Why Asians Are Good At Math - Jimmy O. Yang
Who has done KUMON? And who still got their TI 83 calculator?
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  • Danny DeCheeto
    Danny DeCheeto

    Bro ur hilarious. Keep up the good work we love youuu!

    • Marjorie Alzate
      Marjorie Alzate


    • Titanicus X
      Titanicus X

      I love ur profile 😂


      @Jimmy O. Yang is being 8% Japanese enough to call your self asian? Or am i to “watered down”


      @Lawrence Liang tf dude

    • Judy Wu
      Judy Wu


  • [DotNERFzero]

    I'm Asian and I hate math

  • Twin Animations
    Twin Animations

    Jdogkrosogendkto LMAO

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin

    And good at piano wait no there the best at piano because you got rookie,semi pro, pro,insanely good,asian

  • bts defines music
    bts defines music

    Man It was awesome😂

  • Hanadi Sufyan AbuHarbeed
    Hanadi Sufyan AbuHarbeed

    new new math🤣🤣🤣

  • Mark Rhee
    Mark Rhee

    If you think Kumon is bad you should see the cram schools i Korea lol

  • Lunadrella

    Omg you are hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Nav Sketch
    Nav Sketch

    Me, an asian who just failed at math:

  • 4hxrs

    i still go to kumoon lol

  • yogesh asangi
    yogesh asangi

    I hate IRbin algorithms for recommending you so late.

  • shrina patel
    shrina patel


  • Maria D.J
    Maria D.J

    OMG i suffered in Kumon for so many years and my parents only let me quit when I went to a private school ---

  • Lui

    Kumon...the dark place that i spent 7 years of my life

  • Howlina the wolf
    Howlina the wolf

    “I was rebelling, I was doing math homework.”

  • John Mahugu
    John Mahugu

    Big Up Bruv. ❤

  • Capybara Chan
    Capybara Chan

    To this day i still find calculators cool k i’m to much of an asian kid

  • Naren Drago
    Naren Drago

    me as an indian watching this video in studying in college without calculator :(

  • rounak dhami
    rounak dhami

    Asian or india ?😁 I know india is in Asia But not all Asian country khi khi all 6m watched wrong or right may be khi khi laughing 😁khi khi huva huva huva lol

  • A Person You Should Listen To
    A Person You Should Listen To

    Hmmmmm Asians and Mexicans are very similar in ways

  • Star Free
    Star Free


  • Tanishka Chaudhary
    Tanishka Chaudhary

    In India we never use a calculator till we turn 18 probably Because you go to college

  • hello I am under the water
    hello I am under the water

    Kumon ah yes, i remember

  • default pfp with a fly
    default pfp with a fly

    "why Asians are good at math" Me looking up the answer of 194 + 357 ; *•_•*

    • Capybara Chan
      Capybara Chan

      lol 194 357 -- 451

  • TheBlackCrater

    Your so funny, it’s almost like your a comidian

  • The Fox
    The Fox

    Its true. I am not allowed to use a calculator for math problems and its illegal to use a math guide book in my school.

  • Mehak Verma
    Mehak Verma

    This guy is hilarious I'm dying omg XDXDXDXD

  • Pinkkan Priyanka Maharani
    Pinkkan Priyanka Maharani

    I becoming hate math not bcz the math itself but the teachersss

  • Emma

    I've gone to KUMON- *For a while*

  • Deveraux Morgan
    Deveraux Morgan

    Me, an Indian : Wait you guys have calculators ?

  • The Mad Badger
    The Mad Badger

    I just had to Google TI-83+, that shows you how good my math skills are! LOL!!!

  • brown batman
    brown batman

    Bro not kumon, fuck that shit.

  • W.W

    I don’t know about other Asians, but I used to go to Kumon from 4. NOW, i hate math.

  • nugget

    I think why Asians are “always smart” is because maybe their parents are “more hard” then other ones

    • glass_shids

      yes, and ngl i kind of envy it when it comes to studies. i literally do not even know my multiplication just because my mum never really forced me to learn my maths outside of school so i just failed it :)

  • Khalisna Citra
    Khalisna Citra

    The world is full of depression~ Like there's always unhappy tomorrow~ Like the color of the darkness~ We will Die~ We will Die~ La la la la la la la~ We will DIE!!!!~

  • Kishou Arima
    Kishou Arima

    " Why asians are good at math" Me who's asian: 👁💧👄💧👁

    • Kishou Arima
      Kishou Arima

      @C. J. well good for you, you're good at it.

    • C. J.
      C. J.

      Well, good enough so I can pass

    • C. J.
      C. J.

      I mean I am an Asian too and I hate math but I’m good at it

  • 11미미

    Him: asians are good at math. Me: *Asian BraIn hyPerventilates*

  • Fresh Games
    Fresh Games

    Ur the best i saw ur vids a minute ago and I’m already hooked. Thnx for everything

  • xxx Dre
    xxx Dre

    It's a good day to have milk come out of your nose

  • Gei Diwanay Linggon
    Gei Diwanay Linggon

    kumon....im having war flashbacks already

  • dripp

    Kumon is hell to me

  • toyomilk

    YES KUMON ✋🤣

  • Karl Bryan Narbonita
    Karl Bryan Narbonita

    i think i'm not an asian

  • El Sagittario
    El Sagittario

    Is this guy from Fantasy Island?? The Tattoo??

  • Jayla

    Me: * sees title * Also me before watching: I'm also asian but- 👁👄👁

  • Leena Gupta
    Leena Gupta

    I didnt know you untill i saw your fantasy island.. it was awesome ! And so you are. Nd totally relatable.. no locked doors, thats soo asian.

  • Princess Sparkle
    Princess Sparkle

    This is so true! Haha!

  • Poly Gon
    Poly Gon

    2:25 I-

  • Nexie Gonzales
    Nexie Gonzales

    Who does Kumon here and just wants to=💀

    • toyomilk

      used to. i stopped when i was 16. i still remember having a goal of completing the whole thing but was caught up in a mess and gave up. sorry if this demotivated you but learn from what i said. just keep going at it no matter what (even if you have one months worth of unfinished worksheets, or not achieving the ASHR or whatever) and if you have problems regarding that, seek the right person. consult a teacher. don’t bottle it up like i did. And remember to keep close to or follow people who speak positively and motivate you. i lost all my friends who do and ended up with the not so positive ones and it had the most suffering effects on me and my thought process as well as my overall performance. All the best.

  • —reasons why—
    —reasons why—

    Two words: asian parents

  • Lpn 4
    Lpn 4

    I'm glad some of you found this funny

  • Tu Phan
    Tu Phan

    0:22 so sexy moment

  • hannah k
    hannah k

    I never expected I'm gonna hear Kumon here 😂😂 so funny. I am Korean, and since I was really really young where my memory had not even solidified, I had been with Kumon until middle school. Every Tuesday Kumon teacher visited my home and taughr me a series of subjects - Korean, English, Math - and I got tons of homework which had to be done until the next week. My mom checked my study progress everyday. I wanted to do anything but study so I always peeked an answer sheet sneakly and my mother caught me in there and nagged. This routine repeated until the next Tuesday. I guess most Koreans at my age have similar experience. That being said, Kumon gave me a childhood memory so I am ambivalent on it. Btw it is so funny that Kumon crossed the sea and is now annoying students in U.S.

    • toyomilk

      I’m pretty sure Kumon has made it global for a really long time already. but yeah i can relate to the sneaking part :p sorry mom

  • Andrei _
    Andrei _

    Ah yes As a Asian I could Agree that kumon is a... Prison *For Kids*

  • free shavacado
    free shavacado

    Kumon= my biggest nightmare

  • Kayce

    Does this mean I'm not a asian?

  • Big bang 1
    Big bang 1

    Indians watching this: "they can use calculators?"

    • Wesley Teh
      Wesley Teh

      Not funny

  • Somya Anand
    Somya Anand

    Jin yang

  • - cloudii
    - cloudii

    Me and my friends used to do kumon and we HATED it lmao we were like "Ugh I have to do kumon" and I'm like "me too"

  • Zephraya Michaelis
    Zephraya Michaelis

    I went to Kumon for like an hour and never went back

  • dish soap
    dish soap

    How my Korean parents take my grades A = Average B = Below average C = Can't eat dinner D = Don't sleep tonight, just study E = Everyone is disappointed in you F = Find a new home

    • meenakhi susanta kumar satapathy
      meenakhi susanta kumar satapathy

      Same for indians brother

  • rutherford the brave
    rutherford the brave

    Special occasion

  • 우유예쁜

    omyghod im stuck in kumon aksjhajkhska help

  • Jung Kookie
    Jung Kookie

    Isn't this the dude that was on Fantasy Island?

  • ScienTific DoT
    ScienTific DoT

    well i a bad at math .../

  • Eshal Momin
    Eshal Momin

    He looks similar...is he in a movie? That fantasy island one right?

  • why?

    not relatable

  • Leah Cassandra
    Leah Cassandra

    I just noticed that he's the guy named Brax in Fantasy Island...

  • Azure Violet
    Azure Violet

    Need to lose the accent.

  • Cedric Quinn
    Cedric Quinn

    Very nice….

  • Da BUNNY
    Da BUNNY

    Yeaaah... No privacy at all thank you! Asian problems...

  • Benedict Ellorin
    Benedict Ellorin

    i turned a god math bc of kumon

  • tenzin samten
    tenzin samten


  • SuperRuss

    Kumon loooool I always wondered why it wasn’t happy

  • RainbowCainly

    my mom sent me to Kumon and it was boring

  • N O
    N O

    ok but why is kumon's logo like that????? its like so..... depressing

    • toyomilk

      i know. it literally scared me but it’s the truth actually

  • Uroosha Javeed
    Uroosha Javeed

    You all i used calculator for the first time this year n i am 15 n honestly not to brag but i can do maths faster than a calculator 😂

  • Just Another Hot Guy with a Mustache
    Just Another Hot Guy with a Mustache

    The algorithm brought me here and I’m very happy for it.

  • The Paking Shit
    The Paking Shit

    I always wondered why kumon logo looks like it does not care what you feel

  • Mars Bars
    Mars Bars

    I think nutrition has a lot to do with it. Asian parents encourage their children to eat lots of carbohydrates like rice, vegetables and fruit which are extremely important for brain health and cognitive functions but I think it’s also the reason why Asians tend to be a lot skinnier since I don’t think protein or fat rich food don’t get the same priority.

  • RH EA
    RH EA

    Nobody's talking about how attractive he is

  • RB CL007
    RB CL007

    May be i am not an Asian...

  • かなこ あきとNot
    かなこ あきとNot

    watching this is a gOod dEaL 👍

  • Monic Evangelista
    Monic Evangelista

    I'm not actually good at math. My parents just forced me to join Kumon so I looked like I am good at it 💀

  • If you found me on internet Hi
    If you found me on internet Hi

    The reason why I'm so good at math because my parents told me ._.

  • That one stupid person
    That one stupid person

    My parents almost made me go to Kumon and I was like "FUCK NO I'M SMART ENOUGH" And they agreed-

  • euniceyyy

    me, an asian who sucks at math: ok

  • Charlie's Angel
    Charlie's Angel

    I'm not good at maths, good thing i'm not Asian either

  • Sayan Chakraborty
    Sayan Chakraborty

    jin yang?

  • Wenshieee

    Me as a kumon learner with a 🙂 before entering kumon then now ima 😐

  • Simp4 BOKUTO-
    Simp4 BOKUTO-


  • trash breath
    trash breath

    jimmy fucking rules

  • Kale Kale
    Kale Kale

    Every graphic (12)

  • Wilton Bobble
    Wilton Bobble

    If I wanted my son to bump his grades up, I threatened to send him to Kumon. He was terrified of spending an hour there.

  • nexus

    I'm Asian and this is faxs

  • JXO Gaming
    JXO Gaming

    I am filipino technically from Asia But the problem is I Am fucking stupid at math Probably cause i have been given a phone at 5 years old and i just started spamming the calculator

  • 윤장원

    구몬 월클이네 ㄷㄷ 미국 티비에도 나오고

  • strwberrymilktae

    This videos proves me wrong in every way: 👁👄👁

  • Shafayat Islam Khan
    Shafayat Islam Khan

    1:49 best part hahaahahahah i hopr u guys get it gosh i am blessed i got it recomanded hahah

  • Sakusa Kiyoomi
    Sakusa Kiyoomi

    So im not asian..