduce it down by 1/2 then add the pasta and clams back.. it will make for a more flavorful sauce and you will not over cook the clams.

  • Trịnh Mạnh Quang
    Trịnh Mạnh Quang

    pied piper

  • Kool Burn
    Kool Burn

    Lol "these are 80 cent liquor store spaghettis"

  • Gerikoh.

    New York Accent went up 50%

  • aloun channel 2
    aloun channel 2

    I live your cooking

  • Kelly Gonzales
    Kelly Gonzales

    I love your cooking videos 💚

  • cascabeles1

    $.80 liquor store spaghetti haha! Nothing wrong with that just sounded funny

  • by

    Hey Jimmy, just wanted to say I tried your recipe and it tasted great! One tip though is to use De Cecco pasta, it is really the best dry pasta that you can use for your pastas, there is a distinct difference in taste :)

  • 진진

    Damn jimmy you put too much wine per serving i bet you got drunk after that

  • icy rice
    icy rice

    where the chopsticks at

  • good guy
    good guy

    jian yang, these deleted scenes from silicon valley?

  • God bless
    God bless

    Lol it doesn't look simple!

  • 111thMuse

    Take a shot every time he says spaghetti CON VONGOLE.

  • Ben Park
    Ben Park

    Watchu grabbing at bro 🤣🤣🤣 4:34

  • TheAPC360

    not hotdog

  • Miko Deocareza
    Miko Deocareza

    The description is... very spot on. Asian parents most especially Kapampangans are very very very critical!

  • TagAlongWithYa

    ALEXA STOP!!!!!

  • Cathy Miranda
    Cathy Miranda

    Dam Jimmy, I am full AF after dinner...watching this video is making me hungry when I am not. haha

  • JCPN

    Yeah.... i can tell he drank half of the bottle before starting the video...! Lol

  • no

    Add a lil butter at the end my guy!

  • Ying-Yang Theory
    Ying-Yang Theory

    We gone wait for him.. leave no man behind 🤣🤣😭

  • Glyochi

    Guys, get a girl who moan like jimmy yang when he eats

  • Profresher Blacklight
    Profresher Blacklight


  • Ryan @GoodMonday
    Ryan @GoodMonday

    all of sudden, jimmy is cooking Italian food.... what would his dad think about this

  • KyleClark J
    KyleClark J

    My brain cannot function... an asian guy with black accent cooking south italian recipe.

  • stebopign

    pie pieperrr

  • Crihs95

    Collab with Ramsey when?

  • Lone Axolotl
    Lone Axolotl

    Jimmy sound so drunk 🤣

  • Nihal

    What about 8 different ways to cook octopi?

  • Creator Zaw
    Creator Zaw

    I absolutely love your cooking segments!

  • Coding W
    Coding W

    Hey!!! Wait a minute! When did piedpiper change their LOGO??

  • Caleb Babcock
    Caleb Babcock

    So clam scampi?

  • man man
    man man

    How was fanatsy island

  • Jeremiah May
    Jeremiah May

    i wish i enjoyed anything as much as this man enjoys his own cooking.

  • jdub1371

    Outstanding execution, and that's coming from a half-Sicilian New Yorker. If you don't have fresh red chilies you can use regular red chili flakes. Also, I confess that I have made this with canned clams. Of course it's not as good as with fresh clams, but it works if you need a fix.


    hey you were in that shitty fantasy island movie

  • diego 008
    diego 008

    wrong way to cook! from a Napolitan chef do not use the wine!

  • aUbin

    Jimmy you've been my quarantine blues cure my guy ❤️🤙

  • Shutup

    have a drink everytime jimmy says Spaghetti Con Vongole

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee

    Is this Jian Yang's pitch for his new "SeeFood" app? I've been waiting for years.

    • Anu Hope
      Anu Hope

      Clam, Not Clam.

  • Joshua P.
    Joshua P.

    Bet it’s bland lol

  • AJDN

    Awesome.more please

  • Vitalis Geraldo
    Vitalis Geraldo

    Dude I went through 581 comments, I did not find your creepy comment. Remember what that fun said at Google talk?

  • Singing Guard
    Singing Guard

    you are a really bad representation for asians. just look at your nerdy looks, you are like william hung 2.0. "he cooks! he cooks!"

    • Robert Lemieux
      Robert Lemieux

      You need to stop being so depreciating of yourself. Clearly he thinks higher of himself than you.

  • xoxjelloxox

    Do you have to soak the clams before cooking to clean it?

  • Ohushi TV
    Ohushi TV

    "Alexa stop"

  • Ohushi TV
    Ohushi TV

    "i eat the fish"

  • Ohushi TV
    Ohushi TV


  • Lynn Nguyen
    Lynn Nguyen

    i freaking love his cooking videos!

  • Potato root
    Potato root

    This is true Asian cooking, because Asians don't use measurements in cooking

  • BriaN

    First off I love you in CRA's. Second maybe its just me but you are missing fresh lemon and parm cheese. IMO

  • s.q

    You forgot to show how to boil the I just have a clamy soup

  • Kurineko

    Today i learned that hollywood comedians are starting to engage in the youtube hustle, that's pretty rad

  • Swapnil Mondal
    Swapnil Mondal

    Wait... No spice?😢

  • Christian Blaze Blank
    Christian Blaze Blank

    So weird to see an Asian dude saying something Italian.