When You Wake Up Asian - Jimmy O. Yang
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  • FlamingBlizzard

    im asian but eeh my country we say good food habibbii lmao tips????


    He lowkey look like Henry lau

  • GenericAnimeFan

    "what do u want a fortune cookie?"

  • Michael

    Oh Shit! He said Nigerians

  • Lucille Freeman
    Lucille Freeman

    Yang milih Allah SWT like.

  • Khang Minh Nguyễn
    Khang Minh Nguyễn

    this guy is like keanu of asia but he is waay darker

  • Eron


  • Lana Jae
    Lana Jae


  • Overpowered Tomato
    Overpowered Tomato

    I think the reason it doesnt impact as much when there is a white actor/actress or comedian or any job is because asians are kind of a minority in other parts of the world like in america when there are much more caucasians in the world and yes you could argue there are so many asians and asia is so big but asians are more diverse they dont all speak the same language they dont have the same things other asian countries have

  • Aight Iridescent
    Aight Iridescent


  • 最高EMT

    What 2dollar tips? I’ve never seen any Chinese pay more than 1 dollar tips in China

  • Leena Gupta
    Leena Gupta

    In India we don't have tips we have GST

  • Ray Dube
    Ray Dube

    Jing yang 🙂

  • moutsounas14

    That's a new one!! Thank you man, superb, so differwnt

  • Amaiya Kavachery
    Amaiya Kavachery

    He deserves more subscribers

  • Amaiya Kavachery
    Amaiya Kavachery

    Should I send this to my friend?

  • Lucrezia💞

    “What do you want? A fortune coockie?” “It felt like she unlocked a new character” ANAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH OMG😂😂😂

  • Trey Fontenot
    Trey Fontenot

    That fucking average though!

  • Dracula Dracula
    Dracula Dracula

    Actually Japanese don't tip they worship money 💰

  • emma

    Lolol he is so funny... but for some reason his voice kinda reminds me of roomieoffical 😂

  • Terrariad the Gamer
    Terrariad the Gamer

    This guy is a real piece of art

  • kmusic

    He so much better than 99% of the stand ups on Netflix

  • `Møçhı Dårłing`
    `Møçhı Dårłing`

    2:11 oh... is that where the pinky as a middle finger comes from..?

  • zambot3

    Race humor is funny

  • c sumnna
    c sumnna

    Love you jimmy

  • David Daniel
    David Daniel

    This guy's good.

  • b i k o
    b i k o

    jian yang do be spitting fax doe

  • SrChatty

    If he's so proud of being Asian, how come he speaks as if he were black..?

    • • Mochii Mura •
      • Mochii Mura •

      It’s called an accent and it’s not a bad thing.

  • Caprichiko

    why did i think it would be smart to watch this at 1am.

  • Gxth Bxtch
    Gxth Bxtch

    Girl: Jimmy, your the first asain guy I've been with Jimmy: "So what, you want me to give you a fortune cookie?" (Lmao!!! I can't-)

  • Kamlesh Yadav
    Kamlesh Yadav

    Good were the times when you *unlocked* characters , now you gotta buy the DLC

  • Chen Zi Chen
    Chen Zi Chen

    is he in CRAZY RICH ASIAN?

  • Iffy50

    "She acted like she unlocked a new character on Street Fighter" LAMAOOOO!!!

  • OJay Smith
    OJay Smith

    I just discovered him and I'm not a fan... I'm a whole air conditioner

  • Ramm Thorny
    Ramm Thorny

    This is how you do gimmick comedy right

  • wee nest
    wee nest

    "What you want, a fortune cookie"

  • Redeemer Nigoohaem
    Redeemer Nigoohaem

    It s easy to make racist jokes when you go to a country not made by your race . It s like I go to china n whine bout being a minority. Amazing

  • Mawutōr

    3:15 I feel your pain

  • Xtreme1218

    talks about "asian" talks about only "chinese" people me confused here am I not asian? who tf am I then?

  • Baby Pink
    Baby Pink

    his smile when everyone laughs is super cute~! you can see he's proud :)

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker

    But thank you 😂😂😂

  • trash breath
    trash breath

    Jimmy fucking rules

  • qamar

    hey its the space force guy!!!

  • Madisen Tietz
    Madisen Tietz

    What do you want a fortune cookie 🤣🤣🤣I’m dying laughing

  • Vkeb

    Hey Jimmy, I'm the CEO of white people

  • Ian Morin
    Ian Morin

    What do you want a fortune cookie or something 🤣

  • Empty Dark Soul
    Empty Dark Soul

    lmao man get this guy an Oscar reward

  • Drk c0n3
    Drk c0n3

    2:30 LIES

  • Jamming Wheey
    Jamming Wheey

    I felt so offended the first time I had to tip at a cafe tbh

  • Gacha Midnight Moon
    Gacha Midnight Moon


  • Adam

    hilarious lol


    So true. That’s what’s wrong with sensitive people today a white person says thanks for representing white people it’s immediately racist...

  • Moose-Fish Productions
    Moose-Fish Productions

    'What do you wanna fortune cookie?' I fucken diiieeeed

  • Hannah Does
    Hannah Does

    I love this guy!😆🤣

  • Timothy A Cowin
    Timothy A Cowin

    He wears the same vintage Pepsi GMT Rolex everywhere he goes and I love it, it probably means a whole lot to him

  • Chris Newbury
    Chris Newbury

    lol funniest Asian ever

  • Erwin Kujo
    Erwin Kujo

    I’m just here like : this bruh from space force

  • J-C loves you
    J-C loves you

    All jokes aside are you serious bro..

  • Gløømy NighT
    Gløømy NighT

    Im so mad like for real put him in movies make him big hes so underrated but so hillarious

  • Kiriwera Tukukino
    Kiriwera Tukukino

    Wym 8 inches 😳

  • Aghalar Mikayilli
    Aghalar Mikayilli

    This guy is so overrated

  • Piruchi Ruchio
    Piruchi Ruchio

    He sounds like Ludwig

  • bossboy191919

    Who is this guy, he is brilliant 🤣

  • siTTiNoNacOuch241

    Jian Yang’s English has improved

  • Rubie Wiley
    Rubie Wiley

    "What do you want, a fortune cookie?" xD

  • Dark Cyclops
    Dark Cyclops

    Jimmy thank you for representing the Asians

  • Belle Hurley
    Belle Hurley

    I love this guy he is not underated

    • Belle Hurley
      Belle Hurley

      Okay I'm glad we figured that out I was getting nervous😅😅😅

    • The New Tommy Rockets
      The New Tommy Rockets

      It’s all fine.Just wanted to make just you knew what you were talking about.

    • Belle Hurley
      Belle Hurley

      I was responding to a guy who said that he was underrated sorry for the confusion.😔

    • The New Tommy Rockets
      The New Tommy Rockets

      Do you mean overrated? Underrated means that he doesn’t get enough recognition.

  • Tsukki

    Hey Jimmy ty 4 representimg asian chigga

  • Michael Kriz
    Michael Kriz

    That my tips 2 dollars

  • Administrative Volts
    Administrative Volts


  • Guilherme Ferraz
    Guilherme Ferraz

    "Ok, do you want a fortune cookie?"

  • William Kelley
    William Kelley

    When you make money on racism.

    • • Mochii Mura •
      • Mochii Mura •

      @William Kelley If you aren't asian you have no right to be offended.

    • • Mochii Mura •
      • Mochii Mura •

      @William Kelley Okay. Lemme ask you a question: What is your ethnicity? Are you asian? edit: its just a joke, it's not racist. The definition of racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. There is nothing 'bad' about being asian he is saying. it's not like he's saying "Oh, being asian is bad" or something. So unless you are asian, you actually have no right to be offended over this because our races and cultures can have different senses of humor. As an example, it's like me making a joke about, say school.

    • William Kelley
      William Kelley

      @• Mochii Mura • Why don't you see people like Morgan Freeman making comedy that's bigoted in origins? Hmm

    • William Kelley
      William Kelley

      @• Mochii Mura • It's not a matter of you being offended or not. That's a fairly introverted way of perception. But, okay. Challenge accepted! "White" "people" are in retrospect to the global population a minority. Although he's using "actual experience" to convey comedy. It's still bigoted in it's nature. Meaning, he's making money on racism. Straight up.

    • • Mochii Mura •
      • Mochii Mura •

      Idk how he’s being racist ;-; I’m chinese and I’m not offended

  • agnesle eli
    agnesle eli

    The unused territory postmeiotically stamp because multi-hop critically advise underneath a electric store. puzzled, thoughtful cornet

  • ItzSpork

    I love this guy

  • Илья Голдсон
    Илья Голдсон

    Haha, the tipping thing lol It can happen in the reverse too! I was at a Chinese restaurant one time before COVID, at the check out desk the staff asked this old white lady if she'd like to add tip (the staff *did* have heavy accent but *perfectly understandable*) and no exaggeration the lady did a whole minute of pretending she didn't know what was asked of her lol. My wife and I saw that and just looked at each other and shook our heads lol.


    Why is this on my home scream

  • Negative Person
    Negative Person

    I don’t think there is actually an audience

  • Derek


  • PE4R

    Ok jimmy, we’re gonna go to a restaurant be a good Asian

  • Gummy Dragon
    Gummy Dragon

    Made me laugh so hard it hurt

  • 스파이

    What is tips?

  • Valerie Joy P. Manicap
    Valerie Joy P. Manicap

    When you fucked up a relationship and you being an asian and in a relationship with foreigner others may say "thanks for representing asians" Lol so legit

  • Don’t Touch It!
    Don’t Touch It!

    Asians represent! lol 😂

  • are you kirring mi irrriya??
    are you kirring mi irrriya??

    HE’S SO FUNNY😭🤣🤣🤣

  • 34_Soham Nerurkar_IX A
    34_Soham Nerurkar_IX A

    He looks like Asian version of Elon Musk

  • Milly cool
    Milly cool

    😂 i always wanted to date Asian but end up with my Mexican hobby.. Funny thing all his brothers and sisters don't have asian eyes.. his the only one who has Asian eyes... When we have our first daughter dam straight she end up having his father eyes.. And people question me if i married a Asian or Korean... Am like nope... Lol

  • Hoony K.
    Hoony K.

    he looks like meg.. lol but no, he's funny, down to earth, and have a good grip on shit

  • Janelle Eden
    Janelle Eden

    Love you handsome 😍

  • Stulax - Study & Relax - Music
    Stulax - Study & Relax - Music

    Nice 👌💯

  • 1 2
    1 2

    god i hate those days when i wake up asian

  • Boobaloo The third
    Boobaloo The third


  • Ali Kasey
    Ali Kasey

    I ain’t laughing

  • SimonSez83

    I see your fuckin promo on prime, every fuckin commercial break and all I can think of is Nanking.

  • Nick

    I just finished watching Space Force on Netflix and couldn't for the life of me recall who the actor playing Dr Chan was. And here he is, popping up in my recommended.

  • Trollashnikov Avtomat
    Trollashnikov Avtomat

    mans rockin a pepsi rollie thats how u know he has style

  • Ruby Hobbit
    Ruby Hobbit

    20% TIPS???????!!!!!! I thought it was 10% when the fuck did it go up?

  • Ace ._.
    Ace ._.

    As a black guy who likes you content I will be representing all your black fans

  • Imani Islander
    Imani Islander

    Jeez I'm glad i don't represent anything suckers ha ha

  • Coffee On My Foot
    Coffee On My Foot

    Filipino asians: ah yes...$1 tip

  • Diana Stylik
    Diana Stylik

    Just a quick note here, your smile is gorgeous 😌

    • Reng Chan
      Reng Chan

      Good day friend, I am sorry i Bumped into your profile, I am new here on youtube, I was browsing through some pages when i saw you amazing profile and picture and i decided to send you a request so i can get to know you better if you do not mind and to also tell you more about myself and we can be good friends, hey Merry Christmas 🎄 🎄