I guess I'm doing mukbangs now! This week it's Vietnamese food from a place called Lemongrass in Vancouver. We're eating Bun Bo Hue, Hu Tieu Kho, and all the Rolls in America. Like this video for more Jimmy’s taste test.
Be sure to comment on what food I should review next!
Come back for more food reviews, cooking videos, and I guess sometimes I'll get back to my job as a standup comedian.
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  • Triple T
    Triple T

    i want to order this for delivery so bad, i went here a few times years ago, i just always want a bahn mi with my order and they do not have, I reccomend you to try Pho.Mr.Do in Burnaby

  • JayJay H
    JayJay H

    A Rich man eats half and drops half

  • Minimum Min
    Minimum Min

    $65? Wtf? It’s only $6.5 in Vietnam dude. You got rip off 😂.

  • God of God
    God of God

    Close enough

  • Yoichi Hiruma
    Yoichi Hiruma

    The hu tieu kho you had there is a version of the one with broth that is flavoured with a mixture including soy sauce instead of the normal broth, and the soup is served as a side dish

  • Leigh Smith
    Leigh Smith

    @jimmy Save all the bean sprouts and make Korean pancakes for breakfast the next morning! Extra meal and no waste 🤣

  • Hạnh Trần
    Hạnh Trần

    The third dish you ve eaten is so called " Gỏi Cuốn" in Vietnamese . Your eating makes ny mouth watering kk

  • Kaira Campbell
    Kaira Campbell

    omg these are my favorite vidss

  • Anthony Truong
    Anthony Truong

    Love your Việt Food review and your comedy is hilarious and it’s all laughs your Vietnamese is pretty good. 保重大哥注意安全啊。 🐲🐉

  • Lucas Dimars
    Lucas Dimars

    Vietnamese cuisine has Phnompenh roll??? what the heck

  • Alison Lozano
    Alison Lozano

    I love you Jimmy!! Love how knowledgeable you are about different Asian foods and how much you love all aspects!!

  • Tim Vu
    Tim Vu

    Hey Jimmy, if you ever come to Vietnam bro, pm me and i will be your best food tour guide ever 💯💯

  • Mia Zhang
    Mia Zhang

    Wanna move to Canada...

  • quỳnh nhung võ
    quỳnh nhung võ

    Đc đấy bro, tôi luôn ủng Hộ bạn

  • Tuong Phan
    Tuong Phan

    Perfect pronunciation! My English name is Jimmy too lol, I’m living in Alberta now

  • Truong Anh
    Truong Anh

    Hello, when eating Hu Tieu Kho, you shouldn't mix the soup with the noodles. Since “Kho” is dry, and “Uot” is wet. What we usually do is to take some bit of the noodles bowl and then some spoon of soup. Hu Tieu Kho's purpose is to keep the noodles’ flavor but still not so dry (since you can sip the soup whenever you’d like to) The best thing for me in the dish is the bone and the soup hehe. Thank you for trying the food XD Maybe the restaurant’s recipe fixed a lil bit with the original taste, but they tried their best to relive their home food in their life.

  • John Glenn
    John Glenn

    Hey erlich you fat and a poor

  • Honeykai

    I always loved Bun bo hue over pho. Rich and complex flavor. You should try Chao long. It s a rice porridge with chicken broth and a mixture of pork blood cubs, intestines, liver, heart etc.


    Your mom will beat your ass for ripping that plastic bag man😰

  • Caden Nguyen
    Caden Nguyen

    Thanks for loving Vietnamese’s cuisine. We love Korea too



  • Ms. Philosophy
    Ms. Philosophy

    this is proven that getting fat is all about the gene. How in the world you eat that much and never gain weigth?

  • Đi Loanh Quanh Channel
    Đi Loanh Quanh Channel

    This is legitimate Vietnamese food guys.

  • stufoo

    i understood exactly what you got the first time you said it so your pronunciation is very good

  • Phạm Văn Việt
    Phạm Văn Việt

    I'm Vietnamese, so i'm prond of it.

    • tube yu
      tube yu

      "Proud" 😅

  • Kev7n

    I hope Jimmy knows that Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia and I think they tweaked the rice paper roll a bit by putting a scrambled egg in it. Normally, it was eaten with the chili fish sauce in Cambodia. The main ingredients could be sliced boiled pork belly or prawns.

  • Freddy Ta
    Freddy Ta

    1/10 price. $10 each + $5 delivery. 40 max

  • Zephyrisrecording

    hey bro its all chill you know more than most people that is +respect all ready

  • Dô sép joestar
    Dô sép joestar

    vietnamese approved

  • mink hoànq
    mink hoànq

    tbh, those dishes look maybe even better than those you can find here in VN. Anyways it refer almost exactly what it should be, im mouth-watering watching you xD

  • hunga13

    From Vietnam with love !

  • PureGamer

    just a heads up Don’t you dare rip the plastic bag

  • Đức Anh Vũ
    Đức Anh Vũ

    Mannnn the noodle in the bún bò huế is not suppose to be chewy, but i glad you like it, and the white one is originally made in pork, not fish cake, may be they change it in Canada, sorry if my English is bad

  • thach nguyen
    thach nguyen

    Nhìn ngon quá :))

  • Добрый утро
    Добрый утро

    why you don't age

  • Duy Anh Nguyễn
    Duy Anh Nguyễn

    hành or where?

  • Korinnorai Korin
    Korinnorai Korin


  • Korinnorai Korin
    Korinnorai Korin


  • Keeko

    m s g

  • IGM

    Just dont waste food and we good

  • VyND Eli
    VyND Eli

    One spring roll is fried, the other isn't

  • Mao Xi
    Mao Xi

    Thanks for enjoying Vietnamese foods, but please don't waste the foods after making this video. Thanks.

  • Patrick Nguyen
    Patrick Nguyen

    Watching Mukbang's made me realise something, people from America & England eat with their mouth closed, other countries don't really think about & eat with their mouth open.

  • Patrick Nguyen
    Patrick Nguyen

    It's considered to be called Spring Roll for both of them, the only reason why the other one is called Egg Rolls is that it is an egg-based spring roll dough, the only thing that is different between them is that one of them is fried the other one is not, regardless of either one you can use whatever you like as a filling.

  • Trang Trinh
    Trang Trinh

    Hu tiêu khô just need 2 tablespoons of soup all over then microwave the hu tieu kho for 1-2 minutes to separate and loosen up the noodle easily

  • Delice de Luna
    Delice de Luna

    Yes! I tried to explain the long noodle thing to my non-Asian bf and he did not get it.

  • Guy PH
    Guy PH

    Bun bo Hue its made with pork

  • Delice de Luna
    Delice de Luna

    Bun bo hue!!!! I love you more now

  • Duy Vo Pham
    Duy Vo Pham

    why dont you reheat the soup? Dont think it hot enough for the best taste

  • Aikira Li
    Aikira Li

    God damn Jimmy. Making me so hungry 😋

  • Louis VO
    Louis VO

    I tried that restaurant one time. Not to bad though but not the best representative of VNmese food :3

  • Iris Nguyen
    Iris Nguyen

    as a Vietnamese living in Vietnam right now, I'm so glad you liked it. I mean your knowledge of how it called is amazing.

  • Anthony Thong Do
    Anthony Thong Do

    let me know when you come to Vietnam, will give you a food tour man

  • Huong Phan
    Huong Phan

    lmao "but let a brotha have sum....shit"

  • Steve Kang
    Steve Kang

    this dude is annoying

    • Aikira Li
      Aikira Li

      Your comment is annoying. Get off his page then asshole!

  • Nguyen Hoang Anh
    Nguyen Hoang Anh

    I made a mistake by watching this at night

  • Quang Phung
    Quang Phung

    American size is huge

  • Dazed

    Imagine eat all of this right away in the restaurant ... so yum

  • Jessica Boian
    Jessica Boian

    Where tf is my homeboys checkmark @IRbin

  • Tao Hua
    Tao Hua

    For variety around LA, try the Garden Grove area

  • Suho Park
    Suho Park

    ngl saw thumbnail thought he was 10 years old

  • Quảng Phạm
    Quảng Phạm

    you should come Vietnam to try this! It is very different

  • Stevie He
    Stevie He

    i h8 u

  • charlotte Wu
    charlotte Wu

    The bun bo hue looks legit

  • Jaeboy

    I eat the fish

  • Phoenix


  • Strongpoopman

    I call the pork blood chocolate

  • BMS Auto Haus
    BMS Auto Haus

    You need to check out Bonjour Vietnam!!

  • Austin Hien Quach
    Austin Hien Quach

    Dude your pronunciation of pho at the beginning was kinda on point. Mad Props Jimmy!

  • Haley Li
    Haley Li

    Why am I watching this at 3AM!!!

  • Ryan M. McLaren
    Ryan M. McLaren

    How is he skinny?

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson

    You work in LA, and I am surprised you don’t hardly know anything about Vietnamese food. Maybe O.C. has a lot more Vietnamese restaurants than LA. Good review and video.

  • StaxxxCmd

    This dude seems cool asf like an asian that grew up in the hood 🤣

  • Shaking TheCringes
    Shaking TheCringes

    Thats my ninia

  • Nguyen Ngoc My Phuong
    Nguyen Ngoc My Phuong

    hey, recognize u in fantansy island

  • thefrogfactor

    jimmy: rich and famous actor, potentially millionaire also jimmy: "i ordered a lot of food so i dont have to pay the delivery fee more than once"

    • Leigh Smith
      Leigh Smith

      I do the same shit. I'll order like 3 or 4 dishes 🤣

    • Delice de Luna
      Delice de Luna

      Spoken like a true Chinese hehe

  • David Lee
    David Lee

    Making millions a year and still tries to save delivery fee. True Asian!

  • Xuân Cảnh Đỗ
    Xuân Cảnh Đỗ

    Im so proud of my Vietnam's Food..because everyone in the World is Known Vietnam by "stomach ", and thanh YOU for eating and complimenting Our culinary culture

    • nhà độc tài Yang Wen Li
      nhà độc tài Yang Wen Li

      con trai còn lâu mới sánh bằng nước ngoài , nhìn 10 cmt nhiều like nhất , không ai nói gì về lòng yêu nước với thức ăn , con trai không thể bình thường như các bạn à ?

  • Valentina Lecuna
    Valentina Lecuna

    he’s not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad

  • Jhadan Brown
    Jhadan Brown

    Its 11:30pm and this dude is making me REAL HUNGRY

  • Tien Nguyen
    Tien Nguyen

    Vegetarians could never lol

  • Huỳnh Kim Thông
    Huỳnh Kim Thông


  • PMK Z
    PMK Z

    You can find hu tieu kho or mi kho in a lot of places in SGV or Orange County 😂

  • Mimimosa

    Every time you say "mhm" it puts a smile on my face. Thanks for this video, it really cheered me up.

  • Giai Nguyệt
    Giai Nguyệt

    Great job 👍

  • Samantha Shibao
    Samantha Shibao

    The other day I got Bale's and I got spring rolls and the sauce had so much fish sauce that after my and my family ate the food it smelt like fish sauce but it tasted so good

  • Minh Anh Lê
    Minh Anh Lê


  • sunny yang
    sunny yang

    Vietnamese food is my favorite.

  • Daniel Wargo
    Daniel Wargo

    ok i see you. i need to quarantine myself in vancouver.

  • Danisa

    Try hoang yen on victoria dr! Get #25 also hoi an cafe on victoria dr get #6!

  • Danisa

    Try hoang yen on victoria dr! Get #25 also hoi an cafe on victoria dr get #6!

  • UhmmNoThanks

    Hu Tieu Kho should not be eaten cold like that. It's 100% better when the noodle does not stick together like a pie like that :)))))). It's the same as the Korean Jiajangmyeon. You don't want to eat Jiajangmyeon cold cause the noodle will stick together like rubber and you can't mix it with black bean sauce anymore :)))))

  • thi nguyen
    thi nguyen

    The bun bo hue at my home store Saigon deli is way different than the traditional way and way better :)

  • Shuyanchi

    Are you really Jimmy?????

  • Minidemigod

    so i was sitting here

  • I've ate paimon
    I've ate paimon

    Now I know how it feels when I saw a comment that I wanted to write about....

  • mbuso dube
    mbuso dube

    u have to verify ur age on asian tinder this man looks 21 lmao

  • Alex Van Hagar
    Alex Van Hagar

    Sorry but not authentic enough 😎

  • Lucky Life
    Lucky Life


  • Erik Kalashian
    Erik Kalashian

    Where is Erlich?You killed him?