Thai Pad See Ew | Jimmy's Kitchen
This week we're making Thai food, a super delicious Pad See Ew with vermicelli noodles! Don't ever use olive oil to make a stir fry like Gordon Ramsey, it won't taste right. Asian mothers are crying everywhere after seeing that white-washed BS, so lets put some real fish sauce on this!
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  • BallsDeep 69
    BallsDeep 69

    You know he’s spitting facts when he says that broccoli absorbs all of the flavors.

  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace

    Thats pancit xD

  • Caterina H.
    Caterina H.

    jimmy this is pad woon sen 🤣 pad see ew needs the black soy sauce!

  • Natcha -
    Natcha -

    Jimmy pls try putting black soy sauce. That’s original. See eew is soy sauce but when it comes to Pad See eew it commonly know as black soy sauce.

  • Marcelo Mendoza
    Marcelo Mendoza

    Clean that stove my g

  • nantapae

    Hi Jimmy! I’m your fan from Thailand!

  • Witchada V.
    Witchada V.

    I love watching your stand-up videos so here's to give something back for all the laughs... 1. Try add black sweet soy sauce for the sweetness and the color of noodle. 2. My mom also mix pork with soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil and tapioca or corn Starch then leave in fridge for half hour before cooking. 3. Add red chilli last when you almost done so you dont sneeze

  • IanRob2011

    Thanks so much. Looks delicious

  • Anny Keungsavath
    Anny Keungsavath

    Chicken breast ?

  • Destroyer EndofManKind
    Destroyer EndofManKind

    What a goofy guy! I love the food!

  • Joe Perkins
    Joe Perkins

    Jimmy... You're funny. You can cook. You should have women fighting over you! Thanks for sharing the cooking videos. I'll definitely be giving some of your recipes a try.

  • sirilux srisukon
    sirilux srisukon

    Dear Jimmy, This dish is actually Chinese dish loved by Thai. The name means Stir-fry with soya sauce which is Chinese sauce.

  • Pink Llama
    Pink Llama

    You have the most complex amalgamation of accents.

  • Karen Everett
    Karen Everett


  • Pournima G
    Pournima G

    Jimmy I need your skincare routine

  • jt hcb
    jt hcb

    mad skills jimmy. you should make your favorite american dish

  • Rachie Oakley
    Rachie Oakley

    Well, yum.

  • s.q

    You always wanna put the sauce on the side of the wok not on the noodles

  • Yao Zhai
    Yao Zhai

    kind of mess when you mix the sauce but looks fun, not enough oil for the cooking.

  • Sarah Cook
    Sarah Cook

    I have a suggestion for a channel rename....Yang Can Cook. See what I did there? Anybody remember Yan Can Cook? I loved that show.

  • Marilou’s LOVE
    Marilou’s LOVE

    Oh I love this,,anything with vermacelli is lovely..we call it Sotanghon..keep sharing..😍

  • Frofro frofro
    Frofro frofro

    Please make pad thai and nasi goreng but vegetarian version 😍 Greetings from Tricity in Poland 😁

  • sean pupillo
    sean pupillo

    Wonton skin strips made without egg work better. Pad see ew traditionally with big, flat noodles.

  • Lou Lex
    Lou Lex

    Wut ?? We don't use broccoli nor vermicelli noodles in our Thai noodle. 🤔

  • BBM1520 Channel
    BBM1520 Channel

    This dish properly got its name from the sauce “See Ew” black soy sauce, don’t for get to drop in while you’re frying the noodle.

  • 1

    It’s nickname was HONGcouver

  • mareker

    You did something no one ever done in my whole life. You convinced me to cook a dish. Well done and thank you! :)

  • chinitabonita08

    dang Jimmy, clean your stove

  • alibangbang71

    I don’t care what u call it , I call it Pancit 😂😂😂

  • William Digiacomo
    William Digiacomo

    olive oil? hi yaa

  • rrrrrrtt1

    Thanks, Jimmy! You really woke up Thai today!! :)

  • rrrrrrtt1


  • cheesesam

    Great video ! By the way, where'd you get that shirt ? It's really great and I want one !

  • lᗝvᗴR

    heck, jimmy put a wet spoon in sugar

  • Benson Lei
    Benson Lei

    Hey Jimmy Next time you should try adding the oil right before the chicken. Hot wok cold oil will prevent the food from sticking to the wok.

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters

    hmmm... Funny and foodie! okidoki!

  • Emerina Gandang Buhay
    Emerina Gandang Buhay

    Its delicious food for me. New subscriber here plsss support me also emerina gandang buhay

  • Ivan Wong
    Ivan Wong

    Just casually filming the pool to flex on us

  • PsyQoBoy

    The reason why you won't use olive oil coz it has a low smoking point. So it'll burn easily.

  • Naruto Killz
    Naruto Killz

    Bro why am I watching this my parents out a restaurant with tai and Asian food

  • jwdiho

    IRbin puts up an ad with an asian chick talking about sex during her period right before this video. Yo, Yang, IRbin is f'in with you! I'm so triggered...

  • BeTheMonsterOrBeDevoured

    I’m a white man... if you knew more Thai people you’d know the phrase “Farang.” I’m not offended that you use the words “a white man” pejoratively, I’m just saying I don’t know what him being white has to do with anything... I agree with your point though... vegetable oil, canola oil, maybe peanut oil in my experience is what’s used in Asian cooking.

  • Haorenn Dahaorenjiushiwo
    Haorenn Dahaorenjiushiwo

    Want to see a video that you totally screwed up

  • Bryant Gaming
    Bryant Gaming

    Shoutouts from Thailand!

  • Roi Noah Fernandez
    Roi Noah Fernandez

    I think every asian county has a version of this 😅

  • faye ye
    faye ye

    He calls his green pepper jalapeño! Don’t do a cooking show when you don’t even know your veggies

    • Gustavo

      Shut up it makes it even better

  • BrokenGlassShimmerLikeStarDust

    I really like your way of cooking. Good food, minimal fuss. I follow a lot of food vloggers but your process is the least complicated.

  • Peter Choi
    Peter Choi

    Bless you, bless you..

  • D Kam
    D Kam

    Check this shit out.. love this chef haha

  • Healthy Wealthy
    Healthy Wealthy

    You didn't add the dark soy sauce What makes a Pad See Ew a Pad See Ew is the DARK SOY SAUCE.

  • J Z
    J Z

    Fire burners. My man ✊👊

  • Kaname

    Shoutout to my local asian shop having all the ingredients. 😎Tastes bomb

  • Cris Bravo
    Cris Bravo

    jimmy we like to see your face, use 2 cams 1 for when ur talking and 1 for when you wanna close up on food

  • Brenna Limos
    Brenna Limos

    I feel so offended

  • gold gust
    gold gust

    I see someone else has been watching Uncle Roger

  • Faab

    I saw your chicken was sticking to the pan, one simple trick to have that not happen anymore is to use cold oil in a preheated wok. Just simply throw oil in like 2 secs before the chicken, hot oil makes it stick stick. Cool video though, I'm gonna do this dish tomorrow for the fam ;)

  • Cedra Weaver
    Cedra Weaver

    Damn Jimmy clean that stove before you cook 🤭

  • Chee Lam
    Chee Lam

    If One wants to cook with olive oil so let it be. after all he is the One going to eats it. I have eaten Chinese food in japan that are slightly modified to please the local . Pizza in America is not same as pizza in Italy.

  • Chee Lam
    Chee Lam

    For cosmetic may be clean the range before taping . you think?

  • Jason HP
    Jason HP

    a wok like that shows the respect to the authentic asian food.

  • Say Lovan
    Say Lovan

    No Thai chef would ever use glass noodle for pad se ew🤦‍♂️

  • Evan Johnston
    Evan Johnston

    This is not hotdog.

  • Travis Welch
    Travis Welch

    you should write out the recipe and ingredients list for these. Would be so helpful!

  • GDub20

    Lol. This is too unhealthy with this much amount of sodium but I love it.

  • Meyching Chea
    Meyching Chea

    See Ew translate to soy sauce tho...

  • Geezee 5six2
    Geezee 5six2

    Fake Thai food ain’t even got the right noodles ha!

  • Mystical Forest
    Mystical Forest

    Which oil is the healthiest to use for this if not olive oil??

  • Sean Ng
    Sean Ng

    Did you put the fish-sauce covered teaspoon in the sugar?

  • Purple Butterfly
    Purple Butterfly

    “ Soak those babies” & “ check this shit out”. 😂😂😅😅. Well he definitely uses different terminology than most TV cooks but it’s hilarious. 😂🤣

  • morning-dew girl
    morning-dew girl

    ya eah bihun goreng, gua kira apaan

  • darlyne chinn
    darlyne chinn

    Stir fried glass noodles 👍

  • shockalockabocka

    That’s Pad Woon Sen, but with fish sauce instead of soy sauce. But I’ve seen people even make it w/ fish and soy sauce combined.

  • Josh Hafer
    Josh Hafer

    New sub

  • DiegalMangual

    metal spatula scratch the surface men .......

  • Jenna Lusche
    Jenna Lusche

    metal spatula? *cringe* but still looks delicious

  • B TYC
    B TYC

    I am Chinese and I approve the heat of this wok

  • Jurgen Metten
    Jurgen Metten

    looks like the worst pad see uw kai in the world lol

  • suddie parry
    suddie parry

    that sneeze was straight from a cartoon

  • kwk

    can you please wash your wok and pan?

  • Tommy Li
    Tommy Li

    Yes it damn salty

  • Mic H
    Mic H

    LOL....This was great! Gonna give it a whirl. First I gotta buy a wok.

  • Tse Tol
    Tse Tol

    That sneezing 🤧 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • newtonmetres

    You"re not a bad looking woman!

  • Dubenson Yvon
    Dubenson Yvon

    “This white man using olive oil to stir fry” 🤣

  • Yeop Azman
    Yeop Azman

    Gordon Ramsey is not a real cook. He's British. Europeans don't know food. They make a fire and put meat next to it. Like a neanderthal.

  • DeeDee Downs
    DeeDee Downs

    You are my number 1 fave stand-up... omg... you're hilarious and brilliant whatever you do: telling jokes, acting, and now cooking! . Respect to Jimmy O. Yang !! (what does the O stand for???)

  • Lena Silva
    Lena Silva

    Essas receitas são demais!

  • Marksman

    I can imagine if Jimmy was a language teacher teaching mandarin, we will end up cracking jokes in Cantonese instead.

  • Glucose Lover
    Glucose Lover

    I never see jalapeno and broccoli in Pad see ew before...Guess that the oversea Thai flavour. Might try to see how it taste though.

  • goukison81

    my asian brother you are inspiring keep it up

  • Melanie Choy
    Melanie Choy

    This is entertaining and informative. Best of all to the point and not trying hard to perfect it! Love this. Will have to try this recipe!

  • Ivan Stefanov
    Ivan Stefanov

    Uncle Roger is coming for you ~

  • 一人独裁 全球遭灾 剥夺政治权利 压榨经济利益 'n自由的空气
    一人独裁 全球遭灾 剥夺政治权利 压榨经济利益 'n自由的空气

    Jimmy is really cooking by himself every day, I could tell from his kitchen, not like some youtube influencers KOL in Cooking/Food: their stove, pan, sources are brand new everything is super clean, which is only for shooting video, not for daily use.

  • Nathan Sutandi
    Nathan Sutandi

    Its not wide....

  • Waranusorn Sataponwong
    Waranusorn Sataponwong

    man, you missed the key ingredient that's See Ew, which is a thick dark soy sauce. other than that, pretty good.

  • Dunderklumpen

    real nice jimmy, real nice

  • AlwaysSaltYourPasta

    looks tasty


    I think u forgot the sweet soy soy in Thai we call “Black See-Ew sauce”

  • Stephen Kader
    Stephen Kader

    So I'm not the only one who thinks he has a New York accent

  • MrHmongstoner

    I do cook with olive oils. Its healthier.