Tequila Shrimp | Jimmy's Kitchen
Tequila Flambe Shrimp Enchiladas featuring Remy Hii. Enjoy this video and all recommendations are welcome in the comments!
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  • 아 라오스리젤
    아 라오스리젤

    I love your movie 'Fantasy Island'💙

  • 송찬김

    I really happy when i watch your video:)

  • lancypancy

    i cant believe Jimmy'a dad didnt beat him up for being a stand up comedian and not a doctor or an engineer

  • Colton Carpenter
    Colton Carpenter

    You a shrimp Jimmy get off my yard

  • Vanessa Ho
    Vanessa Ho

    When I am watching it at 0.18am...

  • ginger Gin
    ginger Gin

    I hope when pandemic is gone you can have a talk show~

  • ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ

    I eat da shrimp.

  • Imen Jarrahi
    Imen Jarrahi

    looks amazing

  • Olala Vie
    Olala Vie

    Why am I watching this at 12 am 😂 Ahhhhh so hungry

  • Joey

    Do an apartment tour, looks awesome

  • Mizo animations
    Mizo animations



    What is the main ingredient shrimp or tequila

  • random internet guy
    random internet guy


  • D.A

    This channel went from best asian comedian to best asian cook

  • Norway Countryball
    Norway Countryball

    jimmy I want u to do a video just in Cantonese

  • Miao Wang
    Miao Wang

    Hey Jimmy, can you ask Remy why Marco Polo was canceled ???

  • Dane Dane
    Dane Dane

    You made me jump up for my smoke alarm. Great audio on your video!

  • Brock Johnston
    Brock Johnston

    jimmy and remy r like the dynamic duo of cooking

  • hasan hüseyin
    hasan hüseyin

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  • Jarrod Dobben
    Jarrod Dobben

    I never knew you were gay Jimmy congrats

  • Jarrod Dobben
    Jarrod Dobben

    Looks fucking delicious jim

  • Jarrod Dobben
    Jarrod Dobben

    Damn the cold open made me feel right at home

  • YEET

    From Comedian to Chefcook

  • Isabelle

    I came here from your stand up comedies from literally a couple years ago and I dont know if it them asain genes but u look younger than 2 years ago


    So what,,,,, no money no funny?

  • Katherine Morton
    Katherine Morton

    I love the fact that Jimmy's channel is a mix of comedy and a really cute asian guy cooking. Love to all my fellow Asian ethnicity people!

  • Katherine Morton
    Katherine Morton

    That looks so fun to make!

  • M.J. Minert
    M.J. Minert

    Keep making these!

  • True Janey Sue
    True Janey Sue

    Yummy stuff!!

  • J'adore Édith Piaf
    J'adore Édith Piaf

    You listening to crazy rich Asians music while making this?

  • Pauline Renzel
    Pauline Renzel

    Definitely making this next week

  • Chris Fernando
    Chris Fernando

    Imagine the first guy to have his pan catch on fire.

  • Red .Tempus
    Red .Tempus

    Who’s that other guy I feel like I recognize him

    • DimitriosTheSpartan

      I'm pretty sure he played the prince in Marco polo. I forgot his name

  • Vegeta

    Gordon Ramsey watching this: U donkey! U forgot the lamb sauce!

  • Cross X
    Cross X

    I like your energy and recipes please make more food videos.

  • Hatred

    Wuss poppin jimbo

  • Leigh Smith
    Leigh Smith

    I legit just binged all 9 episodes at once. This is my new favorite cooking channel.

  • ascension Bolts
    ascension Bolts

    Gordon Ramsay need to take tips.

  • Delice de Luna
    Delice de Luna

    Did you make your own sauce? Recipe??

    • Delice de Luna
      Delice de Luna

      nvm someone linked below!

  • Smokey

    Lol this dude is chopped right now

  • Martial Chen
    Martial Chen

    0:33 the way he yelled really sounds like a chef in a Chinese restaurant

  • Ken Nguyen
    Ken Nguyen

    whats that song in the background?

  • Savannah O'Neill
    Savannah O'Neill

    "Nice and tight, nice and tight." That's what HE said... (wink, wink)

  • Savannah O'Neill
    Savannah O'Neill

    His smoke alarm went off... Ha, ha!

  • Savannah O'Neill
    Savannah O'Neill

    Oh, my God! That looks so f**king good!

  • Sitzil

    top tier actor, top tier comedian and top tier chef

  • Suzy Rodriguez.
    Suzy Rodriguez.

    Oh you cook 🙏♥️

  • Daniel Amaro
    Daniel Amaro

    Pulls out da chopa sticka

  • Catch This Fishkeeper
    Catch This Fishkeeper

    Wow i thought u were just a comedian, but i was wrong. Very talented in the kitchen👍

  • Justin Huang
    Justin Huang

    HOW IS THERE 7 dislike that so littkle

  • dparnell97

    bruh. im two tequila sunrises in. When you put that handful of garlic in, I could fucking smell it no lie.

  • Alice Wilde
    Alice Wilde

    do more Japanese food

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    jimmy is the perfect wife.

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell

    Jian Yang, is master chef!

  • Akira S
    Akira S


  • Korean Ramen
    Korean Ramen

    Screw u brad

  • crazieeez

    That's nice. Say it one more time please!

  • Rue Yildiz
    Rue Yildiz

    Was the cheese feta? I love feta


    looking forward to some Chinese food cooking!

  • beautyfulone1408

    Can you post ingredients and how much you use. This looks AMAZING❤️

  • Raina Huang
    Raina Huang

    Hey would you be down to collab? 😍😍

  • aichik M
    aichik M

    I love that guy 😻

  • Hailey

    Delicious! I wished you made these types of videos more often!

  • GonGonDayo

    i thought that a Long Long Man


    Oiyaho sucks

  • Tamara Thomas
    Tamara Thomas

    Love to see that Jimmy’s hanging out w his costar from crazy rich Asians lol true friends now I bet

    • Brock Johnston
      Brock Johnston

      @Delice de Luna he’s also in spiderman

    • Delice de Luna
      Delice de Luna

      That's badass! I didn't know who the other guy was. Thanks for the info!

  • KP

    He was great in Harrow and Marco Polo.

  • chowpeluccio

    Try to fried both side of the enchilada

  • Himani D.
    Himani D.

    I need Remy's pugly sweater!! It's a vibe to an architecture major student!

  • GENFireball *#*
    GENFireball *#*

    Can I hire you to be my chef

  • geremeeh

    Your ting ting is going to smell like garlic! Tell your man to wash his hands!!!

  • geremeeh

    Is that your boy friend!?

  • Chris Juarez
    Chris Juarez

    Love it man! Just a tip fry the tortillas then dip in chili. Refry after filled if u want

  • asunnyday

    Cooking while high be a hobby 🤤

  • Madhav Talwar
    Madhav Talwar

    Did u stop stand up comedy?

  • Saber Zhang
    Saber Zhang

    i just finished my lunch...

  • TikToker Compilations
    TikToker Compilations

    Wow, thats actually a decent meal for a date! Congrats boys!

  • Notorious Nguyen
    Notorious Nguyen

    Jimmy turns chef during COVID-19 👍👍🤗

  • YJ Klee
    YJ Klee

    Remi is gorgeous. Can’t tell what’s more attractive Remi or the enchiladas

  • Snakesz

    is that the dude from spiderman omg

  • Machiavelli

    Can we take a moment to realize that his initials spell out J.O.Y. as in the feeling i get after watching his videos 😂

    • SpongeBob Squarepants
      SpongeBob Squarepants

      Bro it’s like 13 year olds in an adults body

    • underground glitches
      underground glitches

      @Not the Bayang a young ni-

    • Not the Bayang
      Not the Bayang

      Fuck the police coming straight from the underground

  • K H
    K H

    Seriously tho next time take the pan off the flame before adding the liquor. If the flame catches the booze it will run up into the bottle and explode. I’ve seen it happen, it’s not fun. Source: I’m a line cook.

  • Noah Turner
    Noah Turner

    Do you have anything going on as far as comedy soon?

  • Bank roll Jay
    Bank roll Jay

    Damn I want sum

  • Chris Bourne
    Chris Bourne


  • I Wong
    I Wong

    I want somebody to cilantro-bomb Babish like that just to see his reaction.

  • Vishal Kumar 4047
    Vishal Kumar 4047

    Cheen yianggggg

  • Sherina Sim
    Sherina Sim

    We want more cooking videos from Jimmy!! ❤

  • V Latter
    V Latter

    thanks for putting abuelas on the map!!!

  • Chickenchip

    why ya gotta leave all that shit still in the shrimp Jimmy?! You're eating that!

  • Julie MacKenzie
    Julie MacKenzie

    Looks delicious! Will have to try it...Thanks for sharing...;)

  • C Song
    C Song

    I love it that Jimmy and Remy hang out in real life

  • bulbasaur

    where the tres comas at?

  • bin4ry_d3struct0r

    What's the black beans covered in?

  • bin4ry_d3struct0r

    Bring back Marco Polo!

  • scottswam

    oh that far from home dude :o

  • NotCalvxn

    that looks so good but im 12 so no tequila for me

    • Delice de Luna
      Delice de Luna

      Correct me if I'm wrong, someone, but I believe the alcohol gets cooked out of it, so you wouldn't get drunk lol :P

  • Andrew Lydick
    Andrew Lydick

    I thought you would definitely use the tres commas tequila lol

  • Meg Gronert
    Meg Gronert

    Now this is content

  • CardboardMarzipan

    Jimmy is so stoked to have company over. It’s nice to have someone to share delicious meals with. ❤️