Tequila Shrimp Scampi | Jimmy's Kitchen
Today we're making a quick and easy 5 minute Tequila Shrimp Scampi. With the help of Tres Comas Tequila, yes the one from Silicon Valley and you can buy it now!
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  • Victor Tolentino
    Victor Tolentino

    Jimmy my man. Keep the videos coming I really enjoy them. I forward these cooking videos to my teenage kids to show them the simplicity of cooking and if Jimmy can do it so can you. Take care.

    • Zeffite Lee
      Zeffite Lee

      @Jimmy O. Yang Bro u gotta add more dog content too u feel ? hahaha amazing cute dog made my day

    • Yore NEU
      Yore NEU


    • Manuel Maldonado
      Manuel Maldonado

      Three commas, Russ would be ashamed where’s the fourth comma?

    • Angelica Soup
      Angelica Soup


    • Custom Coin Rings USA
      Custom Coin Rings USA

      @B LT I'm glad someone else saw the Yan Can Cook reference there. I really loved watching Yan's show. That's how I became interested in cooking, and my first knife I bought was that cleaver lol!

  • JayJay H
    JayJay H

    Jimmy need a spatula.haha

  • TylerEclipse

    I swear you sound like you’re from Boston

  • Filip

    so he eat the fish?

  • Turtle- Turtl3
    Turtle- Turtl3

    Yo Jimmy let me get a job please this pandemic killing a brotha this way I can have money to make this delicious food you be making carnal! Real talk please

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    dude 5 minute rule...

  • Alice Wilde
    Alice Wilde

    I think scampi is something completely different.

  • ARC 5555
    ARC 5555

    U should use garlic butter to cut on costs

  • ARC 5555
    ARC 5555

    Dang I wanna be ur roommate or student so I can learn to make this

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren

    you're good at making pasta

  • killumination87

    If you can cook, cooking is not that hard, Bet your dad can do it better lmao

  • Dankest Destiny
    Dankest Destiny

    this video was just one really big flambe flex disguised under liquor store pasta and lack of ingredients

  • lemondrop

    I didn't know they actually had Tres Comas tequila! Gotta check it out! Keep the cooking videos coming!

  • Phillip Liu
    Phillip Liu

    Jimmy I love you but Imma need you to clean that stove. The stains carry from episode to episode. Hell, I'll clean your stove. My virgo ass can't handle it anymore.

  • jUnZai

    From comedian to potential home husband - Jimmy

  • Andres Angarita
    Andres Angarita

    Man I need that tres comas to make this recipe, I wanna cook like a billionaire after all.

  • Project Sphynx
    Project Sphynx

    At least he says a lot of olive oil

  • Shubham Patel
    Shubham Patel

    What tequila is it again ?

  • mosk2011

    Reminds me of Martin Yan.

  • James Yip
    James Yip

    Uncle roger: where your msg?

  • MichaVids

    Jimmy. need more kitchen videos! cmon! what else we making?

  • Bill Wang
    Bill Wang

    tres commas!Ross'brand?

  • lovesyou Anthony
    lovesyou Anthony

    When you pulled out that tres commas....LMAO

  • Sean D
    Sean D


  • ahmed al kurdi
    ahmed al kurdi

    Jian yang how come you never cooked for THE Bachman?

  • hondajacka2

    I want Tres Comas

  • Namjoo Park
    Namjoo Park

    hahahahaha woah this cooking show is very entertaining

  • I am a Tarot Card
    I am a Tarot Card


  • Kscott McCauslin
    Kscott McCauslin

    You are my favorite recipie Jimmy O. Yang

  • Kscott McCauslin
    Kscott McCauslin

    Dude we fucking love you@!

  • MrMooPow

    "So simple!" That should be a Jimmy O. T shirt

  • Jak

    Cooking with Jimmy

  • Odd_isee

    Jimmy, this is awesome keep up the good vids.

  • J V
    J V

    This guy fucks

  • Joseph Iroth
    Joseph Iroth

    i liked that ad actually +1

  • gamingwithnoah 4237
    gamingwithnoah 4237

    I'm allergic to shrimp 🍤😒

  • Stag Ark
    Stag Ark

    I wouldn't judge the noodle toss.

  • Maxwell Liu
    Maxwell Liu

    Its nice to see that all asians have the same brand of salt

  • rohan reddy
    rohan reddy

    ManI Iike this because this is one of the only celebertiy is providing value to other peoples lives by teaching how to cook instead of trying to be super relatable and sing songs about how you need to stay home and how were all in this togehter in there super mansions

  • Lenard Stein Luna
    Lenard Stein Luna

    no cheese?

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak

    Looks delicious

    • Violet needs A hug
      Violet needs A hug

      @Kool Aid chill

    • Kool Aid
      Kool Aid

      You're the most desperate asshat I've ever seen on YT. no-one likes your stupid channel stop trynna imitating Justin Y, ya Backdoor bandit

  • Grange TV
    Grange TV


  • con dar
    con dar

    Watching this man cook makes me want his D just a little bit

  • Jovan Milutinović
    Jovan Milutinović

    jian yang!

  • Eli Harper
    Eli Harper

    TIL that Tres Comas is real.

  • totti2k2

    Dammit Jimmy so many wrong with this video lol but whatever...

  • Golden Burrr
    Golden Burrr

    JIMMY YANG creating smell-o-vision in front of our faces. I CAN SMELL THE BUTTER, I CAN SMEELLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN' NOW!

  • Martryce the Artist
    Martryce the Artist

    Uhhhh 😒 ehhh well yea its basically shrimp scampi 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • jimmy xu
    jimmy xu


  • JesseMusicc

    Jian, you just shattered my fantasy of you my guy.

  • abel yuan
    abel yuan

    that 颠锅 is sick

  • Krazedsg

    I like how he’s a multi-millionaire but he still makes his own food from cheap ingredients...

  • iAM machina
    iAM machina

    He looks like a shrimp himself

  • Bijan Massoumi
    Bijan Massoumi

    Greasy and salty

  • homestyle2000

    Still waiting for the octopus recipes

  • Sal Sh
    Sal Sh

    He is the guy that filmed in a Netflix movie called ( space force) right??

    • Rui Zhu
      Rui Zhu


  • Slikbill

    its just salt and oil bro gross

  • Lou Martin
    Lou Martin

    yoh Jimmy, I just saw matrix 2 again and you were there. All this time you know how to do martial arts!

  • Anhelas Cooking
    Anhelas Cooking

    Jimmy: “Oh, yeah you like that baby?” Me: Damn, I miss my ex

  • Aaron Wong
    Aaron Wong

    Lowkey this is Action Bronson meets Yan Can Cook. Love it.

  • Max Hecht
    Max Hecht

    Jimmy should do a collab video with Henrys kitchen, it would be funny asf

  • Wang Hung
    Wang Hung

    Lmao this nigga bought his pasta at the liquor store where he got the Tres Comas!

  • Jay C. HD
    Jay C. HD

    Jimmy went from HBO hit starr and comedian to cooking show host lol

  • thecuddysmokin

    Never thought tres comas was real wtf ! Billionaire shit ! Jimmy fucks for sure


    "I bought this spaghetti at a liquor store" damn my local liquor store needs to step up its game.

  • hondero2552

    Jimmy please keep it up man. I sincerely hope one day you get as good as your dad. You got my subscription!

  • Dreaming Lotus
    Dreaming Lotus

    He says "oil" like a true southerner.

  • Damian Hernandez
    Damian Hernandez

    Its okey... i have money

  • Evan

    You were the man in Silicon Valley, funniest character by far lol

    • Rexii Oper
      Rexii Oper

      The best scenes are Jin Yang and Erlich together.

  • R12

    the dog interview killed me lmaooo

  • Yong Gun
    Yong Gun

    the olive what?

  • Millennial30

    I thoroughly enjoy the way you say...oil.

  • Notorious Nguyen
    Notorious Nguyen

    Now I want some pasta :)

  • WEEW148

    Hong Kong Independence!

  • Solo W
    Solo W


  • Ethan Fernandez
    Ethan Fernandez

    said a little bit of salt this guy ended up using a shitload

  • Samurai

    May have been slightly better if you added some herbs. Other than that, great vid!

  • Maria Medina
    Maria Medina

    Egg fried rice !!!!!

  • Maria Medina
    Maria Medina

    JIMMY DO EGG FRIED RICE !!! I believe in you you can do better than auntie hurtsha and jim Oliver!!!!!

    • Maria Medina
      Maria Medina



    Bro move the camera back. We see half your face when you’re eating.


    Jimmy Yang the chef?? Whatttttt

  • Mark Kats
    Mark Kats

    Jimmy can you make any muslim chinese cuisine like Lanzhou 土豆牛肉饭 or 牛肉/腌肉面 or 番茄炒面/饭?Thanks a lot

  • Taylor Rainey
    Taylor Rainey

    Keep it up jimmy love the energy

  • Sarah

    I would add fresh parsley too!!

  • Aditi Subba
    Aditi Subba

    Loved how he said "Tresss Comass" so many times!

    • Aditi Subba
      Aditi Subba

      I think he enjoyed saying it too

  • SirBearingtonOfLondon

    When 2020 is getting worse, at least our lord and savior Jimmy can come in and teach us how to cook shrimp.

  • Rutherford Ashley
    Rutherford Ashley

    That Instagram account really upset the pooch. LOL. Wow, I want to try this, but with white wine. Thanks Jimmy! Be looking out for your recipe book!

  • Jacob

    Lol this is the Tequila from Silicon Valley, wonder if it was a gift on set or something

  • teddyxny

    Seefood, not a hotdog

  • Louis-Math

    I think we would all like to see eight different ways to cook octopus.

  • Luminous

    I don’t even like shrimp and I want this rn

  • Shinka

    Your dog funny and your food reviews and making is awesome, keep it up

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn

    Mmmm like mama home cooking... "Mija! I used what i had, now eat."

  • Vet 93
    Vet 93

    Yimmy where is the msg you sharmoota

  • EDER

    that meal looks really well binded

  • Maharsh Jani
    Maharsh Jani

    Jimmy Yang you being an Asian you add tequila to your food,it’s simple chemistry that alcohol burns at 70 degrees Celsius and thus there is no point to add the alcohol is your gonna burn it all up

    • christian murray
      christian murray

      The point is to burn away the alcohol and leave the other solids and oils behind leaving a complex flavor. A common technique done with wine, vermouth, cognac, whiskey etc.

  • Luke Petherick
    Luke Petherick

    Salting your garlic is a new one

  • Isabell Xie
    Isabell Xie

    I love all the HK flare you bring every time you cook. Thank you for representing!

  • hai dinh
    hai dinh

    Damn ! You can cook jimmy

  • Nguyen Tung
    Nguyen Tung

    The way Jimmy pronounces Olive Oil is so weird