Yoshinoya Beef Bowl | Jimmy's Taste Test
We're doing a food review this week. Starting with the very divisive Yoshinoya beef bowl! Watch until the end for the Jimmy score. If you guys like this, I’ll make more Jimmy’s taste test videos.
Be sure to comment on what food I should review next!
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  • DK devilplayground
    DK devilplayground

    I was thinking to myself isn't this guy from Fantasy Island, and I'm like I had to go back to double check and I was right lol.

  • Ticxs 796
    Ticxs 796

    Question wtf is yoshinoya

  • Guy Laroche
    Guy Laroche

    it's good. i dont what the fuck you are complaining about, just because your famous.

  • Jeremy Evangelista
    Jeremy Evangelista

    Their clam chowder is bomb. Especially with the rice

  • watagump1

    Should I really trust him after what he did to the guys on Silicon Valley? 😉

  • simply one hell of a neko
    simply one hell of a neko

    *is mexican* 7_7 oh crap I've been found out

  • Militia Ek
    Militia Ek

    Lol 😂 where have you been all my life.

  • Will Conway Jr
    Will Conway Jr

    Can you chew food with your mouth closed? I don't think so.

  • Bone Headed
    Bone Headed

    Loved that place when I lived in LA. Yeah, the (frozen) steamed vegetables suck.

  • Ann Lorraine Sia
    Ann Lorraine Sia

    I miiiiiisss Yoshinoya and their gyudon and red iced tea and lil desserts!!!! :(((( The two branches I knew of in my city closed down..prolly coz of dang pandemic 😢😢😢. I swear, next time I see a Yoshinoya, 👀🤤 it's on!

  • Max Soto
    Max Soto

    You are not wrong on the Mexican people

  • Almer Jamerson
    Almer Jamerson

    Almer Jerald Jamerson is black and the restaurant is favorite

  • KillinCoD

    If you have any medical condition for COVID to kill you. You shouldn't be out there. If you do not, then you are fine. This virus is a joke to worry about.

  • Chris Tuscano
    Chris Tuscano

    John Mulaney's wife works at Yoshinoya beef bowl. If you know you know 😏

  • Dragon

    i actually have a yoshinoya that i walk to and i actually like yoshinoya, but it’s kinda pricey for me, but i guess it’s worth the price

  • Randy Linn
    Randy Linn

    I miss it in So Calif, since I moved to Oregon... I go there every time I visit family in Calif... I have tryed to make it myself, but never matched it.. gonna try again today.....

  • Alice Wilde
    Alice Wilde

    when he was talking about the great value he sounded like an old Jewish guy from NY

  • Jo C
    Jo C

    Hello from vancouver!

  • neverevenheardofit

    You gotta add the chili powder they have. It's so good

  • Christian James
    Christian James

    you need to put a raw egg yolk on hot and fresh yohsinoya bowls, not sure if they give you that option in America though

  • Dankest Destiny
    Dankest Destiny

    I’m a jimmy simp

  • digitalfreq 2A
    digitalfreq 2A

    You're missing a very key ingredient.. Always ask for a side of "Beef juice" its the juice the beef was cooked in. Pour that over the rice... Bomb.. of course the Soy, Pepper and Ginger.. Plus a fried egg on top..

  • Diana Rios
    Diana Rios

    Jimmy you should do more cooking 🍳 vedios

  • xman777b

    You said you never see a black or a white person in Yoshinoya. It's because it has no flavor. Hey, I'm not even convinced you enjoyed it

  • anzoruno no
    anzoruno no

    Hey, my girlfriend works there

  • EndermanYT12345

    I like their udon

  • The World According To Shah
    The World According To Shah

    I'm black and I go all the time. I'm new to LA and I instantly loved it.

  • jorgiebutt

    I LOVE Yoshinoya. Count Salvadoran people, too. GyuDon is awesome. The meat is stewed in a sukiyaki broth EDIT: I was saddened when the spicy chicken option was discontinued. The teriyaki sauce was actually spicy. It went through different t versions (cayenne pepper powder) and now it’s a habanero sauce. Not the same. I lived in the City of Industry in LA County, and we had a good number of strip clubs. After some boob gazing and touching things with my face, I’d go to Yoshinoya to get a large spicy teriyaki chicken bowl (the veggies used to have a glutenous coating) and then went to the Carl’s Jr drive-thru for a Famous Star. That was my self-care regiment.

  • NookieCrook

    Yo, legit food hack that will literally up your grade by 1 to 3 points: instead of using regular soy sauce, use Knorr - Liquid Seasoning Original and some hot chili peppers (chop, smash and mix in a small dish and pour over the beef). This also works pretty good with their teriyaki chicken, but this sweet/salty/spicy mix goes SUPER good with this dish in particular... and no I am not endorsed (but if Knorr is listening...). Just another AZN brother down with Yoshinoya since knee high. Thanks for the food insights and laughs!

  • Ruza Hel
    Ruza Hel

    I think it looks delicious. I’m hungry. I’m so hungry every time I watch his food videos.

  • Ryosuke Kobayashi
    Ryosuke Kobayashi

    omg did, did he just put some soy sauce on it!? I'm japanese and that's so weird and it seems he will suffer from high blood pressure in the future. or yoshinoya in the u.s just sucks.

  • gameing time
    gameing time

    From cooking to eating. What a downfall from the great man.

  • nayoune kim
    nayoune kim

    먹방이다!! 美味しそう!!

  • paelie

    you do the eating frown thing. my canto dad does the eating frown thing too

  • alicenlucy

    "My girlfriend works at Yoshinoya Beef Bowl."

  • Ronaldo Lelis
    Ronaldo Lelis

    Risked your life lol

  • Joel Dechant
    Joel Dechant

    Needs a raw egg cracked on top. Japanese Yoshinoya is way better.

  • John Asabushi
    John Asabushi

    Can't believe he added soy sauce. Never seen anyone added soy sauce on a beef bowl. In Japan, you have an option to add raw egg (cost extra more).

  • Joe C.
    Joe C.

    i fuk wit em.

  • Mariel Lopez
    Mariel Lopez

    I don't live in LA, I don't even live in the States and I watched the whole video. Something about Jimmy.

  • OtHello

    Oh, this is so Nice

  • Jon Esparza
    Jon Esparza

    I don't understand how you all can eat Yoshinoya. I haven't eaten it in the last 6-7years of so but all I remember is how fatty and chewy the meat is. Also what kind of reasoning is that? "Since I can't help all the homeless I won't help any"

  • Daniel Mercado
    Daniel Mercado

    I F**KING LOVE YOSHINOYA! I left Cali a few years ago...I miss it!

  • Shaggy Shag
    Shaggy Shag

    Yoshinoya is bae


    99% survival rate.

  • IIZekeII

    I feel like Yoshinoya is the Asian version of chipotle, everyone either really loves it, or really hates it

  • That Guy That Lives On 16th
    That Guy That Lives On 16th

    The part about Asians and Mexicans being the only people eating at Yoshinoya is 1000% on point. I can vouch as I am a Mexican myself; every time I go to SoCal & go to a Yoshinoya, bam, Asians & Hispanics.

  • Ivan BURNS
    Ivan BURNS

    Lmao so true about Mexicans & Asians at Yoshinoya. I got there a little too much.

  • t lam
    t lam

    Yoshinoya is the best! Absolutely love it ❤️ Jimmy knows what's up!

  • Ren Jawa
    Ren Jawa

    Yoshiniya in Japan is fire! USA got sold short on flavor and quality...

  • yellomnm

    Stop slurping lol

  • Edward Gonzalez
    Edward Gonzalez

    Jimmy, how do you know you have seen Mexican person in Yashinoya? Could it be a Salvador person? LOOOL

  • Comfort Cravings
    Comfort Cravings

    I already know I crave Yoshinoya ALL THE TIME, I know I’m hungry, but now I’m STARVING. I really don’t know why I did this to myself. This should be considered some kind of torture..

  • Deckard Cain
    Deckard Cain

    Never heard of this place but it seems pretty awesome. Wish we had that in the South. We do have drive through “fast food” bbq places with real pit smoked bbq though

  • Eric Koh
    Eric Koh

    yoshinoya in japan is way better LOL

  • Jose Cardenas
    Jose Cardenas

    Omg I work there

  • Sean Pressler
    Sean Pressler

    I had Yoshinoya in Japan and it was amazing. Was dubious about it in the states, but this video has convinced me to try it. Ordering some for delivery right now!

  • J0kk3

    i dont like japanese yoshinoya, the chinese one is way better for some reason, cant compare the two

  • Stan L
    Stan L

    Growing up in SoCal, I loved Yoshinoya and used to asked my dad to take me all the time. He’d be pissed and never understand why I liked it more than made to order Chinese food. I have since lived in NorCal for the past 18 years and after watching your video realize how much I need it. Unfortunately, there’s only one location in the entire Bay Area. Imma hit it up tomorrow!

  • Kings

    add soy sauce...just get extra beef sauce. maybe you dont like the sweet sauce

  • N00BOOB

    Yoshiniya is GASSSS I don’t give a damn bruh I wish I lived in California JUST for this they don’t have it anywhere near me in AZ

  • DaKingOfGames

    Yoshinoya is a whole different beast in Asia. It's like fancy fast casual dining there. It's underwhelming in the US but you could say that with a bunch of other fast food places when you compare them to their overseas counterparts.

  • son goku
    son goku

    ive worked a yoshinoya before and yes the beef is just boiled in broth and the veggies are the same just boiled in bland veggie broth

  • A Person You Should Listen To
    A Person You Should Listen To

    I really wanna try it

  • partyendsat9

    They don’t do coupons anymore

  • partyendsat9

    The veggies my shit

  • Joyce Ando
    Joyce Ando

    This review made my day. Subscribing right now! Thanks, Jimmy.

  • Pillow Pants
    Pillow Pants

    This guy comes off like hes addicted to math lol

  • Tim MacDonald
    Tim MacDonald

    White guy from Texas here. I love that place! I wish we had them here.

  • Meg Shimatsu
    Meg Shimatsu

    I'm Chinese so I had to use the coupon.....Lol.....

  • BriaN

    Wow I didn't know he could speak perfect english.

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn

    Mexicanas love Jimmy O!

  • Eli Yanong USA
    Eli Yanong USA

    Yoshinoya is so goooood. I went to the one in Burbank because I used to go to the one in Philippines

  • Trena Marshall
    Trena Marshall

    I’m black and I love to go to yoshinoya 😂 but I get the teriyaki chicken bowl it taste really good and juicy. I don’t really like the beef.

  • Mister Master
    Mister Master

    next time try yoshimura, my hat off if you can beat the spicy heat. .

  • Josh Jacobson
    Josh Jacobson

    I wanna see what your dad thinks of it

  • Steve Yeung
    Steve Yeung


  • Bnymin Afuha’amango
    Bnymin Afuha’amango

    Does the beef bowl have a Japanese name? Used to go to this place as a teen that would serve that with a soft boiled egg on top and 2 kikoman packets. Unlimited pickled ginger. That shit was divine. I gotta learn how to make it.

    • H G
      H G

      The Japanese name for this type of bowl is GYUDON... a ton of amazing recipes here on yt. It’s simple to make and amazing taste!

  • mindwreckRC

    Dude you can ask them to put some the beef juice they cook the meat in. You gotta get the beef juice!!

  • Jesse Westbrook
    Jesse Westbrook

    So American, dowsing with soy sauce. LOL

  • erly

    I love Yoshinoya. I had it on the plane back from Tokyo and I think about it at least once a day. Also, did you not get the egg sauce?? Aside from the ginger it's my favorite part.

  • Dark Roast Lefty
    Dark Roast Lefty

    yoshinoya to japanese ppl is like panda express to chinese ppl... we just don't really eat there... lol

  • Roy

    awesome Jimmy, now it's time to eat a pickle with Erlich

  • Cam Turton
    Cam Turton

    I highly recommend getting it in Japan. Gyudon here is much better. Many more varieties. For example, you can pay a little bit more and get better tasting beef.

  • Felipe Ruiz
    Felipe Ruiz

    I like yoshinoya but I’m more into the angus beef bowls

  • gracie osornio
    gracie osornio

    i need more jimmy o. yang reviews of things in life because he tells it like it is! also i love jimmy's scoring!

  • blahburz

    Actually seems like a nice guy lol. I've watched too much silicon valley

  • Cloud Ambush
    Cloud Ambush

    No hot chili oil? Dang

  • Ulrik Wewer
    Ulrik Wewer

    Danish person here. What do I miss about Japan? Yoshinoya beef bowl ;(

  • Cndream_life

    “It’s the elevator music of Asian food” lol Cheap and easy going

  • Meg Nakano
    Meg Nakano

    Clam chowder on the Yoshinoya menu??? Arrgh.. Only in America, I hope! (I'm not just old-school, I'm in Tokyo, but my first Yoshinoya was in Osaka.. back in the day..)

  • Inceptacon

    The original beef bowl is the classic. Yoshinoya all the way.

  • I Kanai
    I Kanai

    That ginger package should be the one which can be opened from any point at side

  • Jeffrey Makuch
    Jeffrey Makuch

    My goal in life is now to be the first white person to patronize a Yoshinoya.

  • GurilyaWalk

    Yoshinoya is alright. Until you try the real deal in Japan. Then you dont go back to american Yoshinoya anymore.

  • Han Dynasty
    Han Dynasty

    I dig Yoshinoya bowls but I'm definitely not about elevator music.

  • GarrettFOGrecon95 Jesus is Lord
    GarrettFOGrecon95 Jesus is Lord

    On behalf of white people I apologize for not visiting this restaurant We will try better sincerely a white person lmao 😂

  • Raphaël Paquette
    Raphaël Paquette

    Sukiya > Yoshinoya

  • DZZZ

    You should do a cooking video for a beef bowl (gyudon). And you could make it even better with an onsen egg and green onions. Its pretty similar to the oyakodon but with beef instead.

  • myu8319

    What about Sukiya?